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~ Proverbs 27 The Goldmine Of ~ Spiritual Wisdom ~

Updated on December 27, 2017

Practical Application of Godly Wisdom. Trust in the Lord and be not afraid.

~ Proverbs 27 The Goldmine of ~ Spiritual Wisdom ~

The Proverbs are an affluent anthology of ageless wisdom. There is a plethora of things going on about us on many levels within the world that can be quite disturbing! Many are experiencing enormous levels of stress and anxiety! Times of trouble have a way of showing you where you are? Who or what do you really trust in? In this 21st century many are looking for ways to cope? Many Christians as well as non Christians look to the world and its limited resources as their source! The beauty of the Proverbs is it is an endless wealthy resource of encouraging and proven spiritual antidotes. It is helpful to ALL! A brilliant source of spiritual prescriptions! One can seek available solace in the TRUTH of these profound, proven, marvelous pithy sayings if desired?

TRUST GOD! BELIEVE HIS WORD! God never intended for His children to be dependent upon the things of this world! In Him you have and can discover EVERYTHING you will ever need! One must believe that “He is a Rewarder of them that diligently seek Him!” His Divine and holy wisdom is dispersed throughout His Word! Here within these Proverbs are a healthy, wise, rich concentrated compendium of marvelous spiritual nuggets!

The proverbs are a “Goldmine” of spiritual wisdom found in the Old Testament! King Solomon shares candidly and prolifically his weaknesses, mistakes, spiritual insight as well as strengths. When one listens attentively with their spiritual ears you can learn much spiritual insight to implement in your life today! The Lord will gift you with His much needed discernment! God is not a respecter of persons.” This wisdom is available to all! One needs to only sincerely ask Him into your heart! This will make all the difference in the world! He did not make us to be robots! The beauty of it all is He gives you the freedom to choose! You can embrace His will and way or you can continue on in the ways of the world and do your “own thing?”

Jesus Christ came so “That we might have life and have it more abundantly...” John 10. This is not merely talking about material things or the tangible things that you see… it goes much more deeper! “FAITH is being sure of what we HOPE for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 1. We can be sure and spiritually secure in Him! He gives us the precious gift of His Holy Spirit as well when we sincerely invite Him into our heart!

Life then becomes a marvelous spiritual journey! Each and every day is an opportunity to discover His plan for your life on the straight and narrow! Or choose your own on the broad road that leads to destruction! Of course one must know that the straight and narrow is inclusive of much spiritual warfare, misunderstanding and persecution! Often by those you least expect? It is important to always remember His Holy Spirit is with us wherever we go! The gifts of God are irrevocable! KNOW GOD’S WORD! One must periodically during the day ask Him to recharge and fill you with His Spirit as you engage with others and the elements in this world. We as the branches are to stay connected to the Vine! We are to be “in the world but not of the world.”

The Word of God is powerful! It is not just a mere collection of words on paper or papyrus! It is alive! When we read, speak it or preach it, it is for us as well as to those we share it with! It goes both ways; “For the Word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double- edged sword, it penetrates even to the dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Nothing in ALL creation is hidden from God’s sight. EVERYTHING is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of HIM to which we MUST give an account.” Hebrews 4. PRAISE GOD!

Many think that it is in the manner of delivery or the tone or volume of one’s voice that the power lies.The Word does not have to be proclaimed, preached or shared within a specific building, place or even from a pulpit. It is important to KNOW that Your Body is the Temple of God. When the Word is properly shared self is put on the shelf and one yields self to the unction of His Holy Spirit! To then, become a disciplined yielded instrument whereby the spiritually incisive razor sharpened Word flows and can cut away at the core of the sin to deliver one to the door of deliverance. God is infinite! We are so limited... When we operate in the flesh we hinder the Spirit's ability to use us effectively! In fact we "quinch the Spirit !" The carnal mind cannot receive the things of God! They are foolishness to them... The things of GOD are "Spiritually discerned!" We must ask the Lord to open our heart and mind so we can grow spiritually. The Word of God will shape our lives as we embrace and implement His principles!

