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Updated on June 13, 2016

You Want to Know How It Measures Positive Thinking?

Generate motivation.
Generating strong motivation to strengthen and broaden the positive thinking is an important step. Qualitative measurement of motivation can be done by giving negative analogy case if a goal is not reached. For example, consider the possibility if you do not accept the job? From your answer, you can predict and feel how strong your motivation for work is received.

Can be assured.
Weakness of motivation is often caused by negative thoughts about your own capabilities, or the mechanism of life. Try to generate positive self-concept on yourself. "If I think that I can, then I can" tell each want to do anything. Make sure that you can. If when this fails, try continuing tirelessly. Believe me, the motion of the self can help you speed up the process you expect.

Do not fatalistic.
Keep the ideology of fatalism surrendered to fate. It has a strong influence in yourself to allow failure. Backing errors or weaknesses in destiny, that manifestations such as the statement that "I basically dumb" for example, is a significant source of negative thinking. You must fight, if the idea is in you.

See Both Sides.
Look at things from the bright side. Because of positive thinking is looking at things from the perspective of kindness. Positive minded people will look at a time of limited ability. Not as an "ignorance of the cause of the accident", but sees it as a very enjoyable challenge to overcome. Positive minded people will look at the struggles and hopes. Positive minded people will look at the economic limitations as an intermediary for the simple life. And with this simplicity it will achieve happiness.

Always independent.
Defend your freedom. Freedom is something that is most worth of every person. The freedom to think, create, will grow as you'd expect, of course, in a positive way. When you become very dependent on others, you will become destructive and lazy-minded.

Embed this attitude is not too dependent on others as soon as possible. Take responsibility for your life and what you do. Once you're able to control your life, you begin your journey of positive thinking.

Always remember when you are having a problem with positive thinking. "You are what you think, and you feel what you want" By doing this, you will always be a winner and a survivor during these difficult times.

Life does not have a purpose far more frightening than living that did not reach the destination.


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