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PRIDE by Merwin

Updated on December 30, 2012


Pride happens to be a two headed giant. Typically, one head is larger than the other and for the most part silent until the beast goes to war. So, what are the two heads of the Giant Pride, and why would anyone’s pride fit this analogy? I’m glad you asked.

Most people only see the one most famous of the two, the ability to see both varieties results from education… yours and mine, for I too did not understand this immediately but as soon as read about it or seen it on TV many years ago, it made perfect sense. I will start with the variety of pride that everyone is used to… arrogance.

Arrogance takes on many forms and different extremes or degrees of expression, but, arrogance or even the expression of self-righteousness is relatively self-explanatory and readily recognized. This form of pride, this giant, is the one everyone is used to, we need not spend time here, suffice to say the other head of this giant is so undefined as such, that it is rarely seen as pride, but even so it could be the larger of the heads for some people.

This “other head” may be named perfectionism, and here is where the description may become hard to follow, but only because we are not used to seeing it. And because it is rarely recognized as pride, this giant’s head, is harder to keep under good regulation, by the one whom suffers with it. It really is impossible to deal with a difficulty when one just sees the symptoms and not the origin. The perfectionism head of pride manifests typically with the person being bitter at themselves for not doing things perfectly, and depending on how large the giant is in the life of the sufferer, that bitterness can be so overwhelming, that it overflows to those closest to them. It can be said of these that they suffer from extreme self-imposed legalism, and they beat themselves and their loved ones up constantly.

This pride giant with both heads, is at work in all of us, at all times. And because we live with our giant it is hard for us to see it, others see it more readily, and you can see the giant in someone else but rarely do we notice it in ourselves. It does not help the self-recognition process when other people obviously have a GIANT problem, the one arrogant type of head is a bore, and the other, the self-abuser gains our sympathy. But, because in them, the giant is so pronounced, in ourselves we do not see our own problem.

So… if my giant is tiny by comparison, what then, is the problem? The problem is usually that we interpret the signs of GIANT PRIDE in others, through the eyes of pride.

This especially becomes an issue if we have NOT got our own pride under Godly regulation. If we have not been given the Spiritual eyes to see ourselves as prideful… then, when someone may be testifying on some things that God has done, they may be easily misunderstood to be bragging about themselves. That isn’t to say that some bragging isn’t going on… we all have trouble with our own pride giant.

To testify of God’s wonders and miracles that He performs in us - for us, or through us for others, is probably the hardest of tasks that He may place on His children. BECAUSE, if it is not worded perfectly… for the other giants to hear, then there can be infighting among the beasts. “Your beast is not being regulated properly!” or “Who do you think you are?” Think on this… it is very likely that it is easier to be used of God to deliver a thousand souls possessed by demons, than to testify of one person’s deliverance to the Pride Giants.

Jus sayin.



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    • Roger Crigger profile image

      Roger Crigger 5 years ago from Northern Idaho

      I....I.... Could not have said it any better than that, (He say's with self recognizing pride), As usual, Merwin...PERFECTLY WORDED! Now... Don't let that Fuel that Pride Giant that my pride giant, just spoke, as I....recognized, that...YOU, ...just said it... as perfectly as humanly possible!

    • CoauthorU profile image

      CoauthorU 5 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      Thank you, The Stages Of ME, for stopping by, giving it a read and leaving your kindness.

    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 5 years ago

      Interesting take on pride and quite true. We must be careful with our words and giving glory to God is the goal. To imagine ourselves as perfectionistic Christians without pride, would be to neglect our sinful nature. To be mindful of our ability to fall into the grasps of negative pride or other sins, is one way to continue to reach for a life in His image and likeness. Nice hub thank you for sharing