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Updated on October 16, 2015
charlesjsharp via Wikimedia commons
charlesjsharp via Wikimedia commons

Many people have questions about their abilities or want a deeper understanding on how being spiritual works. Here’s a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) that I’ve put together and hope they help us all. I AM so grateful for all of my fellow lightworkers and love you all. Please know these are taken from my personal experiences and information that I’ve learned but there may be other explanations or viewpoints.


Q. Why are my gifts blocked?

A. First of all, this is a big misconception your abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, etc. These abilities are not blocked what is happening is that your chakras are not balanced or aligned. When our chakras become “blocked” or unbalanced this is when we need to rest and relax when possible and avoid negative emotions like stress, anger, hate, self-loathing, gossip, etc. All these behaviors and emotions only serve to lower our vibrations and in a sense create a road block so to speak with your abilities. Once you clear these up, you will notice you are more in tune.

Q. How do I balance my chakras?

A. There are so many ways, meditation is always key. Grounding yourself as well. Part of this balance also requires you to get adequate sleep, drink plenty of water daily, exercise, listen to music, laugh, smile, dance, the more you enjoy life and yourself the better you will notice changes. Also distance yourself from people who are negative and drain your energy. People who are chronic complainers or pessimists who always see the worse in everyone and everything.

Q. I’m getting strong anxiety attacks or panic attacks but no medical diagnosis can explain it. What’s going on?

A. Many people who are becoming awakened or sensitive to energy will often become overwhelmed by the energy they pick up. When you have abilities it’s like you become a magnet and magnets attract metal objects to them like polarity of positive and negative…Same thing applies to us, we are raising our vibrations and spirit is lowering their vibrations and communicating. So if you’re a highly sensitive person or empathic….you will feel others emotions, their pains, their happiness….For me when I discovered I had medium abilities…I couldn’t go into a store and would automatically feel strong panic attacks around people. These attacks caused me to feel shortness of breath, a sensation I was choking and couldn’t swallow, shaky, feeling of impending doom. Really scary and frightening if you don’t understand what’s happening. When you accept your abilities and trust the info you are given, the attacks will become less and less frequent until they vanish…but you may get them every once in a while if you are not meditating or grounding yourself after readings, etc.

Q. What is a spiritual awakening and how do I know if I’m going through one?

A. Everyone is different and may feel it a different way. How you may know is that you might have a Near Death Experience or become really sick. When I went through my awakening it was traumatic and was a near death experience and then I felt different. More in tune with the spiritual side of myself. If you are going through physical symptoms and a doctor has not been able to diagnose it... it’s possible you are going through an awakening. Symptoms may include but not limited to: Hot or cold sensation that completely over takes you, ringing or buzzing in the ear, crown area of head is tingling or sensation of ants or spiders crawling on your scalp, blurry vision, physical aches or pains, strong interest in learning about spiritual or metaphysical world, panic attacks or anxiety, restless sleep patterns or panic attacks, feeling impending doom, activities or hobbies you felt very happy doing are no longer appealing, finding joy in everything you see, more compassion towards yourself and others, no longer affected by negative people, work may be boring and you gravitate towards something else that makes you happy, friends will leave or more may enter (your inner circle may become smaller). During this time you may also see spirit, guides, and angels, receive feathers, see butterflies, a cat or dog (spirit animal) may just appear and become your new pet. Essentially what is happening is your soul is evolving and so is your DNA. You are transforming on many levels that medically cannot be explained. You are becoming AWARE or as some call it AWAKENED. Your views regarding doctrine may change radically and you will understand more or just know more. NO you are NOT crazy!!!

Q. Is there an age limit for awakenings?

A. No there is no limit, people are awakening at all different ages. Some people are consciously aware or awakened since birth like Indigo children, crystal children and can see spirits or talk to them from like ages 3-5 and continue to use their gifts into adulthood. Then you have some who are born with the gifts and see spirit but as they get older they no longer see or hear. This is because of social conditioning…belief systems imposed on us and often time may inhibit our natural abilities but it’s temporarily. God given gifts and your destiny will ensure they are utilized for the greatest good of all concern. Some people awaken after a near death experience or may have been declared clinically dead for a few minutes and return awakened. You could be in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. I truly believe the divine has a purpose for you and your abilities. Never feel discouraged.

Q. What good is having these abilities if I don’t know how to use them?

A. You might not realize it but you don’t have to be famous to use your gifts. You may not realize but let’s give an example. You are a social worker and this woman is in need of assistance. Normally the rules tell you she doesn’t qualify for a program and it would be easier to move on to the next. Being an empath you know she really needs help so you speak with your supervisor and turns out she does qualify for a different program. This was you using empathy which is an ability and helped that lady. Another example is working at a homeless shelter and serving food to the people. This is a selfless act which is all about being a light worker and helping and showing love to others. You’ve just used your ability to heal someone by showing compassion. These are all forms of abilities and using them but often times we have this pre-conceived notion that you must be psychic or hear spirits to be gifted. There are many more examples.

Q. A psychic told me they couldn’t connect or I am hard to read. Why?

A. The thing to here is that we are all composed of energy and destiny may have one psychic who is supposed to deliver a message to you while another is not. You cannot force a connection between a sitter and reader. If the reader feels drawn to you…or if spirit gives them a message then they will connect and a reading will take place. It’s not that the reader isn’t gifted or they are being biased. Some area also developing and may have some fears. It’s nothing person. Think of it as shopping for something like beautiful like a ring. There’s only one you really like and drawn to and the rest are pretty too but you feel more connected to this one for various reasons. It’s not that you didn’t like the others but you just felt that immediate connection and knew. It’s similar with readers.

