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Practicing Islam With Healthy Logic

Updated on July 6, 2017


The title of this article is similar with the title of the last book from Mr. Agus Mustofa, the one that I'm not read yet, but even thought, learning from his other works, I think I know the main theme and the goal of the book, which is to remaind ummah that we should avoid fanaticism and using our brain further than only to follow, but also try to understand what is the unwritten meanings in Allah words than only listen to the written sentences. Unless that is what I think! But how far we can allow ourselves to put the Al Qur'an under our microscope's brains still need further discussion.

Take one of my friend as example. She told me that; Al Qur'an being sent down to the earth at Jahilliyah era, when human are in the worst state and need to learn moral lesson in hardest way. Therefore at this time, when people become civilized, those strict rules inside Al Qur'an have to re-analyze and re-adjusted again so it can be applicable in this time too. In simple words She trying to tell me that; there are several rules from Qur’an that we should not take too serious because it is not necessary to do again in the world today, where people already have great education and understand the manners of living inside society in good way.

My first reaction on this statement is speechless. Isn't it like saying that Allah could not created something that good enough to be used in all and every words inside at anytime of life? Masya Allah! If this idea already formed and planted deeply inside this Muslim fellow thought, it will take so much effort and time to changing it back in original state. Beside, to be honest, I am clueless about how I will try to fix it.

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Islam, I really understand that we are all live in the time where everything being negotiated and tolerated. I was too, long time ago, have similar idea in practicing Islam, so I am perfectly understand where this kind of idea came from. Yes, the world is already changing right now, and yes, we are not living in jahilliyah times again, but it isn't mean all hard rules that written inside Al Qur’an become not valid anymore. We should remember that Allah is All-Knowing. He knew exactly to where the world will turn, because the world is turn under His command. It goes the same with human way of life. Even we have free will to decide what we want to be, but still, we will never even move one step from the place where we standing right now if it is not because of Allah. He knew everything that will be happen in this world from the first time when He created it, until the day when we all back to the emptiness, with nothing left at all, not even one single atom or awareness as living soul. Who are us then, so daring to deny His command with our own logic?

In my country, where non educational people is majority, Islam being heritage to society in dogmatic way. People doing their chores as Muslim by taking examples from their parents and ancestors. They accept Islamic rules without complain and treat the violation of it very seriously. But their knowledge in Islam not grow and develop into something that good enough to be use so it can give great label in Islam. The child being told not too asking too much questions and just doing their chores, but not because it is not good to opening discussion about Islam, but simply because the parents do not know either how to answer their child questions, and this habits will be continued to next generation if we do not want to change our dogmatic way in teaching Islam to children. That is why we need our logic, where the information about anything will being processing and the result of it will expand our knowledge and idea of practicing Islam in everyday life.

Using logic in practicing Islam is really important, because Al Qur’an had been written in highest art which human ever seen and need to be treated carefully in reading and translating. We should used our health logic to extracting Al Qur’an in the greatest way, by reading not only what is written, but also what is not. Health logic will help us see the words of Allah in real meaning, not the only meaning we want it to be, because it seem more suitable for us. But we should not rely on our logic only, because just like everything in our body, our brain too, have limitation. Sometimes it will not function correctly, or maybe what we try to extract with our head cannot handle by the brain because it is too hard to be face. In this kind of case, we should look for help.

If you had question, Ask Allah your answer in nice and humble way so you can be bless by it right the way. But please remember, while you are waiting for the answer, it is important to keep doing what Allah already told us to do, because it our duty as His creation to follow His rules. Keep practicing Islam in more gentle and peaceful way, and do not hesitate to do what Allah told you to do in Al Qur’an, even when you don't have satisfaction on that subject, because once you get your understanding, you will found the truth of Allah words and you will really feel great because you do not hurt yourself by not doing your chores as Muslim only because being seduce by simple and shameful reason.

In simple words, when it come about practicing Islam, we should put health logic and dogmatic rule side by side for the best result ever.

Put our logic as a filter, not to filtering what is written in Al Qur’an, but what is pop up in our head when we read Al Qur’an; to collecting good thoughts, to fixing broken ideas, and to throw away bad prejudices before it take an effect on us.

Be tolerant and negotiate if it is necessary, but not by doing something that not allowed by Allah.

Put Islam in everything in you, not just in some part only, because we never know what His secret about this life than He is only. So, my dear Sisters and Brothers, please remember, there is so many tempting things in this life that we will found in the future later. It is very important to maintain our faith and push it to become stronger every single day. In this way, even if it caused us so much trouble in this life, we can be sure that our life in hereafter will be smooth and easy.

I hope this article is useful. Thank you.



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  • TMMason profile image

    TMMason 7 years ago from FL.

    That is one excellent Hub Freya.

    You are a wise young woman. But be careful where your thoughts wander too.

    Your fellow countrymen may not like the paths you follow with your logic. Cultural and traditional beliefs run deep, and are held on to dearly.

  • Freya Cesare profile image

    Freya Cesare 7 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

    Thank you, Mr. Mason. But about my thought, it is too late to put limitation on it. This already become part of me. Well, like my editor used to warned me,"take out all "I" from your articles and be careful with your romantic way of thought because it can kill you." I already had been kick out from my own seminar because I don't want to stick with facts and try to go further to the place where no history can prove it before, and as the result is my thesis being hanged to unlimited time. Hahaha... They said I most suitable become story teller than scientist. Well maybe I should try? Writing a book for children will be good job to start. :)

    True, cultural and beliefs run deep into point that hard to differentiate which are true lessons from book of God and which are only cope from beliefs to made it become bearable to endure. My own country have so many example of these, and if I missed one step, it can lead me to nowhere but hell. That's is why I stick on Qur'an and try to ponder it by myself before search in others resources as helper. This method seem more suitable with me to keep my thought away from bias, but, yes, I keep having problems with that which they said too eager for who I'm. I keep hearing this, 'eat your knowledge for yourself and let me do what I want!' Hehehe...

    Well, I offering my thought to the world and hope it useful, but if it's not, unless I'll tried. "Tell them even only one ayyah if you know." So, I'll do it.


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