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Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren these things ought not so to be.

Updated on September 12, 2011

Let's Put On A Happy Face!

Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing,

My brethren, these things ought not so to be.”

"As a loving Christian I’m merely pointing out,

Something you clearly cannot see."


"For you and those like you,

Please go back to our Book.

Seek out the nicest pleasantries,

As you deal with a murdering crook."


"Please keep a sweet demeanor,

As Satan, all the while,

Takes the children of the poor,

While wearing a lovely smile."


But our courts of justice are merely prison mills,

That, again, take our children away.

Cross your heart for another ball game,

As the National Anthem begins to play.


Steroids and hemorrhoids,

From sea to shining sea.

Let’s walk a walk for a cancer cure,

While our water turns to pee.


Yes, I should speak as Billy Graham,

With an arm around Tricky Dick.

Yes, I really should I guess,

But the idea makes me sick.


I’ll not walk a tight-rope,

Of accepted etiquette,

As the rich and polite are catered to,

And history is rewritten to forget.


Put down “a” book,

Take another look.

There’s an easier,

Creed to read.


Pray that God,

Will soon replace,

This evil,

In a pretty face.


But I will hate,

The hate that hates,

I’ll always obey and worship,

A benevolent God that creates.


“Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing,

My brethren, these things ought not so to be.”

If I should be nice to lies of Satan,

Then I simply should not be.


~Micky Dee~



I received a message from a friend who studies the Bible. And I do appreciate this friend.


I haven’t been Hubbing for a while, so I have missed reading a lot of your remarkable talent.

I got a job during the sorest HEAT WAVE of July, for four days. I had to rent a car to commute out of town about 60 miles one-way. I came home on the last day and it was around 7 PM when I opened my emails and discovered that the agency laid me off. I had to declare all of my income to welfare on my mid-July Income Reporting Statement, and they subsequently clawed 50% of it away from my benefit cheque for September 1st. So, after paying for the rental, gas, and necessary equipment to begin work, I am short for my rent. And so it goes … life is hard, as both of us know from different experiences.

I saw a bunch of your recent rants and that compelled me to write this letter, privately, to you my friend.

While your style is evident and respected, I have noticed with alarm and concern that your dialogue has really let go; I hope you are OK - don’t go off the deep end!

Fortunately, since you are a prayerful man, I have thankfully noticed that you have once again touched base with your Saviour, as I can see that in your latest Hub, “I have no words of my own”.

Michael, I take it you also know my style by now, so with respect, I hope you continue to read this through, noting that I am no greater than you, but only that I prefer to speak (I mean write with purpose) this way. I am not trying to Lord over you or thump my Bible in your way, rather I am just relating to you what I believe is the Word of God in proper context, and when vied this way, can lower any Godly man’s frightening fury.

Micky Dee, your compassion and care for the little man is commendable. Ditto for your zeal for uprightness and fair play, but …

Why does “Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be.”?




My friend writes on and is very cordial and "correct".


And of course there is reason, logic, colleges, and scriptures to vouch for all that is said by my friend and a throng of Christians are behind these words.

They preach and teach.



I was raised "Christian". My mother taught me about Christ. I have read so much about Jesus. I know I should be like Jesus. I am "me".

I appreciate constructive criticism. However, I will certainly not change my ways of dealing with a society that is really false.

I’m “me”. I went to school. I went to war. I went to school. I went to work. I’ve seen atrocities and indifference for 62 years now.

I appreciated another friend who felt I needed to know that I shouldn't tell people of my donations. Pride. Oh – you make an argument for this one.

The real deal that I know is – when I gave money to a crippled man – I didn’t give my “all” I didn’t sell my bicycle and/or truck and walk to Washington in sack cloth and ashes. I had made a statement “for” giving to individuals instead of favored institutions. And – quite frankly I don’t trust “institutions” for many reasons. But I wasn’t patting myself on the back for giving away some green paper. Rich people give tons of it away. Sometimes they give it away for true charity. Some give money away for some type of cleansing or whatever. It’s paper. It’s not necessarily “their energy” or labor.

So friend-

I appreciate your taking the time to write.

I am sorry that life is so hard for us all.

