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Prayers for Entrust Your Problems

Updated on April 27, 2015

Keep in mind that God will give you what you need not what you want. Sometimes it is really difficult to understand this, but only time can proube it to you, do not despear you are not lonely in this long journey call life, look around there is wonderful people who care about you, open your heart and let hope, dreams and love heal your soul.

Remember when one door close, another opens immediately, these prayers were written in moments of distress, in which only God and His infinite power could enlighten me through his angels to show me the way, I was very scared, with the feeling that solitude it was the only thing left but I decided to trust him, that's all I ask of you, trust HIM.

Believe that you are a miracle, that you deserve love, happiness, hope, friendship, and that future has wonderful surprises prepared for you.

I recommend to prayers that can help you in difficult times:Prayer for entrust your problems and Prayer for keeping your faith. But remember the golden rule, have faith, because for God nothing is impossible.

Before You Prayer

It is important to find a place where you feel in peace, where you can find harmony to open your heart and soul, to meditate and find your center so you will bring peace and love to your life.

Don't blame yourself, you can not change the pass but you can make amendments to change your future, to correct the mistakes, to forgive and be forgiven, there is nothing wrong with try to fix our past actions, and then let it go, remember that if you live in the pass you are not going to enjoy the present, or build a better future.

Believe that you are a being of light and you can show it to the world, also you should understand that what you give is what you will receive, so be generous helping other, remember that a word, a smile, a simple gesture can change the life of others. If you understand these simple principles, you will start to show your light to others.

Your clothes is something important to do this exercise, they have to be comfortable, something loose that let you be bread and make you feel free from earthly attachments.

Prayer to entrust your problems:

Angels guardians and protectors of humanity , (say your name) , I entrust you to help me solve my problem(s) ( tell them what is your problem or problems) , it is something that haunts me and only you with your wisdom and the infinitive love and light of God can do, I am sure I will get over it with your help heaven creatures . I thank you in advance for your help and companionship in this difficult times, and I remain calm because I know my problems are no longer in my hands, and I can count on you unconditionally.


Note: To accompany this prayer, light a candle.

Red - It is for Love

Yellow - It is for Luck

Green - It is for Money

White - It is for Health

Blue - It is for Tranquility

Black - It is for new beginnings and let go the past

Prayer for keeping your faith


Holy Trinity, Virgin Mary , heavenly Angels , I come to you this day, in which : ......... ( explains what ails you, remember open you heart and your soul, believe that God can solve it, will we you the faith that you need to solve the situation) .....,
I beseech you, do not forsake me , in you trust and divine protection i believe,
this problem is not longer mine , through the renewal of my faith,
I ask for your help and i entrust you this problem(s) now (repeat the last sentence 3 times) .

Thanks for so many blessings , you know that in your infinite mercy, I will get over the problem(s) .
Embrace me now and always under the divine light of your being.

Note: To accompany this prayer, light a candle and incense (the key is to look for colors and scents that make you feel relax and ready to commit in this meditation that will connect you with the light

After the Prayer

After performing the prayer that you choose, you will feel that someone else is with you and more relaxed, remember that if you calm down everything can be seeing with clarity, you should keep trying and you will find the answer. The more you pray and meditate, the faster that you will find the answer and the peace that you are seeking for.

Peace be with you.


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