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Our ancestors were really genius in many fields who enabled a comfortable life for us!

Updated on June 17, 2017

Ingenious ancients!

Expansion of Love is real Life!

Expansion is Life and contraction is Death. Expansion of life denotes expansion of Love! Naturally, contraction of love will lead to disintegration of life itself. The entire Cosmos and creation is founded on the Love of the Supreme and it is sustained in the same fashion. Also the dissolution takes place due to the same love of God! Imagine a situation where there is no dissolution! What will happen? There won’t be even standing space for any species in this earth! Because of the periodical annihilation of created beings due to various reasons, the equilibrium or balance of creation is maintained. For instance, we want to eat to satisfy our hunger. Half plate may be enough to quench our hunger. But some people who are enslaved by the taste buds, goes on eating till the food is filled up to neck level. Such gourmets will never be comfortable after eating their fill. They want to lie down instantly since they can not get up! The result is not health but disease. Ease is comfort and freedom. When the ease is obstructed, it will lead to many problems of health.This kind of expansion is not love but greed! In the scriptures, it is written, “Love they neighbor| Nowhere it is said, love your body. The soul within need to be loved forever and not the physical body! The more we are attached to the physical frame, the more sufferings we will meet. Love in its distorted form become deep attachment to one’s body which he considers as himself. It is a wrong conception. The real “I”, the capital “I” is the SELF within. The small “i” is the Ego. Ego makes us to attach to this perishable shell called body. How long one will be attached to this body? Till death snatches the last breath! Afterwards, none will care the body and it will be consigned to earth or fire as the custom belonging to different religions.

Proficiency in all branches of knowledge!

The body is manipulation of five elements!

The ultimate Truth is that the body is the manipulation of five basic elements and finally it reaches back the elements. While Christians and Muslims bury the dead bodies, Hindus burn it. In some places, it is let off in the ocean! Dissolution of human body back to the elements never signifies the ultimate end. Only the body has perished. The subtle mind which can never be destroyed is snatched alongwith the last breath! According to the deeds performed by the individual during his lifetime in this birth as well as previous births, he gets a suitable new body to work out the balance effects of past karma! Until all the experiences of past effects are undergone, the individual goes on taking birth with newer bodies. This is the unwritten law of human evolution. The present condition of most of the human beings is like ‘charcoal’.Only when live ember comes into contact with the charcoal, the charcoal also becomes a live ember! The contact is made through spiritual disciplines. Hence many religious scriptures exhort people to repeat the name of god as ordained in their religion. One may feel that the names are different and how it will affect cleansing of consciousness? We have different brand of detergents and washing soaps in the market. The ingredients of almost all the brands are same.Only the cover, color and name may be different but all soap powders does clean the clothes. I may call the name of god as Rama, Krishna, Siva or Sai, yet a Christian may call the name of Jesus or Mary, a Muslim may call the name of “Allah”. Though each name sound differently, fundamentally there is no difference in the names. All the names are equally efficacious and powerful..What is required is perfect faith in the name and love for the form, the name conveys! Forms may disappear but the names are ETERNAL. Even after the passage of 2000 years, the name of Jesus and Mary are remembered! Rama and Krishna period dates back to one lakh of years and 5000 years respectively! Their form is not visible now but their names occupy the tongue of generations of devotees every day!

The Truth of Knowledge!

The present day youth and electronic gadgets!

But the modern youth addicted to fancy gadgets thinks that he is superior in intelligence than his ancestors since he could operate a computer and use a smartphone! He is not that much smart, but his phone is smart and it is capable of performing many astounding tasks besides talking and messaging! Has he invented it? No someone has invented it and someone has manufactured and marketed it. The present day youth spend money to buy these gadgets and flaunt it with pride! Because he is able to handle a computer and smartphone, he can not simply ignore the past glories of our land and the achievements of his ancestors! Without the aid of today’s computer, our ancients have erected beautiful temples which attract tourists from all over the world. How he has constructed such enormous edifices? With no engineering skill, those people who were versed in certain formulas and thumb rules could erect tall monuments with architectural features that stand even after thousands of years.

Ravishankar states!

Our ancestors were really genius and we enjoy their labor today!

The almanacs calculated and published by people of the past indicate exact to a second, the occurrences of eclipses of Sun and Moon! No calculators assisted them. They have sets of formulas to calculate the occurrences of eclipses by manual calculations alone! Who has written those formulas and passed on to successive generations of disciples? Mostly by word of mouth, all these knowledge is passed on. Only after the invention of paper and advancement of printing technologies, almanacs are now printed in different languages. These may seem outdated to the modern youth. But the missile and rocket technologies were in vogue during the Ramayana period which dates back to one lakh of years. Hence modern scientific knowledge can not be termed as superior to the knowledge of our ancestors. They have practically started from zero without anything to rely upon. But during the present age, almost all research materials could be accessed over the net with the click of the mouse. Hence there is no ‘ingenuity” in the present day research! They only polish the past researches and add one or two on their own and present them as a new innovation. I don’t degrade the present day researchers. No doubt, they toil more than eighteen hours a day to obtain data and records, pour over them for many days to find out some new things. But without any books, any notes, any library materials, Edison and others sacrificed even their meals and sleep to find out many scientific secrets due to which we are leading a very comfortable life nowadays. Electricity and Magnetism are the two basic energies which activate the entire world of beings. Imagine a period without light and communication! How much hardship they might have faced? Hence thank those people of wisdom who enabled our life easier!

Our ancestors were really genius without any modern tools of science!

Don't you feel that we have been enslaved by the electronics age?

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