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~ Proverbs 11 ~ the Goldmine of Spiritual Wisdom ~ Righteous and the Wicked! ~

Updated on August 12, 2020
DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

Pastoral Counselor ordained Elder/Minister Ambassador at Alpha 7 Ministries M.A.Christian Clinical Counseling Certified in Creation Therapy

Praise God for His Precious Holy Spirit

~ Proverbs 11 The Goldmine of Spiritual Wisdom ~

The Proverbs are a rich illustrious collection of pithy sayings, They are the twentieth (20) book of the Bible found midway in the Old Testament. Within these Proverbs resides a truly brilliant wealth of practical wisdom and direction. Yes they are indeed a “Goldmine of Spiritual Wisdom.” Here we continue on in this series that is designed to inspire you to daily partake in reading a Proverbs. They are a bountiful blessing of Biblical examples for one to live by. The young and the old and anyone in between. Regardless of your position or station in life. One can always elect and begin to apply godly wisdom.

The Proverbs were created and compiled somewhere around 71 to 86 B.C. Here lies within them a vast scope of applicable wisdom. King Solomon is famous for his God given wisdom, he is the major contributor. He is the dominant one that is most known, for he stands out in comparison. Agur and Lemuel are two other wise sages that hold authorships as well.

Solomon is infamously known for his seven hundred (700) wives and three hundred (300) concubines. He even married the Pharaoh’s daughter of Egypt to seal a business deal. He then began to marry many more pagan foreign wives to seal his many business transactions. His wives impacted his loyalty to God and this took him further away from God. He allowed them to build altars to their idol gods.

Here in these Proverbs you will find general wisdom, insight and instructions for various relationships. All and all the main thrust is always upon godly living. Many misconstrue godly living. It was never meant to be legalistic nor rigid. God is Supreme in the area of intimacy and relationship. He is always wherever you are; for He is Omnipresent! He is as close as a whispered, spoken or unuttered prayer. He does not need us we need Him. He is also Omnipotent!God who made the world and everything in it, since He is Lord of Heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands. Nor is He worshipped with men’s hands as though He needed anything, since He gives all life, breath, and all things.” Acts 17

As you journey through the Proverbs you will discover many infallible truths. Here they are recorded and scribed into wonderful couplets and parallelisms to spawn an intrinsic understanding. There is nothing superficial about the Proverbs. One must sincerely solicit the Holy Spirit to further open their understanding and unveil the profound significant meanings to learn in regards to life and living there are many. What is so amazing is how applicable they are now. They are ever unfolding and bursting with sheer godly wisdom.

Their timeless relevance demonstrates God and His Omniscience! It may be a bit difficult for our little finite minds to totally comprehend; God truly is all knowing. He knew then what would be now! “And He made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their appointed times and boundaries of their dwellings, so that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each of us; For in Him we live and move and have our being...” Acts 17

Once we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior we are blessed to discover the presence of His Holy Spirit abiding within us. For our Comforter and Teacher has been bestowed upon us to instruct, teach, discipline and help govern ourselves in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. It is important to spend time getting to know the Lord through His Word and develop an ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ! We live in an ever changing world. It constantly sets aside what God has to say for life and living! “Do not to be conformed to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind...” Romans 12.

Well, let’s take time to listen to Solomon. We have already learned that he compromised his godly principles. This to a large degree is also why we have so much disarray about us in the world today… The Bible records time after time what happens when a people or nations ignores or disregards what He has to say. Solomon who was the wisest man to ever live shares with us in these Proverbs some of the many beneficial blessings. He shares as well what occurs when one obeys God, or simply ignores or sets aside His principles. Here as you mine through the Proverbs, this Goldmine of Spiritual Wisdom, you will unearth instructions for a practical, high-quality, abundant, happy life.

~ Proverbs 11 ~

Proverbial Lesson Highlights!