We live in an unnatural environment and from what the Bible says and from my own life's experience.

Satan is in charge of this world.


Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing: my brethren, these things ought not so to be. James 3:10
- King James Version


Tell me folks- all the prophesying - who can hear it?

Who can tell prophesying from outright lying?

Bankers? Lawyers? Accountants?

I can't. I cannot tell a Christian from a CIA agent.

If nice, polite Ollie North will be asked to speak in God's churches - what's next?

Friend - I love God. I love good.


From my experience - in the real world and cyber-world or spiritual world- words don't matter to Satan hounds.


I’m not the follower of James 3:10, Mathew, Mark, Luke, John, James, Jerry Falwell, Oral Roberts, Pope Anybody, etc.

I'm going to have my personal relationship with God even if Christians are urinated off by it. No matter the religion you bring up - I will have a relationship with God - not a spiritual adviser - not a preacher or a teacher will tell me I can't.

I will have MY relationship with MY God and not YOUR God - and NOT A BOOK. If you're reading a book you are in the past or future but have no present actions.

I will try to be as Jesus (He said "be like me") while knowing my limitations and from whence I have come. I'm me - I never got here as Jesus. I got here as me. I have walked in the shoes that were put on my feet.

My language, complete with adjectives and adverbs, is historically accurate.

Also wonderful reading:

Confusing ain't it? How many useless scriptures are there in the Bible?

No long hair on men.

So Jesus had a crew-cut? No - Jesus NEVER cut his hair.

Was Jesus a blue eyed Caucasian?

Let's memorize the begetting next.

The men in my family have to die in the early to mid-sixties. I'm sure it's a law. As soon as a man in my family reaches Social Security age, the count-down toward eternal slumber is officially begun.

I simply do not have the time to reinvent the wheel for the religious who are so rapt and wrapped and rapped from rhetoric that they cannot read writing on the wall.

I may not live through "negotiations" with people who will not do their homework. Time is wasted because of self-installed blinders. They will not take blinders off. They believe lawyers - what chance is there for a quiet person to make any difference? And I don't have the time to listen to the same old Sunday School lessons that are followed by BS political rhetoric and hatred of - the common poor person.

I've seen a church bus loaded with children and every child that could be seen was giving me the "finger". The "church institution." is letting us down.

The common poor person without resources is the enemy of the "party".

Honestly - I have to be quick to identify one of Satan's helpers. I have to quickly tell Satan he lies. I must refute Satan's lie. While refuting that lie lie - Satan and his little helpers turn out a million more lies. Meanwhile - I'm stuck on the first lie.

Sorry. But to expedite matters, to get on with life, to get on with a bicycle ride, to get on with the next million lies - please - lets just state the obvious that the message and result of the lies is horrendous bloodshed and be done with it

Again - very sorry - but if you're continuing in the tired-butt-lie that one of these political parties is legit - you need some rocking and rolling or a real "born one more time again experience".

You need a shock.


The Bible's words matter – and - don't matter.

I will anchor in the Golden Rule.


But curse? Yes I may. I might. I may live to curse tonight.

My main concern is not to walk a tight-rope of language like the religious may.

I have NO intention of mimicking religious people.

From what I can see - my life will be OVER before any polite digestible writing I may peck out on a PC will ever be taken seriously.

I am mad.

I am crazy.

America claims I am a crazy Vietnam Vet with PTSD. This alone gives NO credibility.

Paper Christians, paper patriots, and the political fanatics say I’m lazy, I need to “up my meds”, I’m “liberal”, I’m unpatriotic, etc. – and this stems from my search for truth, my stand for truth and a benevolent God, I speak for the poor, and I speak against the rich.

I should be a sweet, quiet, nationalistic, Vietnam Veteran with cute words to say like a lot of Christians- who merely talk to themselves.

A Christian's message doesn't get to me and I don't care a fig about it.


My religion is from God and I have a personal relationship with God.

I do not care to have a personal relationship with a book presented to me - handed to me - by men. As Mary Magdalene was deleted, things WERE added to the Book. Some of Paul's direction toward adding to the "Book" was aimed at people who were "adding things to the Book".


I've read God's word over and over.

The Bible says what you say.


