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Ouija Boards - Everything You Need To Know

Updated on December 18, 2014

Does the Ouija Board really work?

Does the Ouija Board really work?

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Ouija Boards and the Occult

Ouija boards are widely known to the public as a simple board game used during sleepovers to get a creep or two, but there are a lot of people all over the world claiming that they use the board daily to contact spirits and alien entities.

They  claim that the Ouija board (or wigi board, as usually called) can become very easily a portal to other worlds, and most people, who do no have magical knowledge, do not know how to close them. It is like leaving the back door open during the night: who knows who will come inside while we are sleeping?

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of The Pentagram

To close this back door, people who are studying magick usually do the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP in short), which they claim can eliminate every negative influence from this spirits and close the door to the "otherworld". They usually do it before and after the use of the board, to prevent the initial negative belief to interfere with th board and to eliminate any residual force at the end of the session.

The ritual was born with the magickal order of the Golden Dawn and it has become a standard today in the magical world for banishing negative influences not only for a Ouija session but also in life. Those who use it daily say that the ritual has an extremely beneficial aspect on their whole lives. For further reading you can check out the books on the left.

How to use the Ouija Board

Using the Ouija Board in itself is extremely simple.

You need at least two persons. It looks like two people of different sex is usually the best choice. Usually a session starts with the infamous question "Is anyone here?". Then you need to wait for the planchette to move. Do not force it to move or think it will move or anything like that. Just free your mind of any expectations.

Sometimes it requires up to 10 minutes or even half an hour before the planchette will move. In some sessions it will not work at all. Other times it will move right away. Just let it do its job and observe it quietly.

The importance of rituals like the LBRP is seen here: if you do not do the Banishing ritual, you will be victim of your expectations, and you will unconsciously make the planchette move disturbing any contact that may be there with some entity.

Scary Ouija Board Video

What To Do If I Find Evil Spirits

Actually, this is a pretty controversial topic. Many occultists may argue that even the spirits that tell you that they are good may actually be hiding their real intentions. Spirits are no different from people: if someone says that he is a good man, would you trust his words or his action. I bet the latter!

The same applies to the spirit world: do not take anything that spirits tell you for granted. They may tell you that they know an incredible secret for you just to gain your trust. Be diffident and never trust spirits, like you would never trust a stranger in real life. I know it sounds difficult but this is the reality of facts. They may even deceive you into believing that they are your dead granfather or somethng like that. Never trust them. Ask them for something only they know. Also, do not take their menaces (if there are many, but it is rare) too seriously. Not all the spirits have the power to treat you.

Anyway, always treat them with respect. Never ever use bad words with them, and always be gentle. Remember, you would never disrespect someone you do not know.

If you find some unpleasant spirit, ask them politely but with decision to leave the room. Never ever show that you have fear. This is actually what they want you to be scared. Once you are scared, they have practically control over you. Never ever let this happen. Rememebr that the Ouija is not a game: it is dangerous, and it requires courage. If you know that it can scare you, do not use it. It is for your safety.

Can I Do It Alone?

You can use the Ouija Board by yourself, but it may be not as effective as when using it with other people. It lloks like the best choice for a session is a man and a woman, maybe because of the completing energies of male and female. But great results can be achieved with a man and another man, or more people. It is not advisable to do it if there are too many people, as there can be some interferences and it will be more difficult to contact the entities.

Another important topic is: should I do it with the light on or off. This actually depends. There are many entities that prefer to work in darkness (and this by no means that these entities are evil, it seems to be a common happening), but you can even find some that prefer working in broad light. It is rarer but it happens. If you are getting no response try turning off the lights and see if you get more responses.

Ouija Boards On Amazon

Penn & Teller Take on the Ouija Board

Does It Really Work?

This is another discussed topic. Many people swear the the Ouija Board has told them things that even they didn't know Many other people believe it is just a tool for gullible minds.

Science teels us that a Ouija Board can access the deppest part of our unconscious, and that it ridiculous to think that you can contact spirits with it: what you spell out of the Ouija Board is nothing more than subconscious messages.

Occultists argue with this kind of view, believing that it is true that our unconscious comes out of the board, but actually our conscious is so vast and deep that we cannot know if what comes out of it is only part of our mind. Jung believed that the unconscious is actually the union of all the hidden parts of the mind of all the living being in the world. It is like a deep archive from where all our knowledge is stored. From this point of view then it is ammissible to contact past entities, because you are accessing this part of the collective unconscious that touches upon the person invoked.

This point of view can also explain why the experiment done in the Penn & Teller show on the right did not work. They say, if the spirit is moving the planchette, then if we blind the partecipants we should obtain the messages too. In the video this did not happen. This may happen because the unconscious manifests inside the bodies of the partecipants, but because they are blind it cannot manifest into a meaningful message.

Either way, all these theories are far from being confirmed, and the mystery of the Ouija Board remains. This is probably what is so fascinating of this board: the layer of mystery and the fear of the unknown that we have every time we use it.

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