This Proverbs readily discusses the value of balance! Balances are a type of scale that is made by two hanging pans from a beam. The pans suspend by a cord from a shaft. Here is weighed grain, metal and other substances. Quite often stones or blocks are placed in the adjoining pan. Items are added until the scale pans weigh evenly. The Hebrew law required that the scales are honest or punishment will result. Scales were used during these times to distinguish the worth of something! They measure value! In this Proverb there are some things that are being measured against the standard of good! “The Lord abhors dishonest scales, but accurate weights are His delight.” An abomination is anything the Lord hates! It is vile and detestable! When you see the word abomination throughout the Scriptures you know that it is definitely offensive!

Righteous and the wicked

Here the righteous and the wicked are continued to be contrasted and compared! Solomon shares both the benefits of humility and the downside of pride! We can accept God’s Way or reject it. He elegantly and honestly commences imparting his wisdom to us to help us make better life decisions. There are a lot of opinions out there about how one should live. What they should do and how one should respond! The question is will it get you the desired results! And is it the will of the Lord? Truth can be painful. The Way of Salvation is not an easy journey! We are not excluded from the conflicts and sometimes rugged terrain of life. There are both mountaintop and valley experiences! Yet, they will yield unlimited spiritual benefits that are invaluable when God is the Master of your life! What the world has to offer cannot compare with what God has in store for each of us! When embraced the truth sets us free to live for the Lord!

Practical Instructions

It is important to know that at any time whatever we are going through God can rescue us! You will at times perhaps feel like a “tossed salad!” This does not mean that God has abandoned us or nor does it always mean He is punishing us! There is always much spiritual warfare about us! But it does mean that we should look to Him for guidance! At the appointed time He will work it out for our good! It is during this time we learn to lean and depend on Him and Trust Him! This is why we have His Precious Holy Spirit! We can rejoice knowing that in Him we have eternal life!

Be Careful What You Say

What we say can be helpful or hurtful. With words we can build or destroy! “Life and death are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof .” Proverb 18. Sometimes it is best to not say anything at all! “To hold your tongue,” One should really think before they speak! Then there are times when we are required to say things that may not be pleasant or well received but they are to bring about healing. Godly wisdom motivates us to do the right thing. Unresolved hurt when unattended will fester and result in emotional pain. It is not healthy to suppress how you feel. Depression is anger turned inwardly many suffer from depression. Proverbs provides wise counsel on learning how to deal with situations as they arise!


Gossip is another topic discussed. Gossip is when details about the lives of others are spread as well as malicious lies. The proper way to head off gossip is not go there. PRAY for DISCERNMENT! Be careful not to hang out with the group of church gossipers within some congregations. There is nothing secret to the Lord! It is admirable instead to say face to face whatever you want to relay to that person or group. Give wise godly counsel. Know that there are those who tell only part of the story... When someone confides in you it is important that you are loyal and hold fast to what you commit… Proverbs says “Gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret.” Are you trustworthy?

When One Desires to be a Leader

What makes a good leader is when you lead by example. You “practice what you preach!” Solomon was a leader he was King of Israel. Here he shares with us the calamities of failing to adhere to what you know to be right in the eyes of God! There is gradually a descent into chaos! “For lack of guidance a nation falls, but many advisers make victory sure.” This is why we are in need of building a consistent ongoing personal relationship with the Lord to keep us on track! So when the mountaintop or valley experiences come you will be able tohide behind the shadow of the almighty!”

There are benefits to righteous living! The Lord will never lead you wrong! Through Christ Jesus whenever You apply and embrace the Principles of His Word; You can & will have the VICTORY!

Importance of Family

One of the greatest sources the Lord gives us is a family! There is much spiritual warfare on the horizons to divide families. Dysfunction is becoming an unhealthy norm. There has been a shift in what constitutes a healthy family. It is within the family structure the Lord intended for one to learn the value of love, commitment, integrity, acceptance, encouragement, honesty, chastisement, correction, discipline and healing. When someone enters your family who is not loyal they can cause much havoc! There intentions are not honest. They often seek to bring and spread the havoc that they have been accustomed to... Learn to guard Your heart. "Pray for those who despitefully use You!" Never seek vengeance. Give them to God. Be patient and trust GOD! “He who brings trouble on his family will inherit only wind, and the fool will be a servant to the wise. "

"As for me and my house we will serve the LORD!"