The spirit of my belief is that we have Satan ruling over the Earth.

Christians are hung up on Christianity.

Muslims are hung up on Islam.

Catholics and Jews are Catholics and Jews.

I am hung up on the truth.

And - yes Friend - the truth is more important than word in "a" Book or "The" Book.

How many words are in That Book?

We can pride ourselves in knowing the Bible and using the Bible as a tool to pry people this way and that.


I am little concerned with most words of the Bible.


I see fake Christians and fake patriots using God's word to kill.


I see Christians standing by as Christ is nailed on a cross and they're pointing a finger at the Romans and Jews.


But people today are nailing Jesus to a cross.

All the while - they KEEP God's word.

They cross every "T" and dot every "I".

They watch.

They vote..

They do little to curb war.

They should be conscientious objectors.

The first thing sacrificed in war and politics is the truth.


I love true Christians whether they're intelligent, merciful, silly. I'm told to and try. I can't abide the lie.


But - Christians vote for people like Art Pope of NC who rob from the poor and establish think-tanks on how to use rhetoric and propaganda against the poor - to elect another war monger.

Sorry. It's the way I see it. Do I not fit scripture? I see it. I tell it.

I see endless war and eugenics.

I don't see religions or lawyers making an effort to stop it.

I see "voting for the appointed candidates".

My faith is in a benevolent God.

My allegiance is to the truth because this Earth is a slippery slope.

And - though I see and smell flowers - I can also smell the sulfur.


"It's a sin for a man to have long hair!"

I do not have the time!

"Oh Micky! Do you have any proof?" So I'm supposed to write a book here? I can't possible tell everyone about the books from which I've read.

How about the book "DECEPTION" that explains America's selling nuclear technology to the Middle-East since the 80s at least.


I also read the Bible, Koran, Dalai Lama, history, bicycle books, and many others.

I study documentaries of all kinds.

I don't see religions curing us of hatred to bicycles, war, rhetoric- I see no results.

I see Christians running cyclists off the road on their way to church and I'd bet they're taught to smile and beguile. I see Christians with all kinds of weird behavior but their false face is on when the public calls.

Friend - my job here on Earth is not to be "well".

I am NOT to be at peace.

I am not to be happy.

I found this out long ago.


I am certainly NOT supposed to fit a Christian mold that makes all Christians the same.

And - do people who have foul language go to hell while murderers get re-elected with pretty words and other examples of a medicated false facade?

I am NOT here to please and appease Christians.

I am not here to echo rumblings of political idiocy.

My message is to political murderers, en-slavers, liars.

I SEE them.

I hate them.

My message is to identify and call them as they are.


We all hate something and to pretend that there is no hate is ridiculous.


I hate rutabagas and evil.

The Bible is confusing.

I have atheist friends who KEEP the Golden Rule and regardless of ANY religious belief- these keepers of the Golden Rule will be in ANY paradise that I may see.


I am not here on this Earth to appease people who stay in a building on Sunday morning, eat a foolish Sunday dinner, watch ball-games, work for Satan, vote for Satan, and merely toss up their sons for a damned war in hell.


I said damned war and that's what wars are. They are damning.

I hope the damn politicians go to a very warm hell.

I am not here to "save" them but I want to tell everyone of them that there is a damned day of reckoning.


Friend - Christians and followers of every religion should put down the shackles of a "mysterious Book" or mysterious books that merely give us a code of conduct to deal with other people of the same code of conduct.

I cannot commit myself to every word someone has in a book of puzzles.

There is truth.

And there is "wonder".

And I will wonder about a lot of stuff.


I will not fit into a religious mold.

To curb my language to be more palatable to the religious, is not anything I care to do.


I see alcohol promoted.

I see children taught to give the finger.

I see "win at all costs" promoted in sports and economics.

I see war promoted.


I don't care a fig for plastic Christians or plastic patriots.

The roads are littered with drunk drivers.

Meanwhile - wine and other drink give me a head-ache.

How arrogant for others to insist on what you should medicate with.


And Christians will laud over the virtues of using "no drugs" while some of them will spend hundreds of dollars on sports enhancing drugs.

Many abuse prescription drugs.

