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Our spiritual beliefs

Updated on May 25, 2017

Shortening our religious writings

Welcome to our article (5-89), our spiritual beliefs

May God guide and help me to say the right things in these religious writings?

Dear readers, as we have said, we would like to shorten our religious writings to a more compact format, that we believe would be more reader friendly, just because we could come to the most important part of our religious theory more quickly; for this reason, we would like to replace part one, part two and the beginning of part three of our religious writings of, ‘Prayers for reconciliation’, with these spiritual beliefs that we are writing here, so that, instead of going through all those explanations, which are about 60 articles long, before we write about our religious theory of ‘Reconciliation of the universe’ where we state that there is only one God throughout the universe, and God is the positive and benevolent life force of the universe, (this is the link to check it out, Reconciliation of the Universe), anyhow, with this shortened version, it will be easier to reach the beginning of our religious theory, because you would have only to read a few article to reach it.

For this reason, we would like to write our spiritual beliefs, which will be a lot shorter, and then connect them to our religious theory, where we describe God of the universe, and how all the life forces of the universe form a never-ending life cycle of the universe, with God being the main entity and guiding the rest of the spiritual life forces of the universe, per his benevolent will.

Even though we are shortening our religious writings, our spiritual beliefs would still be a few articles long, because we need to explain how we connect everything together, and then see how all these religious things work, anyhow in this article we are going to talk about, our spiritual beliefs, collective spiritual beliefs, the existing link and the assumptions debate. The assumption debate, is only the beginning of our religious assumptions, because there are going to be many spiritual assumptions, that probably have never been put forward before, but we believe that it could be the only way, we would be able to link our spiritual beliefs, with our existing religious theory of, Reconciliation of the universe. Now let us talk about our religious studies and our spiritual beliefs.


About our own spirituality

Some images and location make you feel more spiritual than other images and locations.
Some images and location make you feel more spiritual than other images and locations. | Source
Spirituality has many sides to offer, in this article we are going to talk about some of them, in the hope of being able to move in the right religious direction.
Spirituality has many sides to offer, in this article we are going to talk about some of them, in the hope of being able to move in the right religious direction. | Source

Out religious studies and spitituality

We have to say that from our religious studies, we have found that all religions have spirituality involved, they might have one God or many gods and other spirits serving them, which in their own are spiritual beings. We have found that religions are also somehow different from one another, because they portray only that part of the spirituality, whom those people that use them believe in, so, different people and places might have some spiritual difference, because for this reason, their forbears have believed in spirituality the way that they saw it; very likely these spiritual beliefs, have come about from some observations, which those forebears observed during their lives, then, they slowly built them up to whatever degree they believe it now, of course, they might have attached some importance to their personal happenings as well, in order to understanding that present spiritual situation.

So, here we have to assume, that just about everybody believes in spirituality one way or another, we have also to assume that with the passing of time, spirituality came about, because there were some strange events that could not be explained easily in a human way; this built up of beliefs has formed spirituality, and from spirituality religions were born. Religions were born by using spirituality beliefs and adding God as a head figure, or some gods. We have also reasons to believe that religions were man-made, because people need God and religions, they are also made according to the people they are going to serve, as we are going to explain a bit more before we finish this article, when we come back to this subject; here we can again say that all religions are based on spiritual beliefs, because that is the way they were started, you see people have to believe in God, gods or whatever their religions claim to be true, in order to be able to follow that religion, which somehow will fulfil some human needs, and make sense to the believers.

Now, even though religions are man-made, it does not mean that there is no God and everything exist only within our minds; of course, this is what the atheists believe, so, they want us to believe it also. But they do not consider certain things, which now and then happen, and there is no way to explain them in a logic human way, as they can only belong to the supernatural world, or perhaps to another dimension. We hope that one day, we would be able to prove that there is this other dimension with spiritual beings.

Anyhow, we believe that we know better that the atheists, because we know that God does really exist or must exist, the problem arises, because we are not able to prove physically God’s existence, so, there are always doubts, but God must be there for life to exist, as we have said in our article, God exists because life exists, because God is the life essence of all existing life in the universe. Well, at least this is how we the believers believe God is, so, this is the way that we are describing God, in our religious articles. After all, even scientists admit that we are only able to see around five per cent of all existing things, the rest we cannot see and most times we cannot prove that these other things are there, so, we must just imagine them. Well this is how we the theists believe and see religions these days, but not everybody believes the same ways, as it could be said, about these two extremist groups, that we are going to write below.


The extreme of religions

Now, let us look at the extreme of religious beliefs, whether they can be justified the way they are today; because religions are supposed to guide the people in a peaceful way, they should also give meaning to the existence of life; so, let us just stop for a moment to talk about spirituality, then, we need to look at the extreme of religions, because this is not the best way to go about, you see, religions are supposed to be manmade rules, that should help the people that use them to live a peaceful life, in harmony with everything that surrounds them, but sometimes it does not work like that; and for that reason, we believe that it would help, if we are able to modify religions to fall in line with today’s need.

You see, if we look at the world today, on one hand we have the religious fanatics, or should we say the religious extremist, which overdo everything to the extreme, we believe that they have been brain washed from religious leaders, so, they really believe that their god is like a dictator and he is going to punish those people that do not follow him, but their God would save and reward those that follow him. On the other hand, we have the atheists that do not believe in God at all, so, it is not possible to work out anything religious with them. Now as you can see, these are the two groups that are completely opposite to one another, so, they do more harm than good, no matter how you look at them, so, one should ask, is there a way that would make things better?