Winning souls for the Lord

A wise person is compared to a tree of life! A tree attracts people who want to come in and find shelter under its branches from the shade or elements. To climb its trunk and rest in its branches. As you study God’s Word you become wiser. You want to share with others the beauty of the Lord. How He has made a difference in your life. We want to attract others to want to come to know the Lord! We must learn to trust the Lord. This is the first step to bringing others closer to the Lord! He is the Master Potter who molds and shapes us for His GLORY! “But God who is rich in mercy, made us alive, with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions ~it is by Grace you have been Saved..” Ephesians 2. Jesus is the Head of His Church He has the ultimate authority over His Church! “He who wins souls is wise.” The main business of His Church is to win souls and introduce them to Jesus Christ!

Regardless of how it looks no one sins and gets away with it! Remember God is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent! Absolutely nothing gets by Him. He is God and there is none besides Him. He has everything under His control! As you journey through these Proverbs ask Him to open your spiritual eyes so you can see deeply into this “Goldmine of Spiritual Wisdom!” God really can make a difference in your life!

Proverb 11 concludes by telling us: “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, And He who wins souls is wise. If the righteous will be recompensed on the earth, How much more than the ungodly and the sinner.”



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    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      Elder DeBorrah K Ogans 

      9 years ago

      teacherjoe, Thank You! These are Wonderful Scripture references that will help many!

      Thank You for the lovely Blessing as well as stopping by to share! Please do come again! In HIS Love, Grace, Joy, Peace & Blessings!

    • teacherjoe52 profile image


      9 years ago

      The Book of Proverb and Matthew chapters 5,6,7 revela all one needs to know about being a Christian.

      Very good article.

      May the sunshine of Jesus' love bless you today and every day

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      Elder DeBorrah K Ogans 

      10 years ago

      Nobody, The great commission tells us to "go make disciples of all nations..." Yes we are supposed to be winning souls for the Lord!

      No doubt the pagan wives greatly contributed to much of the spiritual warfare about Solomon... They were his weakness... He should not have let them build their shrines to idols... However, We know that Solomon truly loved the Lord! God still held him accountable for his choices...

      We today can learn the benefits of not compromsing the Word of God even if it means being at odds with relatives, friends or co workers... We must be careful who we yoke ourselves together with and not let them weaken and influence us away from what we know to be right! We must grow in grace and loyalty to the Word of God and embrace His principles... His Word tells us "do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers..." II Cornithians 6.

      We interact with non believers daily but as believers we are to live to please God above all else... His Word tells us in Philippians 4. "I CAN do ALL things through Christ that gives me strength!"

      Thank You for Sharing, In His Love, Grace, Peace, Joy & Blessings!

    • no body profile image

      Robert E Smith 

      10 years ago from Rochester, New York

      I believe that the winning of souls is why we are here and why the Lord even now tarries. He waits for the full number of those who will be saved to come in. Then will the final play begin. The curtain will rise one the downfall of the enemy of the earth. Solomon found out that pagan wives could not be turned from their ways. Each wanted a temple and he built them. I imagine he prayed for them and wanted them to change and wondered how he may win them for God. It caused an attitude of soul winning in his heart. I also believed the beautiful Queen of Sheba was one of those to whom he witnessed of the power of God. There is some evidence that she was a changed woman as she went back to Africa. There is historical evidence that Sheba changed somewhat as well as God came to that land. People were coming up from there to temple and to festivals. Jewish folks were coming from Ethiopia which included Sheba. What a soul winner Solomon was and yet those of his household that he cared most about seemed little changed and indeed did not seem to care for God at all.