Many will talk up abstinence while taking all kinds of pharmaceuticals .


Easy as ABC- alcohol kills. Alcohol will PUT A PERSON UNCONSCIOUS.

There is debris from drunkenness and slack law-enforcement on the roads

Pharmaceuticals kill. They're designed to make money.


A cure for cancer? When?

Money for cancer research is almost futile.

The cure for cancer should be obvious.

Protect the human environment over most else.

Dangerous gasses causes cancer. Fried foods alter the cells and - cause cancer.

Smoking causes cancer.

Introducing toxic poisons like DDT without proper experiments, without true results, without warning is criminal.

Arrest Monsanto.

Stupidity - causes cancer.


These pharmaceuticals will never cure cancer.

It's a profit thing.


So Friend - God bless you.

I sincerely mean that to all those who are merciful and kind.


I will not be as Christians, Jews, Muslims, etal, who adhere to a Book that men wrote.


The divine word of God?

It's a wonderful word of God.

This "word of God" in its entirety is confusing and the "Word" is used as a tool to confuse, imprison, enslave, and kill.


I don't give one fig to emulate a do nothing Christian.

My faith is not of words but action.


I see the product of a secret government.

Politicos will smirk up their hate.


Christianity is merely a network of churches to support a civilization that cannot meat the basic requirements of Christianity.


Jesus said His greatest law was the Golden Rule.


My message will not be that Christ rose from the dead.

That is not the greatest "law" of Christianity.


My message will be that Jesus died on the cross as martyrs always seem to do.

It's a repetitive message - Stand out, stand up, dispel myths - DIE.

Stand against the "house"? Die.

Have a great message? Die.


And Christians stand around and VOTE.

They vote for the same liars as always.

They vote for Satan every day.

And Christians want me to say sweet things that fit into the order of a Satanic lifestyle.


If Christians will stop worshiping Satan, if Christians will stop turning their FIRSTBORN CHILDREN OVER TO HEROD, if Christians will get off their voting areas and stand for true truth - I will curb my tongue so that my words will warm their cockles.


But for me to be nice while this wholesale murder continues is impossible.


I have a relationship with my benevolent God.



I will never burn a goat or a lamb for a God that likes burning flesh while that God is claimed to be the Creator.


I don't like David. God's favorite? A murderer?

I don't like David.


My God created the world. God doesn't murder.


So - I will not adhere to a code of conduct that requires no positive action.

I don't care about a "Christianity", a Catholicism, an Islam, "you name a religion", that thinks that all you have to do is say, "I love you Jesus" - or an equivalent - while they vote for another tyrant from hell or they follow some fool that perpetuates endless war.


I don't believe in endless war.

Many Christians do.


Christians are to pray the Lord's Prayer.

When I see Christians - in multitudes - praying the Lord's Prayer for Earth to resemble heaven - I will use prettier words.


When I begin to see Christians utter words of the Golden Rule with the fervor that they use to elect another lawyer - I'll use pretty words.


I may make up some pretty words.


Meanwhile - I'll write poems like a Marine from Vietnam might write.

I'll write poems about cycling.

I'll take pictures. I'll share the pictures.

I'll write against the evil empire and never for the wholesale murder of our children, while even Christians proudly boast of our troops keeping war from America's shores while TAKING THE CHILDREN AND THROWING THEM INTO A WAR OF HELL.


My goal is to write against all corruption including the corruption of Christians using pretty words, as slavery is perpetuated, while the killing of our children is perpetuated, and a world for the stupidly college educated continue to placate with their pretty words.


Thank you Friend, for taking the time to care.


Thank you for standing for God and good.

Thank you for standing for the truth.


I must continue to be a Vietnam Veteran and will speak like one.


And - I feel that a cursing soldier has more validity than Christians who never fight for their "country" and merely goose-step with adoring smiles..


I will continue to speak words of hope to the tattoo artist, the cyclist, the beggar on the street.

I have NO intention to ever just please a Christian.


I have no intention of adhering to etiquette that says my words of "color" and difference are worse than those that placate and appease and kill and the end result is blood.


All the etiquette that the Apostle James can muster is just etiquette that is "accepted".

I do not accept war.