We are told to “Pray without ceasing.” Prayer is both spoken and unspoken it is a state of mind! It is an aroused awareness of God's Omnipresence! Prayer is communicating with the Lord and our way of staying connected to the Vine! We are totally transparent to the Lord!

If your mind or your heart is troubled? Spend some time in fervent prayer and meditate on the Lord’s Word! Not to just impress something upon others… But to allow Him to refresh and renew your spirit! He can lift you out and away from depression! God is our Creator and Maker! He knows what is best! Do not let anything nor anyone come between you and the Lord! If you have REPENT! He WILL direct your path as you TRUST HIM! “This is the covenant I will make with them after that time, says the Lord. I will write them on their minds.” You can be confident in the Lord!

God wants us to be whole! Jesus overcame sin in the flesh and fulfilled ALL the obligations of the Old Testament! We are now to “But Seek ye first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well…” Matthew 6.

The Word of God is so precious it is more valuable than anything it is truly priceless! “For this reason Christ is the mediator of a New Covenant, that those who are called may receive the PROMISED eternal inheritance – now that He has died for a ransom to set us FREE from the sins committed under the first covenant. ” Hebrews 9.

The Proverbs excellently portrays moral truth and a vast range of important imperative subjects. Please read Proverbs 27 in its entirety for yourself! This is a continuing series of the (31) thirty- one Proverbs! I suggest for further in depth study that you begin reading at least one Proverb each day; in them you will discover a “Goldmine of Spiritual Wisdom.”

May the God of Peace, who through the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, equip you with every good for doing His will, may He work in us what is pleasing to HIM, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen” Hebrews 11.

Proverbs 27

Proverbial Lesson Highlughts


We never know what tomorrow may bring? But we do know that God is Omniscient and knows everything! Developing an ongoing relationship with Him, He will give you His Peace when your mind is focused upon Him! Whatever tomorrow brings you can still rest securely in Him regardless. Always remember;This is the day the Lord has made! Let us glad and rejoice in it.” Who but God can make a day? “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day will bring.”

Self praise

It is important to know that what matters most “is what God knows!” He is aware of what we do, when we do it and why or why not? There is really no value in self praise. God knows the intent and motives our hearts! Begin to seek above all else contentment in knowing that the Lord knows! “Let another one praise you, and not your own mouth; someone else lips and not your own lips.”

Value of good friends

A good friend knows the value of integrity! We are living in a time when some will betray you in order to be accepted by others. Or simply sit on the side lines when you are being maligned or persecuted! A good trustworthy friend is rare. A good friend has your best interest at heart and will tell you the TRUTH and not play games or conspire with others. Always consider the source. They will tell you honestly and directly even when it is unpleasant. In contrast; on the other hand the enemy will use whatever or whoever is willing to undermine your good intentions. The best way to know a good friend is to be one yourself! Say only what you mean and mean what you say! Discernment is key! Remember Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss. Again always consider the source. A good friend will give you wise godly counsel! “Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiples kisses.”

Learning to be cautious

It is wise to learn how to be cautious. There is much deception about us! The Lord is always speaking we just have to get better at listening! The Lord will require us at some times to take a back seat! At times He will require that you observe all things... Meekness and humility go together. Many often mistake meekness for weakness and even fear, It does not mean that you are doing nothing nor far removed nor unconcerned! Few know that you help best when you remain objective and calm. Keep looking up! God is Omniscient! He is aware of everything! "REJOICE" in the Lord! Take time to “Be Still and KNOW” this can be a place of power and refuge. A place where spiritual growth can flourish!

One must learn to be sensitive to the unction of the Holy Spirit. It is not always about an outside show! Nor a torrential raucous, vociferous display of emotions! When caught up in the moment, few are really able to discern from what they see outwardly. When there is confusion about you know it is not the Lord’s doing. I always say “garbage on the line.” God will give you peace in the midst of a storm. Spend quality alone time with the LORD. Take time for selfless inward introspection. This does not mean that you are oblivious as to what is going on; you are simply inwardly focused. As a matter of fact you are quite aware of your surroundings! Spiritual healing comes from the inside out! Trusting and knowing that the calm comes from being centered in the eye of any life storm. We are living in a time when people will say and do just about anything anywhere. "Still waters run deep! It is very important during these "last days" you commit and submit your will and way to the Lord! As His Word says; He is able to KEEP you from falling! “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

Advice for being a good wife!

