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The Tithe - A Lie of Convenience!

Updated on July 28, 2017

What We Have Created Is A Modern "Priest" Class!

This Is Not Far From The Truth!
This Is Not Far From The Truth! | Source

First Things First.

Once upon a time I was known as an upper 5% faithful tither and life was just grand; as long as the money kept rolling in. Little by little I began to notice that there were some major inconsistencies within the churches I had attended, The needs of the flock were not even secondary, but consigned to the lowest of priorities within the "church". Deacon funds were there to meet the "emergency" need for a loaf of bread, baby food, etc., IF the monies were available. I witnessed the money drive for a new $60,000 grand piano have priority over young lady struggling with the deductible for her dialysis treatments. Families struggling to put food on the table and the "deacon" fund having a limit of $50 per family per month. Oh, I am sure that the "fund" was a small one and needed to be judicially handled, but where is the priority of the "church"? Something about - "..they will know that we are Christians by our love for one another..."; oh, that's right, we are known for shooting our own wounded. Has anyone stopped to think for a moment, that we have created man made temples and staffed them with a modern day "priest" class of employee that should never know economic hardship, all the while the "sheep" they are to be feeding, struggle in ways they will never fully comprehend and starving at the same time for the lack of the Word being in its fullness.

The disease has even infected the missionary field. One family wrote to the missionary committee of a church I attended that many of the people who had pledged were not being faithful and they were having to dip into their own savings to make ends meet. They were counting on using their savings when their stint in the field was complete to help them buy a home when they returned to the states. A cost free service for the Lord, how American.

You Have to Give to Receive.

And the Propaganda Keeps Coming!
And the Propaganda Keeps Coming! | Source

The Fat Cats Keep Getting Fatter!

The Wicked Know A Great Scheme When They See One!
The Wicked Know A Great Scheme When They See One! | Source

Do You Really Know Where Your "Tithe" Is Going?

One day as I was on a job site installing an accounting system for a very exclusive furniture and accessories dealer (interior designers only) in the Southern California area, a very well known and respected Christian pastor, author, radio and TV celebrity, came in with his wife and their interior decorator to purchase a dining room set and drapes. When they left, they had purchased $50,000 worth of dining room furniture and drapes; that included the designers 30% discount off of the store's price plus the 10% markup for the designer's commission. You do the math. I am sure that everyone who attends his mega-church, buys his books and gives to his ministry believe he deserves every penny he gets. It is America after all; we think if someone is rich, they are blessed. I have trouble finding that verse in scripture, but I am sure God is greatly honored by one of His own living in such deserved wealth. Wait a minute, do I remember a verse about the poor being RICH in the things of the Lord. Oh, I guess it doesn't apply here in America.

And, we wonder why the "church" is failing so badly in our testimony as the world looks on at the wealth being garnered by the "name-it-and-claim-it" or the "blab-and-grab-it" crowd.

I use statistics in my work but I hate statistics when I know that they are being used as a propaganda tool to control the thinking of the masses. As the chart to the right demonstrates, tithers have less debt, greater net worth and are just plain happier because they have more MONEY. We have the Give to Get mentality in this country and yet the poor among us, within the real Church, continues to grow. They say it is a form of worship, to make building and utility payments, pastor's salaries, their Social Security taxes, the best insurance money can buy, long vacations and all the while maintaining their non-profit status as a 501(c)3 corporation. Churches pour money into youth programs and yet "statistics" show that more and more youth are leaving the "church". Do you wonder if money affects our wisdom and judgment, I know it did mine.

You don't have to wonder where the WORD went when it stopped being preached and taught in season and out: just follow the money. When you are owned by the biggest tithers, the preaching is very careful not to upset the cash flow and to keep the majority, whether Christians or not, blissful and undisturbed in their current life style. It is kind of funny; usually the local congregation knows who the biggest sugar daddies are and yet our giving is to be autonomous.

So what does the Word say about the tithe? On to Deuteronomy.

It Is One of the Lord's Feasts!

