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Over 800 Babies Found Dead And Buried in Septic Tank in Ireland

Updated on June 5, 2014


There have been many discussions had over religion. People have fought wars and died for religion over the years, and it seems to be at the heart of a lot of political disagreements. Religion whether you like it or not is not going away and it will be around for as long as humans are around. I’m not here to say whether you should believe in a certain god or not. I am talking about how religion has been used to mask atrocities that have occurred in society. We all have heard the many stories about the prominent leaders of various religions taking advantage of younger peers and children and having them do unjust, disgusting, and disturbing things. Now there is a new story circling dealing with the Catholic religion in Ireland. This newest story is one of the most disheartening stories I have heard surrounding religion in the last few years.

796 babies found in septic tank.  DEAD.
796 babies found in septic tank. DEAD. | Source

796 Dead Children's Bodies Found In A Septic Tank

Recently, a mass grave was discovered in Galway, Ireland, inside a septic tank where a home for unwed mothers was located. The home was run by catholic nuns from 1925-1961. The home was for mothers who were looked down upon between 1925-1961 for becoming pregnant without being married. The unwed mothers were often sent away to the homes to safe the families from the embarrassment of having a daughter who was pregnant when not married. The mass grave held the remains of 796 children. The children ages ranged from newborn to 8 years old. The septic tanks was said to be “filled to the brim” with bones from the children that had been ripped away from their unwed mothers. The unwed mothers were either forced to give their children up for adoption or to watch their children slowly die or be ostracized from society for the “sins” of their mothers. However, with this discovery it has been found that the children died from malnutrition, infectious diseases, measles, and TB.

The women in the homes were already ostracized from their families and communities and then they were sent to these catholic homes to have their babies and they were forced to watch their children die slow and painful deaths from the deplorable conditions they were living in. The families knew what type of conditions they were sending their daughters into but the Catholic church was so against unwed mothers being pregnant that the families did not care enough about their daughters and instead sent them away so they would be out of sight and out of mind.

When looking back at the records of the home run by the Bon Secours nuns in Tuam, 2 babies a week were dying and instead of burying them in a proper burial place, they instead placed them into a septic tank. At the time unwed mothers and their babies were not allowed to be baptised and therefore were not allowed to be buried on sacred ground. The 796 deaths of the children are the ones that were recorded; the actual amount of dead bodies in the septic tank is unknown because many of the deaths were more than likely not recorded.

The children who lived in the home were referred to as “home babies”. Locals remember the segregation the “home babies” faced when going to school and interacting with the community. The “home babies” would be made examples of and their differences would be pointed out to the other children in the community by the nuns. The “home babies” were kept separate from the other children when in school and they were considered unclean. When children from “regular” families would act up or get in trouble they would be punished by having to sit next to the “home babies”. For a woman, having a baby out of wedlock in Ireland during this time was the greatest crime a woman could commit.

Galway, Ireland:
Galway, Ireland

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The "Home" where the796 children were found buried in a septic tank.
The "Home" where the796 children were found buried in a septic tank. | Source


This very dark and deeply disturbing news brings only more criticism onto religion and to the Catholic church. How could “religious, god fearing” individuals treat guiltless and innocent children with such disdain. How could “god loving” people dispose of bodies in such a way? Babies are innocent and defenceless. What happened to these children was truly murderous and disturbing. It was an abomination and any surviving nuns from this home to be place in jail for the rest of their sad lives.


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