Don’t try to control or manipulate your husband. If you do someone else will as well! Quite often it is thought that by nagging him you can get them to do what you want? When overly done it will fall on deaf ear and does neither you nor your spouse any good! Timing is key! It is good to speak your mind and be open and honest! Never disrespect your husband or yourself. It takes more discipline to not just fly off the handle at the least little thing. A strong man who loves God really does not need to be nagged. Instead you need to be more discerning and prayerful. At times you need to just be patient and quiet.

A secure woman develops her relationship with the Lord! She seeks Him and learns from Him how to properly interact and engage with her husband. To help him and not hurt him. This does mean experiencing some discomfort occasionally. When he hurts she hurts. A strong woman is her own person. She does not adjust like a chameleon! Her presence is evident even in quietness! She trusts the Lord and knows that His Word is true! His grace and strength become a part of her feminine character. If you resort to always nagging; NOW that you are aware of it simply STOP!

Do not let anyone put you in a box and make you so rigid that you cannot change. Step back! Don't go along with the majority to be accepted. Know God accepts you! JESUS is your ROCK! Manipulation is insecurity. If you really want something or want to do something seek God first above all else. Please remember; Don’t weaken your spouse by manipulating him or always constantly nagging him. You do not want him to give in simply because you are nagging him. Or do you? You really want to strengthen him and improve your relationship by being up front. A good woman wants a spiritually strong God centered man! This does not mean being rigid and legalistic. A cave man mentally is not what I mean here? You have the ability to create a healthy living home environment or a little hell on earth? Learn to exercise self control rather than seek to control someone else.

Do not subscribe to the worlds way of getting what you want. This does not mean that you always agree! Learn to truly love him and embrace patience and don’t always make a mountain out of a mole hill! When you sincerely love your husband He will treat you with respect and the Lord will make Him a stronger better resilient man. If your husband is an unbeliever you must really consult the Lord all the more! “A quarrelsome wife is like a constant dripping on a rainy day; restraining her is like restraining the wind or grasping oil with the hand.”

When strong minds meet!

There is nothing like being in a relationship or marriage with someone who is spiritually strong! When you are both on the same page and you mutually share a love for the Lord either of you can stand firm in your convictions. You are able to speak with clarity how you feel. Of course as I said before you will not always agree. That would be quite boring anyway. Good spouses are great partners! Good friends share core values! They challenge one another to improve! You know you always have the others best interest at heart. You are able to come from a place of sincere concern! There is a genuine beauty in being on "One accord!" Therefore you speak the TRUTH in love. Few ever really understand what Love really is all about? When you are mistaken you have no problem saying so? Truth is always your goal! Your inner strength comes from knowing the Lord! This is actually what makes you strong. You embrace all of who you are... Being strong also means you are able to be vulnerable! You both can come away from a disagreement all the better, as well as much more stronger!

It is important to take time and see where you are in your relationship and find ways to always improve it as well as yourself. I think that we should strive to be the best we can be at any age! “As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another.”

We are living in some interesting times. With everything that is going on about us it is difficult for some to recognize what's a good barometer to determine what is right and wrong? The world offers many alternatives. It is forever changing and so goes along with that values, and morals of many… From their perspective what then constitutes a quality of life is determine by doing what they feel or makes them feel good? Success is determined by comparing themselves with the next person. Their character is often determined by what they project and what others see and think about them?

God does not change and His basic principles for life and living remain the same! His Word is so very important! Our true security and significance is contingent on Him! As we grow spiritually His value system becomes ours! His Holy Spirit is our constant internal Guide that governs our lives. We live life to please Him rather than man. We also discover the precious meaning of life from His deep rich vast, cavernous ever unfolding perspective!

The Proverbs provide us with excellent life choices when you actually embrace the principles therein? You can choose to no longer just live for the moment, but you entrust your life and future to Him! Spiritual growth is ongoing it is not fleeting; with God in your life you realize that you have everything that you will ever need! The Fruit of His Spirit begins to flourish in your life! The Lord is my Shepherd! It is your choice; is He yours? “Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds; for riches do not endure forever, and a crown is not good for all generations.”