Having looked at these two extreme views, of these two groups that stand opposite one another, we have seen also that, it is not possible to use any beliefs of these two groups, to resolve our present religious problems that exist in the world today, so, we have to use a very wide base of all the other remaining religions, including spirituality to be able to come up with a solution, so, our new way is based on the overall collective religious spiritual beliefs, which are based widely on spirituality, because most people believe in spiritualty, as we have said in our article of, Spiritual universe, Now, let us continue to talk about these spiritual beliefs, in a more collective way.


Spirituality and unity

Spirituality has many side and one could look in many directions, as we can see from this photo above, is is something that we need to explore during our life.
Spirituality has many side and one could look in many directions, as we can see from this photo above, is is something that we need to explore during our life.

Collective spiritual beliefs

Dear readers, as we have explained, here we are looking for a more compact way that could and would explain our religious theory, and also link our religious theory of, “Reconciliation of the universe”, better to the life cycle of the entire universe, so that, a super religion could be made, from what is believed or known today, and in doing so, the religious world might be able to solve some of the existing religious problems that we have today. But at the same time, we have to point out that this is only a religious theory which could be available, if people accept it and are willing to use it, it could be used even now, but it is more likely that it could be used in the future.

In order to make our religious theory shorter and more attractive to our readers, we are going to select some of those religious articles, we have written and are more relevant, we are also going to leave behind some explanations, that sound more like repetitions and could be replaced by using different shorter ways, as we are doing just now, so, instead of talking about what is wrong with our religions today, we are going to talk about what could be done to fix religions, because we believe that we have studied enough religion, so, today we know enough to be able to suggest, how we could be able to set up a new religious way. All we need to do is to explain our beliefs of the spiritual world, and how they would be linked together to form a super religion, this super religion embraces the never ending spiritual life cycle of the entire universe.

So, our beliefs are based on the assumption that spiritual being exist, the assumption that spiritual being exist is based on the assumption of our existing life exists, and that definitely a part of us is spiritual, it cannot be any other way, because any other way we would not exist, or we could not explain our own existence. Now since we assume that spiritual being exists and therefore souls exist, we need to give our own souls a value within the spiritual world of the universe, which we are going to do in our next article, for the time being, we need to look first at the links that would bind everything together.


The existing link

We believe that there must be this existing link, because for life to go on indefinitely in the universe, there should be a link, which links everything together, and rotate them in a never-ending cycle of life within the universe. Now, let us explain by pure imagination, how we see these links, and how they would exist and work:

So, let us start from the beginning and talk about life in general, all living things are somehow different from inanimate things, because they move and have a mind of their own, so, there must be a reason for them to be able to do that, now the only reason that we could imagine, is that there is this life energy within the universe, which makes life possible, and living beings have a mind of their own, some of this life energy in certain cases or perhaps in most cases, is spiritual life energy; now it is this spiritual life energies of the universe, that we would like to understand how it works.

To understand that we have to assume, that everything that we know or believe to exist does really exists, in order to prove their existence, we have to start from the beginning and follow their progress, that will take us through the entire life cycle of the universe; in order to do that, we have to use our imagination: Here we have to say that we have to use more than just our imagination, because we need to make sure, that what is known will remain at its original right place, in other words we must set everything according to what is known and believed to exist, they are the original boundary posts and should not be moved, everything else of our religious theory should fit in, we believe that this is the only way that will take us close to the spiritual truth and God.

In order to do that, we should start from our own life, as this is one of the main boundary posts that cannot be changed, then, by climbing the ladder of spirituality, we will see where this will take us; so, let us assume the following possibilities, working within our set rule as expressed in this article, so, let us debate some of these assumptions.


The assumptions debate

First and foremost we have to assume that we have really a soul; each one of our souls have a certain value on the spiritual scale, we are going to deal with this spiritual value in our next article, but now let us look at our soul, which by default is part of the life energies of the universe, because all life energies in the universe are linked together and we (our souls) are part of them, there are also other living entities that are part of the life energies of the universe, but in this instance we are going to follow only our souls journey, just because it would be easier to write about our souls only.

Now, when we are talking about our souls, we would like to see that our soul will keep our own identity after we die, so, we have to assume that we keep our own identity after we die, even though there could be other ways, that our souls could fulfil their roles, within the life cycle of the universe; however we have to assume that our souls keep their own identity after we die, because that would be the most acceptable way for us humans, as we will continue to assume in the rest of our religious writings.

Having assumed that we have a soul that keeps its identity after we die, we need to follow our soul journey, to understand how the life forces of the universe could work. But we have also to think at the same time, that even though we have a soul that is able to move around, within the life cycle of the universe, all souls cannot be exactly alike and have the same value; so, one would like to ask, since there are so many religions, how could a soul of a religion be compared to another religion; for instance we could ask, is the soul of a Christian the same as the soul of a Muslim? We have asked this question, because these are the two religions that talk mainly about souls, they also set a value to their souls as being good or bad, so, we need to imagine how our souls could contribute and move within the life cycle of the universe. So, an attempt will be made in our next article to give our souls some description and values, per the religions they happen to be in.

I believe that this article is becoming too long, to continue talking about our souls and what they could contribute to the spiritual universe, so, see you soon in our next article, where we are going to try and compare spiritual religions and the souls of their believers, to give them some value in the spiritual world.

Here I have to say that whatever I have been writing in this article, and also what I am going to write next, is my own personal understanding of the spiritual situation, so, there is no guaranty that it is so; but this is what I believe, so, this is what I write. See you soon!

May God bless us all?



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