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Our Father, who art in heaven...

Updated on November 27, 2010

The Distiguishing Mark

Christianity is truly remarkable. It is much different from other so called "religions". The distinguishing mark of Christianity, and the teachings of Christ is the Fatherhood of God.

Among all other founders of the world's major religions there is only one who called God His Father - none other than the Lord Jesus, the Messiah.

Religions, for the most part have common grounds. They all:

  • teach morals
  • define a standard of conduct and calls its followers to adhere to it
  • worship a God or gods
  • pray to their God or gods

But one thing that they don't have: God, the Father.

Attack on Masculinity

There is an attack on masculinity within so-called "Christianity". In fact, some people go as far as to remove every reference to God as a masculine entity.

They teach that words such as Father, Lord, King and even the word, "Him" is taboo!

They say that they want to be "inclusive" and in so doing they exclude masculinity in their
supreme egotism of assuming that our culture is better than that of the patriarchs, and
deny their human dignity.

They say that masculine words cause some people to be offended and feel excluded. Catering to their bizarre hang-ups they attempt to remove all instances where God is referred to as a masculine entity from their sermons and/or bibles and replace such terms with gender-neutral terms.

The purpose of their position and actions to remove masculine words is not clearly taught. It is implied that being "inclusive" will make more people feel comfortable, and thus their church would be welcoming to more people. I find it very ironic that the churches that embrace this ideology are churches that are dying. Their regular attendance is ever decreasing. However, I believe that the whole push to get masculinity out of the picture is not for the sake of being "inclusive" (because that they are not), but it is part of a demonic plan upon society that ultimately affects the fathers and the fatherless. Astonishing tales of horror surround that of what the fathers and the children are suffering because of this.

There is a very off-center religious teacher that even went the point of saying that God is not a man because he does not have a penis and he does not have to shave. I trust that many of you would say that this is offensive, if not outright blasphemous.

Masculinity is not defined by a human organ, or facial hair, or any other physical attribute. Masculinity is found in a persons character.

Some men have experienced horrible tragedies in life that impair their natural features. Some men had facial burns that has caused their face to be permanently hairless. Some men for medical reasons, or because of accidents had their reproductive organs damaged, or removed - not by choice. It is an outright crime to say that these men are not masculine because they don't shave, or because they don't have a penis. It is more than offensive, it is criminal. That is what religious deadheads are doing in certain churches today.

Someone once said, "the term 'Father' is a nice metaphor". This proves that they do not know God from Sod. They have not been truly born again. And they are not true representatives of Christ.

Someone who is truly born again would never degrade "Father" into a metaphor. This is because the Father is who He truly is. "Father" is not an outdated term as they imply. The most masculine person alive is God. This is evident in His authority, His initiative, His power, His strength, and His character.

If modernism means propagating destructive feminist agenda, and moral decline, then modernism = corruption.

One has argued that you should call God, "Parent", but not "Father". Jesus likened the Father to an earthy father in his parables. As an earthly father, if my children started calling me "parent" instead of "father" because they want to be "inclusive" I would be offended - more than offended, I would be seriously concerned about the mental wellbeing of my children. What kind of relationship would a father have with his child if his child addresses him by "parent" and not "father" or "daddy"? Not much of a relationship! And so it goes with the corruption of some churches today.

Taking the masculinity out of God neutralizes God and makes Him into some abstract figment of imagination. The sad fact is that too many theologians don't know God, and the God they do preach is not a real God that you can know in an intimate way. To them God is only a concept.

Attempting to remove the masculinity of God, strips Him of His true authority, His power, His personality, and His character; and makes him into a Daydream Deity.

Removing the masculinity of God degrades God into an object.

The Need for the Father

God created us with a need for a father. It is His divine plan to have children born and raised with both father and mother elements in the home. He created humans male, and female. Any other way is un-Godly, against creation, and against His design.

Everyone needs a father (biological or not). Fatherlessness leads to a host of social ills and cultural problems. It is said that prisons throughout America are filled mostly with inmates that are fatherless.

Why are most inmates fatherless?

Here is a list of possibilities:

  1. Its a lie. They are not fatherless.
  2. Its a coincidence.
  3. Fatherlessness causes great emotional, and psychological problems in a person's life.

The "writing is on the wall": The greatest social problem in our world today is fatherlessness. Fatherlessness abounds. It is THE greatest social need.