Proverbs 27 concludes by telling us: “You will have plenty of goat’s milk to feed you and your family and to nourish your servant girls.” GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!


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    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      9 years ago

      Lady E, You are welcome! There is a wealth of wisdom in these Proverbs! I have merely scratched the surface... Yes! Each day is a gift from God! Spending time each day in His Word is most helpful!

      Thank you for stopping by to share, In HIS Love, Peace & Blessings!

    • Lady_E profile image


      9 years ago from London, UK

      Thanks for sharing this - There are so many natural disasters in the world right now. (China, Pakistan, Moscow.) Its so important we take refuge in God as you have noted. We do not know tomorrow.

      Have a blessed day. :)

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      9 years ago

      Billyaustindillon, Thank you for stopping by to share, Peace & Blessings!

    • billyaustindillon profile image


      9 years ago

      So much inspiration - when two strong minds meet!

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      9 years ago

      AM Werner, I believe we subscribe to quite similar values in regards to Marriage! There is an unexplainable security to be married to a spouse you dearly Love & Trust! You respect one another yet care enough to be honest and speak the TRUTH in Love! When you both embrace the Lord’s Word there is a certain Peace even when you do not agree…

      However it is amazing to see how the Love between you continues to grow and flourish! LOVE is truly a gift from the LORD! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and share. Your insight is welcomed and further serves to enlighten others! In HIS Love, May the Peace & Joy of the Lord be with you and your family! Blessings!

    • A M Werner profile image

      Allen Werner 

      9 years ago from West Allis

      I love the advice on relationships and marriage. My wife and I call it a "united front." We can express different views and ideas behind closed doors, away from others, but in the world and before our children we strive to maintain a "united front." We also train our children to do likewise as a family before others, always together as a "united front," everyone yoked together and moving forward. Beautiful words as always. Peace.

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      9 years ago

      Fred Allen, There are many invaluable lessons for all of us here in these Proverbs! Self control is a part of the FRUIT of His Spirit! So glad this has been helpful! The proper way to point the finger is when more are pointing back at us! This way we stay mindful to always check ourselves as well!

      As long as the Lord has us all on this side of heaven we are here to grow spiritually... It shows maturity when we are willing to be shaped and molded in His image. We are "Forever becoming..."

      Thank you for sharing, In HIS service, Love, Peace & Blessings!

    • fred allen profile image

      fred allen 

      9 years ago from Myrtle Beach SC

      "learn to excersise self control rather than to control someone else" Ouch! I think about how often my self interest takes priority over the interests of others. It does not display love or fulfill the purposes of God when I attempt to manipulate others for my own self interest. I have much growing to do and this lesson will aid me in becomming more like the man God is calling me to be. Thank you DeBorrah

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      9 years ago

      Timothy Donnelly, Thank you for your kind words of spiritual encouragment! I have just merely touched the surface... There is so much more here in this 27th Proverbs as well as all the others... Thank you for sharing, your visit has been appreciated! "Good Tidings" to you as well! Please do come again, In HIS Love, Peace & Blessings!

    • Timothy Donnelly profile image

      Timothy Donnelly 

      9 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      DeBorrah K. Ogans, thank you for this compelling hub and for bringing us into remembrance of the Word of God, and the wise words of the venerable King Solomon’s court. DeBorrah, your account here speak boldly yet with a humble meekness, and I am suitably impressed that you have done so with the Blessed Spirit of God. Peace and Good Tidings.

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      9 years ago

      DjBraman, Thank you! We can learn much from these Proverbs! God has provided us with His Word as a "Life Manual." His Holy Spirit as our Comforter and Guide to ALL TRUTH! In order to benefit we must first implement His principles in our lives... "Taking refuge in Him is a gift..." and yes! become "Faith walkers" Amen! God is able! One must step out on FAITH!

      Thank you for sharing, In HIS Love, Peace & Blessings!

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      9 years ago

      James A Watkins, You are quite welcome Professor! The Word of God has so much to offer us all! I pray that others see and grasp its relevancy in our day to day lives... Always so nice of you to stop by! Thank you for your encouraging words! The Lord Bless you! In His Love, Peace & Blessings!

