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Osho on meditation:where mind ends, meditation begins

Updated on April 7, 2010

Osho is one of the most influential guru of 20th century. His visions and his way of looking at life from different perspective has guided millions of people achieve bliss in this era of over-stressed life. His teaching can be put in just two words-'Be Yourself'. Life will be same, things will be same, events will be same but the way we receive them can make tremendous difference in our life.

Meditation is the way of looking at things as they are, without any distortions. Our vision gets distorted by our prejudices, beliefs, doubts and fear. Meditation helps to get rid of these obstacles and to come face to face with life. It's not some hi-fi rocket science, it's simple, it's intrinsic nature of all people. Our mind is covered with dusts of past and future, meditaion helps to clear them and to live in the moment. To give you insight about meditation,I'm presenting some excerpts from Osho books:

Osho in meditative mood
Osho in meditative mood
  • Meditation is not an achievement- it is already the case, it is your nature. It has only to be recognized, it has only to be remembered. It is there waiting for you-just a turning in, and it is available.
  • You simply sit on the bank. You wait. There is nothing to be done. Because whatsoever you do will make the stream more muddy. If somebody has passed through a stream and the deat leaves have surfaced and the mud has arisen, just patience is needed. Watch indifferently. This is meditation.
  • Millions of people miss meditation because meditation has taken on a wrong connotation. It looks very serious, looks gloomy, has something of the church in it, looks as if it is only for people who are dead, or almost dead. A really meditative person is playful. Life is fun for him; life is a leela, a play. He enjoys it tremendously. He is not serious. He is relaxed.
  • For meditation, any time is the right time-you can do it while eating, walking or working- you just have to be relaxed and playful.
  • Please don't think of meditation as seriousness. It is a very playful activity. Make it as light as possible. It should not be a burden on your heard. It should give you wings to fly in the sky. It should not become a Himalayan weight on your soul.
  • Meditation is not some routine task you do in the morning, but it should become the way of your life.
  • Here with me, you will have to learn a new language: meditation is fun, prayer is love and laughter; and the temple, the church, is the place to enjoy, the place to be drunk iwth life; the place to dance and hold hands, the place to share what existence has given you, the place to be absorbed utterly in the moment. Become like small children- dancing, singing, shouting.
  • Meditation is something beyond the mind. And the first step is to be playful about it. If you are playful about it mind cannot destroy your meditation. Otherwise it will turn into another ego trip. You will start thinking," I am a great meditator. I am holier than other people. The whole world is just worldly- I am religious, I am virtuous." That's what has happened to thousands of so-called saints, moralists, puritans: they are just playing ego games, subtle ego games.
  • A playful moment is naturally a meditative moment. It never happens to people who are too grave. Be a little foolish; that will help. That will give you a little spice in your life.
  • Society can be transformed totally if small children start meditating. They are joyful, playful. They take everything in fun.
  • If you understand the quality which brings meditation, then whatsoever you do can beome a technique. Celebrate it, enjoy it. Move so deeply in it that time ceases.

Be aware of your thoughts and actions. Start taking life a little lightly. Then the adventurous journey of meditation starts.


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    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      great hub work thanks for read

    • drabsurd profile image

      drabsurd 7 years ago from Kathmandu,Nepal

      this is my second hub. hope you guys will like it :-)