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Our ancestors are far more capable than the present day intelligentsia!

Updated on May 19, 2017

Our ancestors.

Sacrifice of past leaders enabled Freedom!

Those who have made sacrifices for the freedom of the country is extolled and remembered by many, since it constitutes supreme sacrifice at the time, when people abandoning their family and fought for freedom through non-violent manner. They were led by many stalwarts of freedom like Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Bose and myriads of freedom fighters whose sacrifice were gratefully remembered by the citizens of those days. That hard earned freedom through supreme sacrifice was safely forgotten by the present day youth is a sad matter. The materialistic minded youth today find no meaning in the word ‘sacrifice’. They simply ask, ‘why should I sacrifice my wealth and family for the sake of ‘others’? Enough, if I take care of my own family and earn for their welfare! Had our forefathers thought in this way, this country would be under alien rule forever. It is because of the sacrifice of Nelson Mandela, South Africa gained freedom from the White rulers. Decades of imprisonment of the freedom fighter opened the eyes of peace loving people all over the globe and thus the country saw freedom after relentless struggle by Nelson Mandela and his party!

Influence of planets!

Once mighty Kingdom, Britain is facing many problems now!

Even the mightiest Nation in the world which enslaved billions of people from other countries face downfall slowly today. Some philosopher has spoken that everything will turn around. What goes up has to come down! This is the truth of the creation itself. Mighty Emperors of the past have left few pillars and fragments of fascia in shambles to recollect their rule. Now those empires are hidden in the bound books of history. But we need to realize certain truths out of the remnants of history. Nothing is permanent in the world. Human life is evanescent and no matter however powerful a monarch or dictator may be, he too will meet his end one day. See how Hitler ended his life. He was a ruthless dictator but he could not save himself from death! For those who have born in this world, death is the inevitable incident. If we realize this one truth, we will not cling to fleeting pleasures and properties. It is a reality that none carries even a grain of sand when they die. Hence the scriptures proclaim emphatically, do not spend your entire life in caring for your wife and children. There is a higher aim for this human life. We falsely believe that we are the bodies and the mind. The fact is that this body is like a water bubble which will burst at any time. Colorful bubbles float when children blow the pipe containing soap water. Instantly tens of bubbles float on the air, which are of different sizes and colors. Some burst within seconds and some bubbles last a little more. Hence never rely on this perishable body!

Man is microcosm.

There is no balancing of accounts in the realm of Karma!

The body is like an iron safe in which the precious gem or diamond is preserved. That diamond is Atma or Self. Hence we should treat the body just like an iron safe. The content is most valuable. The container is not valued like the diamond inside! Before one die, one must realize the precious diamond inside and the ultimate relationship with the soul. The body would be cast into fire once life ebbs away. Some people bury it. Ultimately the body will become one with the elements. What is left after the body is burnt? It is a handful of ash and some remnants of skeleton! Why we have the body? Through the body and mind alone, we can undergo the experiences of the past deeds. Yes, every deed awaits the results. It may be a good deed or bad deed. But one has to undergo each experience separately. There is no balancing of accounts in the realm of god. Hence people undergo alternating experiences of sorrow and joy. In reality,” Pleasure is the interval between two pains” This is our experience. In the dawn one may remain peaceful but later on the day, each individual undergoes many emotions like anger, affection and sorrow. No two hours in a day is similar. Each moment, many changes take place in our body and mind. In the cosmos, planets are orbiting at great speed; the earth rotates around itself and goes around the Sun. Similarly, the moon, mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn too go around the sun in orbits, each one farther from the sun.

Rays during eclipse by NASA.

Planets exerts influence on humans subtly!

There is a great revelation in the orbits of planets. What is seen in the external world is in the human body and brain in its minutest form. The elements found outside are within human body. Hence the body too undergoes many changes as per the pulls and pushes of the planets exert on our brain subtly. Hence astrologers point out certain periods as auspicious and other times as inauspicious based on the position of planets and stars in heaven. Scientists have found evidence to this observing the tides during full moon and new moon days. There are unusual tidal activities during the above period. Again during the period of eclipses, birds and animals behave erratically. The negative rays produced during such time affects human beings in a subtle way. Hence our sages have written down certain rites to mitigate the evil effects during eclipses. In India, people chant some powerful Divine formulae which will be more effective during eclipse times.

The highly educated present day youth never believe all the above. They behave in an erratic manner on such important planetary configuration and suffer later due to their own foolishness. Our forefathers were not lunatics. They experimented with the effects of planets on human beings and recorded their findings. These subtle influences cannot be proved by scientific experiments. Today we have wireless communication and other sort of communications. The effects are the real proof. We are able to communicate with distant nations through cell phone note works and satellite communications. Even the space stations could communicate with earth stations. Few decades ago, if someone say that we can talk with anyone on the other part of the globe, none would have believed it. Today we witness instantaneous transmission of voice and messages across the globe. Even multimedia files are transmitted through cell phones! Even, without the present day electronic marvels, our ancients have communicated through yogic skills. There was telepathy, mind reading, visualizing distant scenes and recollecting past happenings very clearly. Hence human brain is mysterious and capable of storing millions years of existence in single cell. In fact, the intelligence of our ancestors is far more superior to the present day intelligence! Belief and Faith will work miracles!

We must respect the views of scriptures and sages!

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