The Tithe Is A Sincere Form of Worship - A Feast of Thanks Before Our God!
The Tithe Is A Sincere Form of Worship - A Feast of Thanks Before Our God! | Source

The Tithe Was A Feast Before The Lord!

Truly, I must be mistaken; we have been told our whole "church" lives that we are to give ten percent on a regular basis so that the "priest" class among us does not have to work for a living as do the rest of the masses, for we are uneducated in the holy things of God. We are to bring the unsaved into our holy assemblies for they are the only ones who can really present the Gospel effectively. Enough tongue-in-cheek.

The Tithe: Deuteronomy 14:22-29

  • It was an annual event.
  • It was to be consumed as a feast before the Lord in a place He designated.
  • If this place was too far to carry your tithe, you were to convert it into money then go and purchase your "heart's" desire in food and drink and consume it before the our God to honor Him for the blessing received.
  • In this feast you were to include the priest class, the Levites, for they had nothing with which to feast.
  • This you would do for two years and on the third year you would NOT travel but have this feast within your own home.
  • Again, the Levites within your town must not be forgotten but one thing was different; you were to include the strangers in your midst and the widows and orphans as a testimony of the goodness of God to you and your family.

The tithe was never an offering but a feast of worship and testimony to the goodness of our Lord. Again, we have turned something sacred into a tradition of men. We do not have all things in common for the good of all for we neglect the "...weightier matters of the Law, judgment, mercy and faith...". We have few leaders that toil in the Word for their flocks and many that justify their church budgets resulting in billions of dollars on an annual basis that will never reach the needy within their own members nor reach the true missionaries in the field that know the cost of serving.

I believe the time is upon us when we will not be giving to the "church" but will be forced by God to meet the true Church's need to survive. We have played at church for far too long and the games are starting to grow stale, but whom the Lord loves, He chastens.

Once upon a time, Angola was the largest Christian nation in Africa, with over 300 churches and about 300,000 followers. Then in the 1970's came the rebellion and the Cubans along with the East Germans set about to destroy the Church. They burned every church they could find and at times the body counts were in the hundreds. The Church retreated to the bush. Ten or so years later, when the majority of the Cubans and East Germans had died of AIDS, the Church re-emerged from the bush. Strangely, there was now over 1.5 million believers and hundreds of fellowships. One true pastor during those years in hiding, ministered to over 20 churches, 7 days a week: severe persecution had fostered a revival that the "organized" church could never have brought about.

The true Church is not about organization alone, but about the need for one another and demonstrating the love of God to an unbelieving world. The American system of tithing has brought about the rise of the false prophets, for there is money to be made; it has taken the Word out of the pulpits for the fear of offending the rich and it has made the "average" church-goer lazy and indifferent to the Gospel; let the professional holy men do the work. When it has come to money, we have blown it in a major fashion: the traditions of men and corporate logic rule the day.

next: part III - the doctrine of acceptance!


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    • The70thweek profile image

      David Campbell 19 months ago from Winlock, Washington

      You are definitely not the only one that senses the futility of the present "churchy" system and sadly it is those who continue to propagate the deception that are the most deceived. It is the last days when men will wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. The "church" here in the West is diseased at best. There are a few within these institutions that are hungry for something much more genuine and just don't know where to turn. Once this "church" is blasted with persecution, they will find out in a hurry where they NEED to be. Keep the faith.

    • Rich kelley profile image

      Rich Kelley 19 months ago from The Ekklesia

      "there is money to be made"

      I have found nothing positive in the scripture about the hireling. The challenge question used by the institutional church "how would we fund what needs to be done?" is answered by their question. They are counting on "we" instead of God. The temple system was destroyed, there is one high priest and the rest of us are suppose to be the priest, not selected paid hirelings. Looking at what the scripture has to say about the New Testament gathering of called out believers is not modeled today. Instead man has filled in the blanks not directly covered with the OT and latest government allowed plan for a non-profit business. It is by ignoring the actual truth of the scriptures that the hireling can continue to rationalize their vocations. Much like the government that permits their tax free environment, the paid positions within the walls grow every year. Again the RX from God is to come out from among them.