I was a Marine.

People of colorful words might identify with me.

People of colorful words are continuously shown that words are just that - words.


I have been raised in a world of slang and words of color that have been used as formal greetings.


I've been to war.


Believe me - the Christian "code of conduct with words" have little meaning to me - a man who (cutting to the chase) has been screwed by "well-meaning Christians with great vocabularies".


It's hard for religious puppets who have never gone to war, never worked beside real men, never done the nasty chores, never had their right to free speech and their freedom taken away to see that some of us - some of us don't give a fart for the Marcus of Queensbury rules of engagement with an enemy like the Satan that turns out millions of lies- and murders our children.


Instead of false kindness - I will welcome the person of India, Pakistan, France, America, Africa, the occupied country of Hawaii, etc. I will treat the individual with respect and kindness.


I will love my neighbor as myself.

I will pray and act for a benevolent God's reign on Earth.


I will stand against the murder of our children if it means to shake the very foundation of the political structure and every false religion where actions and results do not meet the expectations of a benevolent God.

I am "me".

I will have a personal relationship with my benevolent God.

I will refuse doctrines of etiquette that show terrible results and confusion.

For many people the message of Jesus is lost in Christians and from Christians.


I don't sit on church pews.

I don't sing the same old song.


And as Jesus admitted 2,000 years ago, as God admitted 2,000 years ago - this Earth is under the rule of Satan. Just as it was 2,000 years ago, just as it was when Thomas Jefferson was writing pretty words of magnificent freedom never experienced on planet Earth before - all the while having sex with his slaves - this world is not ruled by God.


This world is ruled by Satan.


I have atheist friends. Sorry my atheist friends. Though I want you in paradise with me - there most certainly is a Satan on this planet Earth.


I will not pretend to atheists or Christians or "you name a cult" that this world is ruled by any other than Satan.


I'm 62 years old.

I have seen the inside of most of the institutions of the "free world".

I will be quick to cut to the chase concerning our society.

I am not here to appease Christians or Muslims or ...., or Satan of the Marcus of Queensbury rules of engagement- with results of raising children to fight wars for business.


I will not.


I will curse this devil.


My message can be lost for false Christians and fake Christians.

True Christians? What should it matter to a true Christian is a message is peppered with color as long as the message for compassion is heard clearly?


I have no impulse in my being to placate a religious sect.

Of course God's word has been tampered with. That's why it was written to not "add" to the Book.

Of course the message from Mary Magdalene, the Apostle to the Apostles, was deleted.

Of course it was decades before the New Testament was written.

Of course God's word is used as a weapon.

Of course meaningless scriptures are lauded over the greatest law of God.

And, of course, I will not be given any book and told that this is the absolute true word of the benevolent God.

No. Not here.

This world is ruled by the Evil one.

The Evil One owns the printing presses.


Yet - I'm supposed to learn every word and recite them while walking on eggshells as endless war continues.

I will have a relationship with the true benevolent God - on my own.

I'll use words of my own.

I will use MY past for truth - not Billy Graham, not James, not Mathew.


I will concede all my strength and being to the benevolent God.


But I can't believe in written material from planet Earth until God tells me - Himself - what the world really needs to believe.


But my message is for people just like me. It's not for the religious.


I use words that momma doesn't allow. But mommas watch their children go to war.

Does momma think her son or daughter will not learn these words?

Is a child and warrior of a benevolent God not allowed to curse murder?


Is a child and warrior of a benevolent God not allowed to curse imprisonment?

Is a child and warrior of a benevolent God not allowed to curse slavery?

My life is made up of all these moments.



I have to ride my bike.

I have to feed my birds.

I have to study true history.


I don't have time to hold hands and sweet-talk people who should know by now.


I appreciate you Friend.

God bless you Friend.


~Micky Dee~



My words are mine.


The college educated,

Can talk a pretty game.

All the religious zealots,

Will speak the same.


My hair doesn't fit their mold,

And neither do my clothes.

And the way they've treated me,

Makes me want to hold my nose.


They SHUN the patriots,

Who volunteer for war.

But they never tell the truth,

Of what we're fighting for.


I will not just curse them,

In the dark of night.

