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Praising Him in the Midst

Updated on December 20, 2014


As Christians, we know that trials come and tests come but how we respond to the tests and trials will determine the outcome. It is difficult when going through trials to focus on what is going on around you as opposed to what God is trying to teach us. Sometimes things happen because of things we may have done and these things are the result of that. But sometimes we may go through trials because God is trying to get us to another level or maybe trying to get us to see where we are in our walk with him. Whether it is the first or the latter, we must remember to pray and ask God for the strength to make it through with the right attitude. We can be angry, depressed, discouraged or we can praise God in the midst.

Getting thru it

How do you get through this storm? It could be the death of a loved one. It could be bills piling up everywhere. It could be the loss of a job or finding out you have are deathly ill. Or it could be things going on with your spouse or children or a combination of these. But whatever the case may be, you have to learn to turn this over to God. You have to have faith enough to believe that He has your best interest at heart. There are times when things get backed up, especially bills, and this can be overwhelming but if God brought you to it, He definitely can bring you through it. I have had to deal with losing everything and wondering where God was but He was there and worked it all out and I found myself trusting him more and realizing that if I can make it through that and start back over, surely I can make it through other things. We must faithfully pray and seek God's face so that when these things happen, we are able to let them go. But if we forget about God until something tragic happens, often we don't have enough faith to believe that he can work it out. Please know that whatever it is, you can get through it.

God is faithful

God is a faithful, loving God and is able to do exceeding and abundantly above all you can ask or think. He wants to see us blessed, prosperous and healthy. It is his desire that we are in good health and our souls prospering. But we cannot forget about God when everything is going well. We have to seek God as never before. Yes, he loves us and is always going to be there for us but we cannot neglect a relationship with him because things are going well. We must remember trials come and trials go but God will never leave us nor forsake us. So, if you are not in a trial or storm right now, you have either just came out of one or are getting ready to go into one. The thing is to trust him. God loved us so much that he gave his only son to die for us. If he can give his son for us, why can't we give our time, our attention, our love and ourselves to him forever.

A Right Now Praise

What is a right now praise. A right now praise is a praise in spite of what is going on, in spite of what is going wrong, and in spite of how bad it looks. I will praise Him because I know he has my back and whatever is going on right now is temporary. I will praise him because I believe that He will do just what he said he would do. He will supply my needs. That by his stripes I am healed. He loves me and will keep me in perfect peace if I keep my mind stayed on him. So, why not praise him!! When we praise him, we are saying, I know you got me. God, things look bad but I am going to look to the hills from whence cometh my help knowing my help comes from you. So I will bless the lord at all times and his praise shall continually be in my mouth. Praise him because he is worthy. Praise him because he is awesome. Praise him because he deserves the praise. Praise him because he is God and beside him there is no other.


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