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Our Education systems!

Updated on August 24, 2014

Sai system of Education and Health!

Education and Health must become FREE!

What is happiness and what is sorrow? Happiness is an excitement felt by the mind on achieving certain things or completing certain tasks undertaken. If you think deeply, both happiness and sorrow originate only in the mind and not anywhere else. In a finer level, they are nothing but thoughts. We react differently to different thoughts. Some thoughts give us consolation and comfort while some other thoughts depress us. Living in this world presupposes certain anticipations. Only children do not anticipate any thing. They live in present moment. They laugh, they cry according to the needs. But man is different from a child. He always wants something and for that aim alone he performs tasks. We go to school in order to study. Why should we study at all? Without passing certain main examinations, we do not become eligible for a meaningful employment for earning our livelihood. Hence many wise parents groom their children only for the aim of earning fat salaries so that they will live in comforts and luxury. As it is, there is nothing wrong to go to schools and colleges, pass degrees and seek some decent jobs. Our life on earth revolves around material wealth. 99.99% of people around the world study to get a job. In other words, they use the degrees as ‘begging bowl’.

But, there was an ancient system of education practiced in India and elsewhere. The aim of such education is to prepare the students as responsible citizens of society by cultivating their moral character, to inculcate in them ‘a sense of belonging to serve the society’. They were taught all the skills needed to pursue a discipline. On those days, agriculture and animal husbandry were the chief branches of studies. All the available lands were used only for cultivating crops, trees and other useful plantations. Cattle wealth was the only wealth of most of the farmers in ancient tradition. People lived in groups, thus formed a society wherein all people lived amicably and pursued their own trades. As agriculture operations necessitated different kind of tools, needed for ploughing, cutting, levelling the ground, digging holes etc. there arose the need for carpenters, blacksmith and other tradesman. Also there were potters to prepare pots for storage of grains and for collecting water, milk etc., but the pupil from all community underwent instructions under a preceptor. There was general curriculum supplemented by specialized instructions for different trades. In a community, there are washer man, barbers, and many other people who helped the community in various ways. In ancient days, there were no doctors to treat the people. But the barbers used to practice simple herbal or Ayurveda preparations for various ills that afflict man. There were cattle keepers who used to graze the cows and calf in green pastures.

In those days, students never went to the teacher for the sake of earning money but for gathering wisdom and knowledge. They served their parents, elders and the poor in society, hence there were timely rain. The granaries were full, cattle wealth flourished since people were honest and practiced cooperation with all members of the society. But the present day man is fully materialistic in nature. He wants to amaze wealth and properties. He is never concerned with the poor and downtrodden in society. He is happy once his needs are fulfilled and he lives in comfort. Why? The present day educational system does not contain ‘human values’ and moral lessons’. If we go through the curricula of the present education system, it trains young mind to excel in making money by hook or crook. The present day education never bothers about the character every one need to cultivate to become responsible citizens of society. Everywhere, there is only business mentality. If one has to perform a task, his first question is ‘what benefit I will get? Greed rules the roost. Human values have been given the go by. Every parent is concerned with their children pursuing computers, engineering or medicine so that they can earn fat sums. Hence, many private educational Institutes have sprung up to fill the demand of parents and students. They charge exorbitant capitation fees to offer admission to eligible candidates seeking admission. It is no wonder that for admission to medicine, each parent is coughing up lakhs and lakhs. Such students who pass out a medical degree have an aim before entering into the holy profession of medicine and surgery. They are sitting like hawks in the consulting rooms, seek patients who will pay huge sums for their recovery. Even for ordinary illness, the Doctors prescribe very costly tests to ascertain the correct course of treatment. The cost of medicines is really hard to bear. There is clear link between the medical labs, pharmacies that sell medicine and the Doctor who prescribes them. Thus most of the Doctors become multi-millionaire in few years of practice. Nowadays the best business opportunities lie in starting Engineering Collages or constructing specialty hospitals. There is no compassion in the heart of teacher or doctor. The present generation of youngsters is at the mercy of such unscrupulous people in society. I do not stamp all in the same vain. There are some educational Institutes which offer FREE education from KG to PG. There are some hospitals which cater to the entire society charging nothing even for the costliest procedure

If you want to know where such Institutes exist, go to Prasanthi Nilayam and Whitefield where Sri Sathya Saibaba has established beautiful temples of knowledge and Health which are absolutely FREE!


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Yes, our value systems must change for the good. Then alone the earth can witness peace and harmony. Thank you for visiting the site!

    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 

      3 years ago from Isle of Man

      You have written another very useful and informative article on the state of affairs when it comes to present day education. The acquisition of material wealth and comfort is now the purpose of education at the expense of Human Values. Thank you.


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