In a culture that has become more and more accepting of frivolous, and casual sex, without moral boundaries, fatherlessness abounds. Not long ago it was considered horrific if you engaged in premarital sex. Today its commonplace. It is a do-what-you-want culture, avoiding consequences - or worse yet, making others pay for your mistakes.

As the sun is the ultimate source of light, so the Father is the ultimate source of fatherhood. If someone has a a problem with the light of the sun, so they probably have a problem with light altogether. If someone has a problem with light, they probably have a problem with the sun.

In the same way if someone has a problem with the Fatherhood of God, they probably have a problem with fatherhood in general. Likewise if they have a problem with fathers in general they probably have a problem with God, the Father.

But God provides a cure for fatherlessness: He declares that He, Himself is "a Father to the Fatherless" (Psalm 65:8)

My Experience with Fatherlessness

At the age of 8 my father passed away from a sudden, and massive stroke.

My grandmother raised me from that point onwards. I have first hand experience with fatherlessness.

I grew up with a lot of anger and without much guidance. By the time I was 15 years old I spend most of my time on the street. At 16 years of age I dropped out of school. At 17 I spent all my time working, and spending my wages on a destructive lifestyle.

When I was 18 I had a wonderful and life-changing experience with God. I have never been the same. Truly, old things have passed away, and all things have become new. God became my Father. And He has fathered me ever since. It is the most wonderful experience I have ever had. In fact, it is the most wonderful relationship anyone could ever have!

If I were in a church that taught God as parent, and not God as Father I would be robbed of the greatest experience I ever had: Being Fathered of God, and letting Him make me into a man.

Attack on Masculinity revisited

Having been fatherless, and having known God as my Daddy I can say this by experience: Every fatherless child needs to know God as Father. It is essential to ones well being. Not only is God the ultimate Father, He is the perfect Father.

Removing masculine references to God and replacing them with gender-neutral terms does much injustice to the fatherless. Not only do they perpetuate the problem of fatherlessness, but they throw fuel on the fire of injustice.

Not to forget that such a practice does injustice to the forefathers of our faith, to the prophets, to the apostles, to the saints, and to the Lord Himself. Proponents of such trash become fools in their politically-correct religious pride.

Some may argue that you can call God your parent. He is, but as stated before God created parents to be one of two things fathers, or mothers. NEVER both, and NEVER neutral. God could have created everyone with neutral gender and everyone could reproduce with anyone and all have neutral gender parents. There are a number of things wrong with this thinking: 1. It is not in the order of creation. 2. It is not Godly. 3. It is a sick.

Neutralizing God's gender is not only a crime to the fatherless who needs to know God as Father, but it is also an offense to every prophet, apostle, and saint that went on before us. This is not mention that it is an offense to God, the Father, as well as Jesus himself. If these religious deadheads were God, they would have created everyone with neutral gender, including Jesus himself. Or perhaps they would have sent their daughter into the world to die for the sins of mankind instead of the their son. How offensive! How exclusive! As sick as this is, it is the unspoken truth.

The truth: the saints, the prophets and the Son of God, Himself, spoke as led by the Holy Spirit. These people, including Jesus Himself, knew God to to utmost degree and their relationship with God was more intimate than that of 99.9% of religious leaders today.

To say that God is not a "Him" is to say that God is subject to modernism, thus making modernism the filter through which God must pass. In other words, God should have known better, or God should have told His prophets to be "inclusive", "non-offensive", and gender neutral. In other words, these spiritual deadheads are accusing God of being sexist or unjust. As if God needs an upgrade! Or as if the Holy Spirit needs to be subject to the culture of the day. God is timeless. This culture needs to be subject to God, NOT vice versa.

I guess according to certain theological deadheads, Jesus should have taught "gender neutral" doctrines from the beginning. He opposed the system in so many other ways, making many religious people mad at Him. It wouldn't have hurt Him one bit to add the God is "gender-neutral" teaching in there. But He didn't. Why? Perhaps he didn't know better? - God forbid we think that way. The truth is that God is the epitome of masculinity, the Father of all fathers.


Some people find it hard to make a HOLY God into a Father. The solution: don't try. When a person is truly born again he or she knows God as Father automatically. The scriptures say that when we are truly born again, the Holy Spirit causes us to cry out "Daddy (Abba) Father" It happens by nature.

At one end of the spectrum the religions of the world see God as HOLY. At the other end of the spectrum Jesus, and His people see God as Father.

Jesus took to two ends and put them together to form a perfect circle saying, "Our Father, who art in heaven. HOLY is Your name..."

What is your position?

Is it OK to refer to God as a masculine entity?

See results

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