I will curse crimes of inhumanity,

In the brightest of light.


And I will speak as though,

I have the right to sing my blues.

About riding, working or being a soldier in a war.

And I'll sing my song any way I choose.


My words are mine.

There is no axe to grind.

But my words are from my soul,

And the truth frees my mind.


~Micky Dee~



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    • jandee profile image


      6 years ago from Liverpool.U.K

      Micky hope you are well,will we see you in the spring ? Hope so,

      best from jandee

    • Eiddwen profile image


      7 years ago from Wales

      Hi Micky,

      I am bookarking this one to read later when I have more time ,and I will get back to you then.

      It is too good a read to rush through.

      Have a great day my friend.


    • Micky Dee profile imageAUTHOR

      Micky Dee 

      7 years ago

      Thank you Timothy. As always I certainly appreciate your words.

      I know I'm rough Timothy.

      I just see endless war and if any of the Bible is true - then our God is a kind God.

      I see the Evil one parked at the high-schools telling children that their service in the armed forces of America will keep war from the shores of America.

      Yet - it never ends.

      America is a business. Corporated in the late 1800s.

      But America has always been "business". I was in business. I worked for a bicycle company who's owner made the comment that he wanted to sell bikes to everyone on the planet. It was the largest shop in the East. He had employes harass the other shop owners. Employees went through the rival's trash at night to see what the rival shops were selling. Eventually the evil owner was sued for his attempt to run another businessman out of business with harassment and bribing salesmen for the rivals brands of bikes.

      America wants to take over the world.

      The businessmen of America want to take over the world.

      Religions want to take over the world.

      Spain wanted to take it over. England, Portugal, France, Germany, etc.

      American businessmen want resources like in Vietnam, like in South America, like in Central America, like in Cuba, ... And it never ends.

      I've been viciously attacked on the hubs right here.

      I will not and can not tolerate the lies anymore about the WORLD DOMINATION OF THESE PLAYERS WHO PLAY US AND OUR FAMILIES ETERNALLY.


      Until Americans shed the bondage of this republican/democratic/teaparty fiasco lie of a democracy with our appointed candidates - both liberal and conservative - and now teaparty and neoconservatives who DO NOT BELIEVE in God but want a CLEANSING of THE WORLD and SUBJUGATION AND SLAVERY and this WHOLESALE MURDER OF OUR CHILDREN.

      Thank you Timothy. God bless you from the bottom and top of my heart. God has slammed me onto this path. God bless.

    • Timothy Donnelly profile image

      Timothy Donnelly 

      7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      P.S., I know that you atone in earnest Micky, and I think that amidst all your fury, you hate the same "sins" as God does - it is the individual "people" we must all forgive, seventy times seven times. Boy that's a hard tally to keep track of, isn't it?

    • Timothy Donnelly profile image

      Timothy Donnelly 

      7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Yea, Micky, maybe a lot of the scriptures have been hammered silly with a meat tenderizer!

      Perhaps also some of it has been pulverized with a food processor into a soup that people greedily slobber down their vests, or strain with a sieve where after the pith becomes a slurry and is discarded, only to be salvaged later carelessly and then hurled like a grenade at their neighbour, in “good measure” to boot. Perhaps too, the pompous enjoy a limited menu to “suit” their fancy. In the end it is true that many wonder how it all got to be so crazy. Perhaps we all ought to be more careful of our “diet” and consume only what we would also have our neighbours consume with us. Of course, if we only suffer from indigestion, what kind of good will we have done?

      What should we then vote for, to endure the famine with merely the soup, glutton ourselves with just the slurry and suffer the belly-ache that these malnourishments provide ... endure the limited diet within our sights, thereby joining the courses and the pompous ploy?

      I think not. Fasting and prayer would seem then to be a legitimate consideration to employ. Only the Posties and Politicians would think that that would be like working without a contract. The lawyers on the other hand may find a technicality to absolve themselves of responsibility but, I agree, they should be disqualified anyhow.

      Michael, search in the “wilderness” as we all must; consider that all good things come from God, including the inspired revelations recorded by good people; never conclude that God has quit revealing His truth. May your soul find peace and good tidings in the will of the Lord; He is a buckler for them that love Him and their neighbour (sinful or not, for we are all given numerous opportunities to atone with Him). With respect, Timothy.

