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Potential & Purpose (11) Develop It

Updated on January 4, 2012

Have you been trained on something new lately?

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Develop It.

Get some training. I don’t care how much you think that “you’re all that and a bag of chips”, you’re not. We all need to be brought up to speed. No matter how old you are, you need new training, additional training or some training. Training is knowledge. Whenever you think you are too big or too old to get training, you have forgotten your purpose in life. Always be ready to develop more in life.

While you are getting that new knowledge, you will find there are others getting that new knowledge as well. Attach yourself to these people; they’re in the same boat as you are and they are going somewhere. Look for opportunities to exercise that potential. Remember I told you earlier the reason the disciples stayed with Jesus is because they realized He was “a good thing.” When you discover an opportunity to explore your gift, don’t be afraid to try it. Since the first principle is to know that you have been created in His image and His likeness, you know you are born with something because you come from a Mighty lineage. You are the creation of God. When you realize you are created by God, then you realize that He made you with a purpose in mind. When Jesus called to the disciples to “follow after Him”, He knew they had a purpose. He provided the opportunity for them to showcase it. He cultivated it. Look at what Jesus taught them. Jesus taught His disciples to follow the order of God and trust God for their increase.

Remember how Jesus sent them out two by two to spread the “good news?”(Mark 6:7-13) (Matt 10:5) You do not hear that the disciples came back with a bad report. Why? Two things happened here. (1) Jesus did not send them out too soon. (2) He knew when they were ready. After being with Jesus everyday for nearly three years, the former “unlearned men” had developed their gift into skill. Such things as customer service skills drew people to their mission. Once people were drawn to what they had to say, all the needs of the disciples were met. Their faith had been developed. They believed God would provide. They did the same thing Jesus had been teaching them for the past few years. They walked by faith and believed God for the increase.

Let me tell you about something that just happened to me.

During the summer, I was able to relax from working for a month. I did. I didn't work for 30 days. I stayed home and relaxed. The reason I was able to do this is because I was using every gift God gave me. God gave me the gift of teaching. I worked in the classroom for 8 months and took a different assignment. God gave me the gift of customer service. I worked in the mystery shopping business for two years. It paid well and it paid often. I had money in my retirement funds because God had blessed me to work in education for quite some time. I had the opportunity to take a break for 30 days with no sweat. I am also a giver. So when God sends me to help people, I do. So I have finances stored up on earth and in heaven.

After the 30 days, I was running low on finances. But look at God. My church, particularly my pastor, stepped in to help make sure I did not go "broke". God blessed me with another opportunity to work in education. I'm back in the classroom; making more money than before. God has provided me opportunity and finances. And, I still feed the poor, help the homeless and support my church in missionary efforts. God is good.

Jesus taught His disciples to survive when He was not visible to them. After Jesus’ death, Mark went on to preach the gospel in Egypt. The majority of Egyptian Christians belong to the Coptic Church in North Africa, where Christianity has flourished for centuries. This Church is based on the teachings of Saint Mark who brought Christianity to Egypt during the reign of the Roman emperor Nero in the first century. He was one of the four evangelists and the one who wrote the oldest canonical gospel. Christianity spread throughout Egypt within half a century of Mark's arrival in Alexandria.

Another disciple, Phillip (Acts 8:26-30) is recorded as going to Ethiopia and later other Jewish Christians from Cyrene preached in Antioch. These included Lucius and Simeon, the Black who were from Cyrene (Acts 13:1). What I am saying here is once Jesus trained his disciples to do what He was doing, they were able to do exceedingly more than He did (John 14:12). Your gift, once developed, will become skill. Once it becomes skill, it will profit you and bring glory to God. Your gift should exceed the one who did it before you.

Still don't know your potential and purpose? Send me an e-mail,, we'll discover it together?

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