Q. Is there a limit on readings I should receive?

A. You have what I call the psychic dependents. These are people who depend on psychics to tell them how they should live their life or to make decisions on their every move. They may receive a fantastic reading from a psychic but they also post their picture in different reading groups hoping to get more readings. Some of us have been guilty of this before because we live in a world where people want help and immediate answers. Remember when you receive a reading that spirit will tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. This why many groups limit the amount of readings that you receive because you need time for the information to resonate. Some things mentioned may have been future tense and have not yet occurred. Patience is key and to give it time make sense. Receiving a lot of info all at once can be overwhelming.

Public Domain - PD 1923 via Wikimedia commons
Public Domain - PD 1923 via Wikimedia commons

Q. is there jealousy among the psychic community?

A. Yes there is and it’s unfortunate because a truly spiritual person will not be upset with their fellow brother or sister because they are getting more clientele or more of a fan base. That’s what we call EGO. It’s very prevalent among psychic groups and psychic community. True lightworkers put the EGO aside and lift their fellow peers up and not judge or label them. As a reader you will find out from many sitters and from your own experiences that some people are more concerned with fame and fortune than helping others. Or they will bash one another. If you’re a celebrity psychic or famous then more power to you. WAY TO GO!!! Nothing wrong with that you are truly blessed and it was your destiny. We as light workers must stay humble and love one another. Having a title of psychic medium or your own website doesn’t define your abilities or who you are. We are ALL connected to the DIVINE. The sooner as ego driven individuals understand this the better off we will be. Less HATE and MORE LOVE!!! LOVE AND LIGHT ALWAYS!

Q. I see shadows and spirits and I’m scared. Should I be?

A. You shouldn’t be afraid of spirit as those who are around may be angels, guides, loved ones, or just earthbound spirits. Remember fear is an emotion you don’t want to have. Be BRAVE.

Q. What if they are causing things to happen in my house like doors banging, footsteps, objects, moved, voices.

A. If these are occurring they are trying to get your attention. Sometimes it may be something else but since I won’t focus on negative entities or energy I will just say that if you are concerned you can buy some sage and sage every room. Also use seal salt and put that in every corner of every room and windows, doors, and outside your property. This may help. You might have to let them know by talking to them and declaring this your space and they are not welcomed. That they must leave. This will work. Think about an old home you just moved into and an old gentlemen died there. If he didn’t cross over into the spiritual world he may be there as an earthbound spirit and therefore he still feels this is his space and home. You are intruders. Since he cannot manifest himself physically he may take a note from BEETLEJUICE and try to scare the new owners or renters. To scare you away. But remember this is your space. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this there is nothing wrong seeking a shaman, psychic medium, or someone who specializes in cleansing homes to come in and help.

Q. What is an earthbound spirit?

A. An earthbound spirit is a person who doesn’t realize they have passed or have unfinished business. They may have passed traumatically like a murder, accident, etc. They are stuck on our plane instead of moving on to the next one. Eventually they will cross over as guides or angels on the other side will help them cross over but since time doesn’t exist in the spirit world it may seem like years to us before they leave.

Q. Do loved ones visit us after they’ve passed?

A. Yes, you might notice feathers, butterflies, coins, a favorite song may play, birds may appear like robins, dragonflies, your pets may act weird like they see someone familiar and look off into a space.

Q. Can our fur babies see spirit?

A. YES!!! Animals are in tune with the spirit world more than us. They are innocent souls and can see the other side more often and will bark incessantly or look off into space and you wonder what they are doing.

Q. Angels how do I know they are near?

A. You might feel a strong warm sensation in one spot of your body while the rest of you feels normal temperature. This will be a strong and slowly warming sensation. I’ve had this occur and I’ve felt it on my chest or back and legs as well. You might see bright blue sparkles or white sparkles of light that look like floaters. You might see a bright golden light. If you close your eyes and have ever seen a bright golden light or white light…those are your angels. You might not see them with a body because they are composed of light. So contrary as artists depict them wings…they are light. However they can choose how they appear to you….which could be with wings.

Q. How do I know if my spirit guides are there? I can’t hear them speak.

A. Your guides are like Santa’s Elves. LOL they are there but working constantly and pushing you behind the scenes. Those strong feelings you get or brilliant insights of creativity may be them guiding you. They cannot intervene and stop the choices you make due to free will but they are there nevertheless from time of birth until we leave our physical body and move on. Once in the spiritual realm they may be there still. You can also have more than one guide and they might be reassigned and new ones may come to your aide.

Q. I keep seeing angel numbers and not sure why or what do they mean?

A. Angel numbers are like a spiritual telephone call from your angels, ascended masters, divine to you to in order to get your attention. If you’re seeing 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 1111, and the list goes on. This is them trying to get your attention. There is a purpose if for you to follow your calling and make changes that will set you on your path for spiritual growth. It may be that you are needing to make changes and remove negative people from your life, remove toxic behaviors or addictions. Once you answer their call…you will see these numbers less and less frequently.

As you develop your gifts you will come across some very important questions that you will want answered. You will also attain spiritual knowledge and learn from your guides, angels, and spirit. Blessings in Love n Light. x


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    • profile image

      Lacey LeBouef 

      2 years ago

      Very interesting read. I needed this information - exact timing. Thank you for sharing.

    • Glinys Edwards profile image

      Glinys Edwards 

      4 years ago

      Great Infomation..Thank you so much...Namaste Raymond

    • profile image

      Nellie Guerreiro 

      4 years ago

      Awesome read!!

      Thank you ❤️


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