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      Elder DeBorrah K Ogans 

      10 years ago

      Stars, Thank you as always for stoppping by to share your encouraging words! God BLESS you as well!

    • stars439 profile image


      10 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear Mr.s Deborrah : A wonderfull hub that explains so many important aspects of relationships. Beautiful photographs. God Bless You Dear Heart.

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      Elder DeBorrah K Ogans 

      11 years ago

      Itakins, Yes, You are quite right! Peer pressure is real! Each child is so different and there temperaments vary so... Each having their strengths and weaknesses. It is important to focus on their strengths! Keep the lines of communication open and allow them to talk about anything...

      Selecting a girl/boy friend that has the same values you share is so important! Continue to let your Light shine before them so they can see the benefits of walking with the Lord... These are some difficult times for them because there are so many alternatives... Yes Prayer is indeed necessary!

      Thank You for sharing, In His Love & Blessings!

    • itakins profile image


      11 years ago from Irl

      'One of the greatest sources the Lord gives us is a family! There is much spiritual warfare on the horizons to divide families'

      I believe a very necessary part of family prayer,is to ask God to protect and guide our children in choosing friends and girl/ boyfriends.

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      Elder DeBorrah K Ogans 

      11 years ago

      DrPastorCarlotta, Thank you for stopping by! Yes we must seek the Lord's direction ABOVE all else! Yes! THANK GOD FOR JESUS! May He continue to Bless & Keep you as you win others to Christ! PRAISE GOD!!! In HIS LOVE & Blessings!

    • drpastorcarlotta profile image

      Pastor Dr Carlotta Boles 

      11 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

      Hey DeBorrah you Hub is GREAT! And as always you follow the directions of our Lord. Spiritual Wisdom I received when I acknowledge that Jesus Christ is LORD!!! lol, period!!! lol, Blessings my friend!!! I LOVE YOU!

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      Elder DeBorrah K Ogans 

      11 years ago

      Coffesnob, Thank you for your kindness! The Proverbs are wonderful! Yes! You are so right there is always room for us to improve! Thank you for stopping by, In His Love & Blessings!

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Deborrah, Again, another great hub. I like the practical instruction. It is always good to see how we can apply Scriptures and to walk a better walk. Always vital to watch what we say - bless you

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      Elder DeBorrah K Ogans 

      11 years ago

      Mr. Toree, YES! They are wonderful! I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy them each time and learn something new! Thank you for visiting and please do come again! Peace & Blessings!

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      Elder DeBorrah K Ogans 

      11 years ago

      Rev Lady, The Proverbs truly are amazing! “Proverbs is so filled with wisdom that we could almost live the Christian life just by following its truths.” Amen!

      You are right families today need much prayer! The world is offering so many alternatives that God’s principles are continuously being shifted to the background…

      We must continue to encourage seeking God's Way above all else!

      Thank you as always for sharing your wonderful insight! In His love & Blessings!

    • MrTooree profile image


      11 years ago

      Great hub !!! I just love Proverbs. There's 31 chapters, so I can read 1 chapter a day and get through it in 1 month. And then start all over again.

    • RevLady profile image


      11 years ago from Lantana, Florida

      Proverbs is so filled with wisdom that we could almost live the Christian life just by following its truths.

      "One of the greatest sources the Lord gives us is a family! There is much spiritual warfare on the horizons to divide families. Dysfunction is becoming an unhealthy norm. There has been a shift in what constitutes a healthy family. It is within the family structure the Lord intended for one to learn the value of love, commitment, integrity, acceptance, encouragement, honesty, chastisement, correction, discipline and healing. “He who brings trouble on his family will inherit only wind, and the fool will be a servant to the wise." AMEN

      AMEN to all the content in this hub but this truth leaped out at me because I am deeply concerned about the state of the "family" that seems to be moving in an ungodly direction.

      Thank you for highlighting these great proverbial lessons for life DeBorrah.

      Forever His,


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