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Our creator and the spider!

Updated on August 17, 2013

Many wonders of creation!

We differentiate life as spiritual and mundane. If we examine deeply, everything is really spiritual. The seemingly mundane things have their base only on the spirit. The spirit is the base for creation and cosmos. Naturally, all the things in the world are permeated by the spirit and enveloped by it. While observing the world around today, we feel depressed. Everywhere there is discord and strife. Why we are depressed at the scenario? It is the reactions that events caused in our mind made us depressed. If a child looks at the world, it will have a different feeling possibly a momentary interest only. But we elders brood over the conditions of the world and we get many inputs from media. I have said that the ‘reactions to events’ causes concern in us. Hence, events by it selves are neither good nor bad. It is our view of the reactions which causes us to judge the events in a particular way. Now we have two entities. One is the viewer or observer of the event and the other is the event. In the absence of either of the two, the events themselves become meaningless. Only when there is an observer, events become meaningful. Events are not valid in the absence of an observer. All the scientific theories gain credence only when there is an observer. Einstein’s theory of relativity posits the existence of an observer in the famous equation E=MC2. We talk about ‘velocity and speed’. Velocity or speeds depends upon time, space and causation which are in the realm of man only. In the absence of an observer, what is the meaning of velocity?

Hence, if we examine everything in the world, it requires an observer! We feel that we are the observers. But it is a fallacy. Our eyes catch the vision from the light particles coming from the objects outside. They enter the eye and caught in the screen behind the eyes. Optical nerves carry the impressions to the brain which reconstruct the image sent in an inverted mode. Can we call the brain as the observer? No! Without an intertwining mind, the brain is incapable of feeling the vision! Then we may think that the mind is the observer! NO. It is the Self behind all the veils of illusion is the real observer. It is a mere witness, pure and unsullied by any of the sensory impressions! This is the whole truth contained in many of the scriptures. This theory can be corroborated with most of the revelations contained in the ancient scriptures of East. “In the beginning, there was Nothing or void! Then the nothing contained everything we perceive. For instance, the sky is nothing but an empty space which is vast and immeasurable. Now the space contains everything in the creation from microcosm to macrocosm!

Let us examine how the scientists all-over the world formulate their theories. Before making any investigations, first they assume certain things as a base and proceed further to evolve their theories. Students of Mathematics know this well. Before every problem, they assume the unknown quantity as ‘x’ and start working out the problem step by step. Finally, they arrive at some formula and equate them to the unknown and assumed ‘x’. Likewise in spirituality too, the ancient sages assumed a superior intelligence as god and started meditating on it. They were not aware of god but they safely concluded that there must be a supreme intelligence which is the cause of the creation and which has ensured sustenance of the created beings by providing food for them and finally absorbed the creation back in him just like a spider. The spider weaves the web from its saliva for catching its prey. After some time, it absorbs the web in the same way as it came through the mouth. Hence the spider is the living example of creation , sustenance and annihilation!

spider and God!


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