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Our ultimate destiny and destination is God!

Updated on January 21, 2017

Great beliefs.

We can carry over our past spiritual achievements!

“Slow and steady wins the race”. Yes, it is true in spiritual aspects. Hence Sathya Saibaba very often quotes, “Start early, drive slowly and reach safely”. We have seen many people who practice spiritual ways rush up as though it is a big game, ends up without succeeding. First of all, spirituality is not a competitive discipline. Each aspirant starts at his own time, move along the selected path and one day or other, he is sure to reach the summit, if only he persists without slackness. Many start bravely but leave the pursuit in the middle. But, in spiritual efforts, nothing is wasted. Every step is counted and carried forward. Even in the worldly pursuits we can see similar examples. Many universities, the world over, offer carry over of credits already earned. In a similar way, even small efforts in spiritual path yield proportionate results and if the aspirant dies in the middle, he need not start over everything from the first step. He will be placed in an appropriate grade of spiritual achievement according to past efforts in his new incarnation. Hence many children pursue spiritual efforts from where they have left early. In a family, there may be many siblings but their interest in spirituality is different. Many scriptures point out to child prodigies who took up meditation at an early age. They progress to advanced stages while the elders in the family lack the focus to undertake such spiritual efforts. This is linked to past efforts in previous births.

Wisdom of Masters

Brilliant minds are the continuation of the Past births!

Even in scientific research, each one cannot become Einstein or Edison like. They are rare phenomena. How they reached the pinnacle of glory? They had an innate desire to scientific pursuits which are the continuation from previous births. Inclination, effort and focus lead one to glory. I may be conversant with writing, yet other man may be expert in public speaking. If I am asked to deliver a lecture on philosophy, I may not succeed. Hence each one is blessed with different intellectual capacities. They exhibit them when there is favorable circumstance. For instance, Nostradamus became famous for his prophesies of future events and his brilliant book “Centuries”. Only he had the intuition and skill on that discipline. Here, I would like to elucidate that our life on earth is not an isolated event. Every individual here has started evolving from minerals, plants, insects, birds and beasts. We have finally evolved as a human being. But even in this birth, many people waste this opportunity to enjoy the paltry pleasures of the senses and acquiring trash and tinsel. We are blessed with intellect and intuition. We must evolve further. From insentient things we have become sentient beings and finally as human beings. We need to evolve and reach the status of God. Yes, we are parted from him and hence we have to reach back to the source. Every bit of a sweet is similar in taste. God is whole nectar and as a part of him, how can we deny the existence of selfsame nectar in us?

Effects of past

Pleasure is only an interval between two pains!

As all the rivers strive to reach the Ocean from which they parted once, we all have the same destiny and destination which is merger with god! As the rivers lose their identity on merger with the ocean, we will lose our individual identities, once we reach HIM. All the rivers acquire the taste and vastness of the ocean once they reach there. Similarly we too will become one with god and acquire the immortality. As individual beings, we undergo birth and death. When we reach HIM, there is no more birth or deaths. This is what we have to aim for or strive throughout our life. We are not born on earth to simply eat, drink, sleep and die. We are the royal heirs of God’s supreme Kingdom. Hence let us not wail anymore considering ourselves as mean individuals. We are not low creatures subjected to pain grief. We are really children of God and the eternal bliss is our heredity! But, simply repeating the above won’t take us to immortality. We have to feel with full consciousness that we are the children of the Supreme One! We are one in the self, though bodies may differ! Bodies are intervening phenomena on the pure screen of absolute Brahman! The attachment to the perishing bodies causes great distress in our mind. We undergo grief and pain very often. The small pleasures of eating, drinking, sleeping, acquiring and mating are purposefully kept in the canvas of life to make us understand their ephemeral nature. Only after undergoing repeated failures to derive permanent joy, man start seeking his inner self which is the reservoir of supreme bliss which never diminish even after billions partake from it. A flame of candle light won’t diminish even if thousands of candles are lit from the original flame. But god is trillion times luminous and more powerful than the one sun we witness on the horizon. It is the inexhaustible glory of the sources of all light. If only we recognize the brilliance within our self, we are towards our correct destiny and destination!

The past efforts are there when we are born!

Do you agree that spiritual efforts are carried to next birth?

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