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Our sufferings are due to greed and selfishness!

Updated on October 31, 2017


More than two thirds of population suffer due to war, famine and terrorism!

More than two thirds of the population of the earth undergoes protracted sufferings due to war, famine, terror, epidemics and malnutrition. The above population suffers deep due to poverty which was the result of war. Many of them migrate to other countries to escape from the fear of frequent wars. One has to trace the reasons for the above so that the trend could be reversed. Human greed and selfishness is the main cause of pathetic situation of the people of the world. Truth and righteousness has fled from the human heart once greed and selfishness occupied it. Now, let us compare the present life of man with those of his ancestors. The needs of our ancestors were meager. They never aspired for comforts or luxury. The present day youth criticize the life style of their ancestors. They feel that life is meant for enjoyment. We have epics, Purana, and Upanishads which were the synthesis of culture of ancient India. The kings at those times were virtuous and selfless. They carried out the administration of the Kingdom with utmost sincerity. They cared for their citizens more than anything. Spies were often sent out to gauge the prevailing situations in various territories.

Though frequent rain was the order of those days, yet when rain fails in an area, the king arranged to feed people. From the buffer stocks held in the granary. Thus there was no starvation. There was judicious taxation. People had nothing to complain most of the time. Each village had a place of worship. The villagers dutifully visit those temples and offer their worship. Rituals were periodically carried out. Music, drama and dance depicting the scenes of Ramayana, Mahabaratha and other influential stories of ancient heroes were often conducted near the temple premises. On important occasions, deities were taken out of the temple duly decorated and taken around the important streets of the town. The idea is that there may be many elders, who due to age could not visit the temple avail the Dharsan of the deities and offered camphor worship, flowers etc. On few occasions, the deities will be seated in the temple car specially made for the purpose. Men and women used to pull the temple car around their town. The above traditions are treated now is superstitious. Present day youth exhibit rational temperament and they detest believing in god, sin and virtues. Hence they act as per the whims of mind always seeking pleasures and comforts. Now a question may arise. Why people have forgotten their ancient wisdom and tradition? Our brain has a tendency to slow down over the course of time. The initial euphoria slowly give way to sloth and ignorance. That is the reason God very often send sages and saints here to illumine the drooping mind. For instance Jesus incarnated as the “Son of God”. For 2000 years, people believed in the Divine mission and followed his teachings meticulously.

Poverty is the worst form of violence!

God grants boons even to the demons!

Today, hardly 5% of Christians perfectly follow the teachings of the Lord. The other 95% though attend the church once in a week; they do so as a matter of compulsion of the Priests and other elders. Faith is lacking everywhere, not only in Churches but also in temples of god everywhere. This is the pathetic case in almost all religions. Unless we make a concerted effort, even an incarnation cannot bring transformation in the mind of people who are lazy and easy going. Man is primarily attached to his body. This body attachment makes him to seek wealth and properties, long life, comforts and luxuries. Man is affected by three main qualities, the serene, the passionate, and the dull. These qualities are the outcome of qualities of food one consume! Without understanding the negative thoughts, non-vegetarian food induce, man seeks it thinking it is good for health. Many people consume meat, fish and other non-vegetarian food thinking that they gain ‘protein’. But milk too contains protein. Our digestive organs are not meant for meat and other animal food. Green leaves, vegetables, fruits and fiber give us sufficient strength and stamina and these types of food are easily digestible. Lions, tigers and cheetah are provided with a digestive system which will assimilate the raw meat. But the big elephant can only digest leaves, tubers, coconut grass and bamboo leaves etc. See how much mighty the elephant is. Even lion and tiger fear to come face to face with elephant. Hence it is a wrong concept of man that animal protein is a must. When one consumes meat of the animals, he will be imbibing the mean qualities of those animals. Green leaves and vegetables won’t induce passion like animal food. The sages who were practicing intense penance in deep jungles will consume the naturally available fruits, nuts, grain, milk etc. Hence they get concentration to meditate on the Divine!

In ancient epics, mention has been made about certain demons who want to acquire immense powers to defeat the demigods. Hence they used to stand on single leg meditating on Brahma or Vishnu or Shiva! Since their penance will be so intense, it will bring the Gods to the place where the demons perform severe austerities. Pleased with such intense penance, either Brahma or Vishnu manifest before the demons and ask them ‘what they want’ They naturally demand ‘immortality’, but the Lord will advice the demon, all beings are mortal but you can demand long life, conditions for your death! One demon demanded that he should not be killed by human beings or beasts. He should not meet death in the day time or night time. He should not be killed either inside or outside. He should not die on earth or sky! The Lord however granted the above. The boons were given to Hiranyakashibhu. See how the Lord fulfilled all the conditions before killing the demon!

Lord Narasimha kills the demon as per his own terms!

How the Lord fulfilled the boons of Hiranyakashibhu?

Prahlada was the son of Hiranyakashibhu! He was highly devoted soul. While his father hated Lord Mahavishnu, Prahlada loved him and worshipped him day and night. Unable to tolerate the misplaced devotion, Hiranyakashibhu punished his son in many ways. But Prahlada was not even aware that he is being subjected to severe punishments. Each and every time Prahlada underwent torture at the hands of his father; the Lord took it upon himself and saved Prahlada. One day the demon asked his son, “Where is your God? Prahlada replied that he is everywhere! The father took an iron mace and hit the iron pillar with force.. The pillar broke into two and a ferocious lion man form emerged out. He caught hold of the demon and placed him on his lap and with his sharp nail, tore open his intestine and killed him. It was neither morning nor night, the Sandhya period. The demon was neither killed on earth nor sky. He was kept on the lap of lord. The Lord assumed a peculiar form, it is neither human nor beast and it is known as “Narasimha”. The demon was not killed by any weapon. The Lord used his nails to kill him. He was neither killed outside nor inside. The lord took him to the threshold and placed him on his lap. Thus all the conditions put forth by the demon was fulfilled, yet he was killed!

Lord Narasimha manifests from broken pillar!


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