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Updated on August 10, 2015

A Prayer for Myself and Man-kind

Lord, I come today with a heavy heart

and I pray that just a little talk with you, will heal this dynamic divine pump of life.

God bless those that do not yield to the feelings of the heart, and grant them the yearn for a heart felt emotional transfusion.

Lord, the human race is trampling on the inner goodness that is spiritually embedded in each of our hearts.

This epidemic of emotional disregard is crushing our kindness and we are pushing our hearts further away from your guidance.

I know Father, that you did not create our hearts to just function as a filter of bad intentions and willful transgressions.

The book of life laments that you created our hearts for a more divine purpose.

You created our hearts to assist us with our yearning for earthly intellect and spiritual insight.

So many of us need to realize that our heart can help balance the scales of our inner thoughts and selfish actions.

Even though my heart is heavy, I thank you for this magnificant machanical flow of life.

Thank you, for granting me with a heart that is a determined transporter of love, a sensitive gauge of sympathy and a never ending reservoir kindness.

Lord, I thank you for the burdens and feelings of my heavy heart.

I rejoice with you for creating this electric pathway of rhythmatic drum beats.

Always amazed of how you implanted within me, a infinite time piece that is a constant reminder of LIFE.

My prayer is, that we unclog the compassionate pathway of our hearts and allow our hearts to stream the genuine love for both man and God.

I'm praying intentionally for heart felt restoration, emotional rehilbilation, and mental tranformation.

I pray, we all yearn for a vital return to matters of the Heart.

copywritten (C) jamesmitchell 5/6/10


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