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The PUSH of the Lord - My first speech in His presence - 2

Updated on October 8, 2015
A blessing beyond compare....
A blessing beyond compare.... | Source

Achieving a long cherished desire

Read this only after the Part 1 of this episode on the PUSH of the Lord.

I sought another opportunity to speak in His presence so that I could ‘redeem’ myself in the eyes of my peers and ‘friends’. The next year, during Onam, our school would have another chance to put up a programme. I hoped to be a part of that somehow. To my utter disappointment, I came to know that the school had a rotation policy of its own. ONe year the boys would get a chance to do the programme in His presence and the next year would be the turn of the girls. So, I would have to wait another year to fulfill my hope of speaking in His presence.

Very soon, I found out that I could never be ‘redeemed’ in the eyes of my ‘friends’. Those that loved me and respected me, did not need me to redeem myself. Those that wanted to tease me, would tease and taunt me anyway! Thus, I decided within myself that my endeavor would be only to please Swami. There was no need to have any other objective of speaking in His presence.

In order to ensure that I would get that coveted chance the next year, I began to participate wholeheartedly in all the extra-curricular activities - drama, debate, elocution, singing, recitation. Now when I look back, I know that those were very important years of effort for me and Swami had made me do it with a simple speech cancellation!

The year 1997 was a major one for me because I did get selected to deliver a speech - an English one this time - during the Onam celebrations at Puttaparthi (14th of September, 1997 to be precise). I was in X grade and thought that this would be the ideal time to request Swami for admission in the school at Prashanti Nilayam the next year. I prepared with all gusto and awaited, for the second time in my life, for the D-Day when I would deliver the speech.

This time too, I arrived to Puttaparthi a few days before the school. I did not try to get my speech blessed by Swami! This was for two reasons:
1. I felt that He might take it away again.
2. The greater fear was that once He ‘accepted’ the speech, since He ‘knew’ the contents already, He might not give me the chance to speak again!

The Onam day arrived. I was sitting in the same place that I sat two years ago. The boys who taunted and teased me were seated in the audience. They had grown and so had the teasing. I had a burning desire to seek from Swami admission into His school. The teachers had told me to request Swami to come and bless Sri Sailam, the school.

As Swami completed the darshan round and came to the dais, I had deja-vu! I broke into a cold sweat and imagined what would happen if I did not get a chance to speak again. Swami was seated on His chair when He looked to His right. But this time, instead of beckoning to some elder, He beckoned to me! I got up from my seat and walked slowly towards Swami.

I had seen Swami from close quarters before. But today, when I was the only one around Him on a big stage, I felt so overwhelmed. I went to my knees near Him and took padanamaskar (touching the feet). I rose and then decided to offer my prayer. I looked into His eyes and He looked into mine. I said,
In an instant, He was all attention. He prodded me to go on.

I don’t know what happened at that instant. In a flash I recollected all that I had gone through to get to this opportunity. And was I going to waste it by asking for something as less as an admission? I looked at Him and said,
“ Swami, please keep me with you throughout my life...”
He asked me to repeat.
“Swami please keep me with you throughout my life.” I said firmly.
He seemed so happy with my answer. He patted me lovingly on the head and nodded as if to say yes. Then, He told me to go and speak.

Part of me was telling me that I had done the best thing. Another part was telling me that I should have asked for my admission. I thought I would ask about it after my speech.

The speech went off like a breeze. There were two applauses - I don’t remember for what. I was simply overwhelmed. As I concluded and walked to Him, I turned and saw all my classmates and schoolmates cheering for me. When the Lord blesses you, the world simply comes to your side! I was filled with such love and magnanimity. I prayed for all my friends as I walked to Swami. And in that happy mood, instead of asking for admission, I said,
“Swami please come to Sri Sailam.”
Swami blessed me with a pat and a smile but did not reply to me. I took namaskar and returned to my place.

There was Swami’s discourse after that. I did not hear a thing. I was so lost in joy. I had no regrets about not asking for admission. I was simply glad that I had sought the right thing. I thanked Swami for making me seek the correct thing!

