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Other Considerations and Conclusions on Astrological Compatibility

Updated on June 1, 2013

There are a lot of factors on Astrological Compatibility and through my three part series titled, "The Basics of Astrological Compatibility" I have wrote on the different ways to figure out compatibility using astrology. This is a very broad topic and is actually a branch in astrology known as Synastry that focuses on this specialized topic. Even so, here are my last considerations of astrological compatibility and conclusions.

Red Hollow Heart
Red Hollow Heart | Source

Other Considerations in Astrological Compatibility

Aspects in astrology are how other planets connect to other planets and how they relate to each other. There are positive and more challenging aspects. It’s a very detailed subject so I’ll explain more about aspects later on.

Planets and Asteroids in the houses, the examples I mentioned above about planets in houses are just the tip of the iceberg. Asteroids also come into play when figuring out compatibility among other things in astrology. Though again this topic is very detailed and lengthy so this is something to be saved for a different time.

Roméo et Juliette by Frank Dicksee
Roméo et Juliette by Frank Dicksee | Source


In this series I covered comparing Sun/Moon signs, elements, qualities, polarity, masculine/feminine energy, Venus/Mars, and the Houses. Here are some of the key points to remember with Compatibility:

Sun Signs of the Same Elements are fairly easy, more natural combinations because these signs share the same general personality and temperament.

Signs in the same quality though challenging can be compatible because they share the same positions and roles in the zodiac cycle.

Opposite signs pairs though challenging at times, can complement and accentuate each other’s worst and more importantly best attributes.

Mars and Venus by Joseph-Marie Vien
Mars and Venus by Joseph-Marie Vien | Source

Masculine energy signs go well with other Masculine energy signs. Feminine energy signs go well with other Feminine energy signs.

Generally Fire and Air elements zodiac signs go good together and Water and Earth elements zodiac signs go well with each other.

Venus and Mars are planets that emphasis romantic and sexual attraction. Men look for/attracted to traits in women that align with their Venus sign, Women look for/attracted to traits in men that align with their own Mars sign

The Houses especially the 1st, 5th, 7th, and 8th houses can show insights to compatibility. Planets in the Houses can also show interesting insights to compatibility.

Other compatibility characteristics to consider are aspects and asteroids.

Ohatu and Tokubei sculpture
Ohatu and Tokubei sculpture | Source

Last Notes on Astrological Compatibility

Astrology and Compatibility is a very detailed subject with a lot of factors and information to consider. All the zodiac signs in a sense can get along with each other in theory. We are more than our sun sign, Venus, Mars, houses, planets in houses and so on. We are the sum of our parts. We are unique with unique problems that call for careful considerations and distinctive solutions.

Even so, why is that you can click and relate to one person easier than others? Why do you have an intense attraction to someone and deep despise for another person? Astrological compatibility tries to give you insights to these questions. These are meant to be guides, not solutions. Take what you can from it, apply what you think is relevant and important for you and decide for yourself. Good luck and I hope you enjoyed this series

The Voyage of Life Old Age, 1842, by Cole Thomas
The Voyage of Life Old Age, 1842, by Cole Thomas | Source

On A Different Note:

This may seem confusing and has a lot of detail that you may not get right now but it will all fall into place. I don’t say I’m an expert and I may make mistakes and not make myself clear enough but I do have a great interest in astrology and with my hubs I’m here to learn and help you understand astrology on a more deeper, intimate level.

What do you Consider in Relationships and Compatibility?

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