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Our life on earth is complicated, god alone can save us!

Updated on June 26, 2016

A lone traveler...

We are like travelers in mid sea!

Life on this planet is like a lonely traveler in mid sea! Directionless and rudderless, to navigate this turbulent ocean of earthly life is highly risky! Most of us who believe the ephemeral existence, this is the condition. Hence Light houses were erected for those who lost their way. Our ancient scriptures act as “light houses’ to the wary traveler. When one finds himself lonely, fear and anxieties are the companions. But, there is an eternal companion. He always remains with us incognito. We need full faith on the soulmate. He is none other than God, who answers every murmur from our heart. He reacts to our fears and anxieties. If only we know the art of placing every burden on His shoulder, we can become Free forever. This is what Jesus told the people in the boat who are caught up in storm. Jesus seems to be asleep. But he was aware! When they pleaded with him to protect them, he chided them stating “Oh men of little faith”

Political system failure!

Faith and belief in god alone can save us!

Everyone must have stubborn belief in the scriptures and Faith on God. When problems confront us, we are agitated. It is the mind which subjects us to confusions and contradictions. We sadly believe on the mind. Mind drags everyone to confusions. It cannot be relied upon. It will never guide us correctly. In fact, the mind is a bundle of contradictions! With these unsteady instruments as aid, how can we reach the ultimate reality? Many rationalists may say, ‘what is the necessity of god in human life, when we are blessed with intelligence and thinking capacity? They are not aware how these faculties which are ephemeral could lead them in life? The aim of a rational mind is to enjoy the earthly life through the senses! Their only motto seems to be, ‘eat, drink and make merry! For leading such life, they need money and they invent ways to earn quick money through hook or crook!

We have seen the life led by many rationalists and non-believers. In fact, the Communist regimes have no belief in spiritual life. How far they have achieved the aims they have set? Are they happy and peaceful with their way of life? In fact, if we go through the history of communist regimes, the people had no fundamental liberty to lead their life as per their wishes. It is the government which dictates terms to the citizens like ‘one child rule’, no freedom to pursue one’s aim. It is like military rules and ‘repression’ is the correct term we can use there! What happened to Soviet Russia? It has disintegrated into several countries. There is no affinity between these countries and Russia! But, in other parts of the world, Capitalism and Colonism prevailed for a long time!

A sad decision!

Is it a wise decision?

The country, which boasted, that the “Sun will never set,” is now riddled with umpteen problems. They have ruled more than 56 countries including America! Due to the referendum, Britain has come out of European Union. Naturally, the results would be disastrous for Britain and other countries in the European Union economically! Already many of the countries lost sizable market capitalization value! This move spelt disaster in many Stock Exchanges around the world!

What we need today is Unity and not disintegration. Though there may be some problems in co-existing, coming apart is never a wise solution! Severing 60 year bond in one single day is not at all wise! This single decision alone will spell problems to millions of people around the world. Trade will suffer to a great extent. Major company which has several establishments in UK has already lost around Rs.30000 crores due to this move. No country will benefit from this move. Already European Union countries are stressed much. Refugee problems will escalate. Many citizens of other countries in European Union are working in UK due to unfavorable economic conditions in their home countries. It is a difficult task to work out solutions to myriads of problems that crop up from this cessation.

Even school going children are aware that “In unity lies the strength”. But sadly those who voted for “Brexit” never cared for the overall development of European Union! In isolation, no country can develop! It is always, “give and take”. This applies to Political states as well as in spiritual path!

The wisdom to co-exist and co-operate started after Second World War. Today, we have pockets of conflicts in many regions of the world. Due to terrorist threats, many peace loving people chose to exit their homes and countries. The mass exodus has created never ending problems too. Many countries, whose economy is downtrend found it difficult to manage constant flow of refugees. To preempt such exigencies and the difficulties faced in bearing the burden of the European Union, many people of Britain preferred to exit the Europe block! It is still not clear, what will be the repercussions throughout the world. Those countries which have trade relations with European Union will find the going tough due to depletion in the value of Pounds. Due to globalization, many foreigners are working and studying in UK. By getting out from EU, how UK is going to regulate its ties with the European Union is a big question. It is not alone money, but the interests of the people involved in both is crucial.

Unity is strength!


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