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Our own deeds bring good or bad fortune!

Updated on March 17, 2017


Babies were innocent until they grow!

As babies we were absolutely innocent without any blemishes. When hungry, we cried for milk and when we are fed, we were giggling all the time. As babies, we never developed any hatred against anyone, not even fear about snakes or other reptiles. There are many videos circulated in social media sites, depicting babies playing with big bull dogs and even snakes. In fact, they had no idea about the dogs or snakes! As we grow little by little, we observe our parents, other siblings in the house and slowly gather pollutions of many kinds. The sweet little babies, full of joy, start wailing for each and every thing. They intuitively understand that the mother will comply to its demands since they loved selflessly. They won’t tolerate even a drop of tear from the baby. They will exert themselves to fulfill the wishes of the ‘tiny tots’. This is how even babies start exploiting their parents initially. When they grow into a child and then a young man, this tendency is rooted in the child’s consciousness and it revolts each and every time when something is refused. Sometimes we feel that we should have remained as small sweet babies throughout our life, but nature prevents such sedentary way. As we consume food and drink, we naturally grow little by little. The little babies grows into young children and then as a youth! Are we retaining the same form or complexion? No! Our faces start resembling our parents or ancestors and we get the color of the skin as coded in the DNA.

I know nothing...

Majority of people in a place have common features!

Hence in each country and race of people, there are many common features and complexions like the Mongolian descendants have small eyes, mostly yellowish complexion and short in height. Thus we can identify people according to their race and country of origin. In India, most south Indians have a dark complexion and hence the North Indians used to call them as “kala madrasi’ as a general description. Here kala means dark and madrasi is a common term for South Indians, since once the entire South India was under Madras Presidency during British rule! Hence people residing in each region of India started getting names as Bengalis, Punjabis and Bihari. Most of the North Indian people were fair in complexion. Similarly the Guajarati were generally fat bodied since they were from trading class and enjoyed a sedentary life with varieties of sweet in their diet which made them bulky!

Creation is for man's appreciation and evolution!

While we were innocent as a baby, we become incorrigible when we grow. We absorb the negatives easily but struggle much to gather good habits and behavior. Society makes a man or mars him. In a characterless society, we cannot preserve our good qualities so easily. To remain free from bad and evil thought is like ‘swimming against the current’, while gathering evil traits is easy like floating along the currents of the river! Some ignorant person blabber ‘what for this human birth, if it is not for enjoying the precious pleasures offered by the senses? Why god has created so many varieties, if not for human consumption and enjoyment? Well sir! “What for intellect and discrimination is granted to human beings alone? All animals, birds and insects too eat, drink, sleep and mate! Why god has created a special species as human being, who can praise god’s beautiful creation as well as contemplate on the value of human life! Animals, birds and insects do not possess the ‘mind’ which is a great gift to humanity. Even while using our mind, we need to discriminate before embarking on an action, ‘whether it is good or bad and whether the action will contribute to the welfare of others? This sort of inquiry will certainly take us in righteous ways and spiritual path! We are not vainly created for the satisfaction of god. We are really treasure houses, but ignore the valuable diamond “Atma” within each of us. We are searching for transient, trash and tinsel wasting our precious lives on earth!

We are the architects of our fate and Life!

Will you ever use a golden cup for drinking water? A wise man will preserve the golden cup in a safe iron box and bolt it. Unable to realize the precious life granted us, we are merely using it to enjoy cheap, ephemeral and transient pleasures offered by the senses! In this process, man becomes weak and disillusioned. Hence the yogis of yore have illumined the mind of common man to give up the quest for material pleasure. The body is a three day drama so to say. Why consider the body as a lasting entity? We observe in the world, many people pass away even without a whimper! Whatever wealth they had assiduously gathered had to be left in this earth only! Nothing will accompany us when we depart from this earth, except the effects of good and bad we had committed during our sojourn on earth. That invisible effect will trigger us into a new birth appropriate to our past deeds, thinking and qualities! There is no use to blame god for the unfavorable circumstances in which we are put. As we add up two numerals to get the answer, all our bad deeds get added up to give the result in the new birth!

Deliberate calmly, ‘why there are so much of contradictions in the lives of people? While one is born in a very poor family in a poor country, other baby is born to the richest parents, enjoying all luxuries and comforts from the cradle. The other baby born in a poor family has only tottered cloth to cover its body! Outwardly it may look god is partial or cruel. In fact, God has nothing to do with your fortune or misfortune! He is a mere witness seated in everyone’s heart. Your own thinking and deeds in the past brought you to such miserable conditions. If we are aware of this truth, we will sincerely repent for the past sins and pray god to guide us towards good path! Err is human but we cannot go on committing the same errors forever! Our discrimination will definitely guide us towards better future. ADORE GOD AND ABHOR SIN.

Our own deeds decide our happiness or misery!

Do you believe that the effects of past will haunt us wherever we may hide?

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