    • Micky Dee profile imageAUTHOR

      Micky Dee 

      7 years ago

      God bless Sligobay. God bless. Our kingdom will come.

      Thank you dear Dim. God bless you sister. Thank you for hanging with me.

      Thank you Qudsia. God bless.

    • QudsiaP1 profile image


      7 years ago

      Oh wow...

      P.S: Loved the comics.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 

      7 years ago from Great Britain

      AWESOME MIcky...... No one can rant with such honesty as you, and oh how true that Satan is in charge at the moment.

      Love you, man

    • sligobay profile image


      7 years ago from east of the equator

      No shunning by me Micky Dee. Its a bit long winded but I get the point. Great gusto. Change can be influenced but not simply through anger which appears to be justified. The bad guys seem to be winning in this world but they always have. Christ's Kingdom is not of this world as he said. Goodness is our only weapon which does not stack up well against lies, deceit, acrimony, injustice and violence. OUR KINGDOM WILL COME but it was never meant to be HERE OR NOW. God bless.

    • Micky Dee profile imageAUTHOR

      Micky Dee 

      7 years ago

      God bless you dear Freya. Life seems to be a circle and I'm in this arc and then another. God bless.

    • Freya Cesare profile image

      Freya Cesare 

      7 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

      I am speechless. Long gone, decided want to visit you at first, and this is what I read.

      Well, all I can say is this;

      we born and die alone. All responsibility of our behaviour while still alive is on ourselves only. That is why we should find the best path for our soul and not one that somebody told us to chose.

      It is your life, your mind and your heart there, so do whatever you think most appropriate for your heart sake. Just don't forget to have fun and enjoy the fresh air, King Micky. I still in love with your chicken dance you know! ^_*

    • Micky Dee profile imageAUTHOR

      Micky Dee 

      7 years ago

      Thank you so very much Amy. Many folks would like to see nothing but love poetry from me.

      This type hub is shunned as you can see. Too controversial. Christians avoid these hubs of truth with impunity as many "religious" do.

      This is the true me. I say words as many God fearing people might.

      "A hard rain is going to fall" is an anthem dear Amy. A"hard rain" will come for some deeds. It's impossible to do evil and not pay for it. "For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction".

      It's true - so very true - that a bus of children going to church on Sunday morning put there most recognizable finger at us.

      America AIN'T going to get right voting for leadership that looks Ken and Barbie out of Harvard and Yale. Being a lawyer should be a disqualification.

      If lawyers refuse to police themselves in the United States courtrooms - they are already proving they will never run our country with honesty.

      Politeness in the midst of the murder of our children urinates me off. Time is running out for another class of American students. They'll be required to fight a war that a Bush came up with. But it can be a democrats idiocy too.

      People want me to speak words of silk and milk.

      Some only read my cute poetry. I'm an Vietnam Veteran ex-Marine who saw a war and bad language. I worked my tail off to bad language.

      Incorrect "words" are the least of America's problems. Words are the least of the world's problem. I don't have time to seek out approval for words from people who are voting for snakes with lovely pretty words.

      Thank you Amy. I appreciate you coming to this hub particularly.

      This is me. I fight wrong- no matter who sings the song.

      God bless you Amy.

      "Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing"- Yes ma'am - I can speak, "I detest evil in all kinds of language - and - God bless you Amy".

      Out of my mouth - I can bless and curse.

      Regardless of what the Bible says - it feels really good to me and God has NOT told me to hush. God bless you Amy.

    • Amy Becherer profile image

      Amy Becherer 

      7 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      You know how I feel about music, Micky Dee. I discovered Bob Dylan late in life. I saw a PBS documentary that introduced me to his genius. He is a poet, he says it like he see's it, he has a beautiful brain. His song, "A Hard Rains Gonna Fall" was playing through my head when I read your words that say,

      "I've seen a church bus loaded with children and every child that could be seen was giving me the "finger". And again, when you write "I have walked in the shoes that were put on my feet."

      Your powerful passion is unparalleled, Micky Dee. You blow me away.


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