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      9 years ago

      Loves To Read, Thank you my sister! It really is amazing how much the Lord LOVES us! He has given us ways to resolve conflict and many other issues...

      You are right it is not easy but what is important that our first priority is to "PLease God" when this is truly the case He will give you HIS PEACE that surpasses the understanding of man...

      As you say it is; "Not always easy but then nothing worthwhile is." Amen! Therefore we live to walk what we talk...

      To GOD be the GLORY!

      Thank you for sharing, in HIS Love, Peace & Blessings!

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      9 years ago

      Philipo, Thank You! The Proverbs are really great! I so agree! There is much wisdom to help us find solutions for "age long problems."

      Thank you for visiting and sharing, In His Love, Peace & Blessings!

    • djbraman profile image


      9 years ago

      Wonderful Hub, you know taking refuge in him is a gift that we have and some rarely really use it, we have walk our talk when trouble comes, and thats how you see who the real faith walkers are!

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      9 years ago

      Stars439, So glad that you are encouraged! PRAISE GOD! The Proverbs are really wonderful! There is a wonderful wealth of wisdom here we all can learn and benefit from... The Lord sees us all as children regardless of the age. As long as He has us on this side of Heaven we are here to learn and grow...

      What is so wonderful is when you know the Lord knows your heart it really frees you! Your kind words are appreciated. May the Lord continue to Bless and Keep you and your lovely family! Thank you for stopping by to share, In HIS Love, Peace & Blessings!

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      9 years ago

      Tjmate13, Thank you for stopping by to share such kind words! Please do come again. In His Love, Peace & Blessings!

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      9 years ago

      Rev Lady,

      The Proverbs are marvelous! It is exciting and inspiring the empowering wisdom they exude when one embraces their TRUTH! God is Awesome!

      Yes! I agree! “Solomon was indeed a wise man and the quality of our lives can be greatly enhanced if we heed the TRUTH of his wisdom.”

      Thank you for visiting and sharing, In His Love, Peace & Blessings!

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      9 years ago from Chicago

      Thank you once again for providing a strong message about Proverbs and the Word of God. It could not have been done better. You are truly blessed as a teacher.

    • Loves To Read profile image

      Loves To Read 

      9 years ago

      Wonderful hub sister DeBorrah. Many great points to observe. Yes Proverbs is a great book of our Bible and speaks volumes of very wise practices. For a loving Godly wife can win the heart of her husband for the glory of God.

      Not always easy but then nothing worthwhile is.

      Many blessings

    • Philipo profile image


      9 years ago from Nigeria

      Thanks a lot DeBorrah. Indeed, the Book of Proverbs provides solutions to many age long problems. Remain blessed.

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile imageAUTHOR

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      9 years ago

      Valdimir Uhri, Thank you brother for stopping by to share! You are quite welcome! In His Love, Peace & Blessings!

    • stars439 profile image


      9 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear Mr's Deborrah : Thank you for this awesome hub that is a gift in so many ways. The advice you give is wonderful and so very sound and will help me in my life, and in other lives as well. Your love in sharing your heart felt values, and knowledge of God with others are only a priceless few of your many characteristic personality traits that are to be admired. You are our Lord's precious angel on earth. GBY

    • tjmatel3 profile image

      Peter Grant 

      9 years ago from McDonough, GA

      Great job! Keep it up.

    • RevLady profile image


      9 years ago from Lantana, Florida


      This statement leaped at me and demanded a more careful study of its TRUTH. "

      Good friends share core values! They challenge one another to improve! You know you have the others best interest at heart. You are able to come from a place of sincere concern! There is a genuine beauty in being on "One accord!" Therefore you speak the TRUTH in love."

      My life experiences with relatives, spouse, friends and business partners affirms this important truth. Solomon was indeed a wise man and the quality of our lives can be greatly enhanced if we heed the TRUTH of his wisdom.

      A great wisdom meditation and lesson for building Christian life skills. Thank you dear Teacher.

      Forever His,

    • Vladimir Uhri profile image

      Vladimir Uhri 

      9 years ago from HubPages, FB

      Great Hub, sis, thank you.


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