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Our Senses Are Powerful Hence We Find It Difficult to Control the Senses!

Updated on September 22, 2017

Senses need to be controlled.

Sensory attractions are very strong!

The sensory attractions are very strong and it is not easy to escape from their clutches with our strategies, we need the help of inner self or Atma! Several steps are prescribed in various scriptures. The chief among them is to ignore the thoughts associated with pleasures of the world, enjoyed through the various senses like the vision, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. The senses are so subtle and it is humanly impossible to bind the senses and keep them under control. In the Bagawat Gita teachings, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna, ‘No doubt that the mind is most unsteady, but with steady practice, one can tame the mind. Several examples are given here. In Circus, we might have noticed that wild beasts like the lion and tiger obey the whip of the ring master! They have been trained thus. They obey the ring master and follow his commands. Similarly, a huge elephant is made to stand on a small stool. Evidently these feats were possible with many days of practice! When such is the case with wild animals, why not the mind be tamed in this fashion? Of course, the mind will turn repulsive the moment one try to discipline it. Mind cannot be forced to obey. By wise counsel and cajoling, it could be slowly brought under the control of intellect! 1. Remain indifferent to the thoughts that arise 2. Ignore the thoughts and do not judge them or form opinion about them. 3. Remain as a mute witness to the thoughts. Once we start practicing in this fashion, in few days, thoughts will slowly subside! For instance, a street hawker displays various items for sales in the platform. If none of the passerby purchases any of his items, he will close the shop and try elsewhere! This is one way to deal with the thoughts. Do not bother or exhibit any interest in the thoughts. Simply watch and move on; then the thoughts won’t disturb you!

Do not entertain desires!

It is not enough if thoughts are controlled!

It is not enough if thoughts are controlled. One should cultivate love for god, morality and righteousness. Yes, removing the thoughts is akin to removing the weeds from the field. Cultivating crops is akin to loving god, devoted to his thoughts etc. Just like a riot takes care of his crops, we have to cultivate love for god in our sub conscious mind. When such faith finds roots in the field of mind, slowly we start travelling in the path towards god. A riot must observe vigil about the growth of the crop, periodically apply manure and water, remove the weeds and apply pesticides to remove insects and worms eating the leaves and grains! When the crop matures and bring forth grains, birds used to pluck them from the growth. Birds must be driven away by suitable methods. Similarly our faith in god when taking roots, several evil thoughts will pester us like lust and greed. We must keep the mind focused only on God during those testing times and remember his grace and glory! If we sincerely seek the guidance from the inner self, it will be forthcoming. God always watches over sincere adherents of spirituality. Gross things can be pulverized using a suitable method! Subtler things cannot be destroyed in that way. Can we hold the sky within our grasp like a stone? No, it is impossible. The sky is indicated by the sound; the air has touch and sound; the fire has touch, sound and form; the water has touch, sound, form and taste; the earth has form, taste, touch, sound and smell. Thus we have seen that gross has five characteristics while the subtle water has only four characteristics; each element loses one more quality when it becomes more subtle. Thus the sky has only sound as its quality. When each element loses one quality, it becomes more pervasive than the previous element. Finally, the sky is all pervasive and none can define its magnitude, it is immeasurable and beyond the ken of our thoughts! Now the creator is subtlest of all elements and we can imagine how it is impossible for anyone to imagine or express it in words. This is the reason to express god as ‘infinity’ When a numeral is divided by a fraction, we get huge number. When any number is divided by zero, we consider it as infinite. Hence the creation is also termed as ‘infinite’. The creation includes the cosmos. Has anybody measured the cosmos so far? Our astronomers and scientists have not even reached the fringe of the universe by their sophisticated instruments.. Hence, the speed of the light is taken as the measure to indicate the distances in space. It is no wonder that we have not perceived the light from distant galaxies since they have not yet reached the earth or perceived.

Sense control essential for devotees!

Light from distant galaxies and stars has not reached our earth so far!

Hence, what we are going to perceive later is the light emanated many billions of years ago and hence we cannot consider them as true. A small example will clarify this point. Though thunder and lightning occur simultaneously, we first see the flash of lightening but hear the thunder a few seconds apart. Similarly, light emanated from the distant stars in other galaxies when it reaches the earth will not give a virtual vision. It was the light of the past and not the present reality. The power of human vision is limited and hence we use electronic telescopes to view the distant galaxies and stars. But the creator god is fully aware of all that happened in the past yugas easily since creation commenced. A dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna is an example. Krishna told Arjuna that the teachings of Gita was imparted to the Sun god first. Then Arjuna got a doubt and asked the Lord, “you and myself are contemporaries. You are just equal to my age. How you could impart the teaching to Sun god who is present since the beginning of creation? The Lord replied, “Oh Arjuna! Both of us had many births previously. I as an incarnation of God is fully aware of all the births while you can hardly remember the previous incarnations. During one such incarnation, I have taught the Bagawat Gita to the Sun God! As we are all mortals with limited intelligence, we cannot grasp or believe the utterances of Krishna! We tend to remember only few dates during our life like the marriage day, graduation day or the date of first employment. But incarnations are fully aware of all events that happened in the past and present and they know what will happen in the future also! Hence, it is impossible for us to understand God or his words. They always remain in what is termed as “Constant Integrated Awareness” They are beyond the senses and duality. They are pure witness, unaffected by the events we cognize as real.


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    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 3 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      Thank you for answering the one question posed.

      There was no other question, but a statement: Do not kill for religious principles, Arjuna was wrong to do so.

    • profile image

      saisarannaga 3 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you! A riot is a person who is engaged in cultivation of crops; regarding your second query, i am not competent to answer since the question belonged to Krishna's realm!

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 3 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      "Just like a riot takes care of his crops, we have to cultivate love for god in our sub conscious mind. "

      What is a riot?

      "In the Bagawat Gita teachings, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna, ‘No doubt that the mind is most unsteady, but with steady practice, one can tame the mind."

      Yes, we should train the mind. We should never kill or harm another person or ourselves. In the Gita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna to kill his family for religious principles. No, do Not kill for religious principles. Arjuna was wrong to do so.