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Our Fight Against Eternal Security - How It All Began

Updated on July 28, 2012

Have Nothing To Do With Them

The Journey Begins

It was only about nine years ago that I was brought face to face with the deadly doctrine of eternal security, otherwise known as once saved - always saved. I've enjoyed a personal relationship with Christ all my life. I'm sixty at this writing and you'd think I'd be more privy to such a belief, but not so.

Now, several years later and years of Biblical exegesis, I'm more perplexed than ever as to how scripture could be twisted to support such a ridiculous notion! The time has now come for me to share our story in hopes others can benefit.

It all came to a head one Sunday at church when a teacher expressed his view in the study of Hebrews. His inaccurate explanations of certain verses caused a discussion to begin within the classroom concerning whether a christian would remain "saved" even though they continued in their sins. After the service, we felt as if we had been gut-shot. In the thirty years we'd been a part of this denomination at this particular church, never had we heard such erroneous teaching. When my husband sought out the preacher to determine what should be done, to our shock, he said he agreed with the teacher. Whhaaaat? But this goes against scripture...against our doctrine...against the doctrine of Christ...against the denominational treatise. And so began our journey. What is to be done with a false doctrine teacher and preacher? Scripture is clear about what is to be done, but what of the congregation?

Conversations with the members was the next step. Surely we were all in one accord....NOT! "I don't know what I believe." "I think I agree with the preacher." "It's not worth making a big deal of this." "I don't know scripture that well." We began to feel as if we were in the twilight zone. This can't be happening! We wondered, "How can two young men who might have been here three years, destroy everything we've held sacred?" Ah, and there's the million dollar question...Where had our priorities been? What is sacred? How much had we compromised? (More of this in another blog)

Our punishment? One Sunday night in October, in a deacon's meeting, our crimes were read by the little man leading the pack. A hand-written piece of paper listed them and the eyes of the reader and the others could not even be lifted to look at the accused. As a side note here, sitting on the desk of the preacher was Rick Warren's book, "The Purpose Driven Church" and the steps were followed with great accuracy to "get rid of the dissenters."

Very early the next morning, the preacher paid us a visit asking us to come back - with office that. Pew warming...that was it...pew warming. Just before he left, I asked him the question that solidified his deadly doctrine. I will call her Sally but she has a real name and soul. Sally had given her life to the Lord, but had since turned and gone back to a wicked way of life. I asked him the question we have since asked so many times of those like him, "If she were to die today, where do you believe she would go?" His answer was, "She was probably not saved to begin with." (Hell). Since then, I've become painfully aware of the other twist on eternal security ..."She's still saved and would go to Heaven, but she's out of "fellowship" with God."

For me personally, the most wonderful thing that came out of all this was my knowledge of love. Though I was tremendously hurt, mostly for my husband and children, I realized the love I had and still have for the people at that particular institution and all of mankind across this world. It is because of this love that I will not be idle and let false teachers slip in. As long as there is a platform, I will proceed with my story.

I wondered when the time would come when it was to be made public and the time is now.


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    • JimMiles profile image

      Jim Miles 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

      I look forward to reading more of your story. As a Seventh-day Adventist, I was only ever exposed to the error of eternal security in warnings about what kinds of errors of doctrine were "out there."

      The more I study Bible doctrine and the psychology of choices, the more convinced I become that God, as a free moral agent with the power to choose, made men and women in his image-- free moral agents with the power of choice. The errors of predestination and eternal security attempt to convince believers that their choices somehow do not matter.

      God is love. His love is the purest kind-- utterly unconditional, absolutely unselfish, given extravagantly without expectation of receiving anything in return. Love of that divine quality can only be properly returned back from human hearts who CHOOSE to love God. Any hint of coercion would taint that love; force is incompatible with love. It was only by granting us the ability to truly choose to follow and love our Creator that God could obtain the kind of unforced love he is seeking from his children.