The dream coming true...
The dream coming true... | Source

To complete this story, I must say what happened three days later. Swami said that He would bless all the students of the school for He was very happy with us. He began to move amidst us, collecting letters and blessing. I thought that this was when I should seek my admission. As Swami came in front of me, I rose on my knees. At the same time, He placed His hand on my head and pushed me down. It was as if He did not want me to seek anything lesser than the highest - and that I had already sought. What happened next is enshrined in my heart...
Swami is about 5 meters away from me when He suddenly stops and asks,

"You spoke yesterday didn't you?"
I nod. Then as He moves ahead, He turns back and asks,

"What are you studying?"
"Swami class X"
"Class XI....after class XII what?" (in Tamil)
"Swami whatever you say."
"No...Medical or Engineering - which do you like"
"Swami medical."
"Medical! Study Biosciences here and get good marks."

I got my admission next year. I got something far greater too - the chance to be with Him throughout life.


Today, when I look back at that episode, I realize the Love of Swami. If He had given me the chance to speak two years before, I would have sought admission in His school from Him. He wanted me to ask for the highest, Himself, and He was ready to wait for me to grow to that stage. He 'delayed' the chance so that I could benefit the most from it. As I think of it, my heart oozes in love and gratitude to Him.

What I learned that day is so beautifully put by Swami in the thought for the day that I received on 4th of April 2012.

Do not waste your life in making arrangements,

For they have already been made.

Use that time wisely instead to do prayers,

And seeking Me in all, in every living form.

Only have faith in My arrangements,

And know that I am present

At all times everywhere.

All you have to do is to ask for My help.

I require no time to travel.

My presence is certain anywhere,

Where I am sincerely thought of.

In fact, your thought of Me, and My presence

Are instantaneous.

"I am constantly thinking of you. If you need me, you deserve me."
"I am constantly thinking of you. If you need me, you deserve me." | Source

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    • aravindb1982 profile image

      Aravind Balasubramanya 3 years ago from Puttaparthi, India

      @Alok Dev - Thanks brother. By the way, are you from Sri Sailam school?

    • profile image

      Alok Dev 3 years ago

      This is beautiful brother. I read 2 articles of yours Aravind Balasubramanya one this one and the tara's one both were beautiful.

    • profile image

      subhramanian 3 years ago

      sairam your experiences helps for our upliftment also. Thanks

    • profile image

      Nicknet 3 years ago

      Love your awesome experiences with lessons taught by our Beloved! Thank you for sharing. Neeta

    • profile image

      deepa 3 years ago

      moved by this, he wants to seek Him and Him alone is what we all want now, nothing else matters anymore

    • profile image

      Gayathri Sharma 3 years ago

      too good brother!!! Once again Swamy proved through your experience that His love is equal to that of thousand mothers and our wishes are fulfilled by Him without being asked!!!

      Keep writing brother!!! And keep inspiring us like this for ever...........

    • profile image

      Lakshmi Gopal 4 years ago

      You asked for the Lord Himself. Arvind you are definitely a highly evolved soul , born to do His work and spread His message. Sai Ram and may Swami's blessings always be with you .

    • aravindb1982 profile image

      Aravind Balasubramanya 4 years ago from Puttaparthi, India

      Thank you ShyamSunder and Samir! Swami's stories keep all of us going... and that is why they should be shared.

    • profile image

      SAMIR 4 years ago

      SAI RAM Brother and thanks for lovely stories.

      keeps me going

      ALL IS ONE


    • profile image

      Shyamsunder D 4 years ago

      Sai Ram Aravind, Through you swami has provided so many answers.

    • profile image

      kavita dantala 4 years ago

      Superb anna finally u deserve it becoz ur prayer are true. one thing i like that u asked the swami please keep me with you throughout my life. It was excellent.

    • profile image

      Mark Aspa 4 years ago

      another spiritual stunner, full of wisdom and Truths taught by the Lord of Love...and so wonderfully told.

    • aravindb1982 profile image

      Aravind Balasubramanya 5 years ago from Puttaparthi, India

      @ Saigita - Pining for the Lord is greater than the chances with the Lord. This is what Swami Himself said. You are blessed with that pining. Keep it going...

    • profile image

      hema b 5 years ago

      it was the begining....i remember those days ....just waiting waiting......we have come a long way...

    • profile image

      saigita 5 years ago

      So have achieve what you want from HIM,more than that.Your hub is very help full for me. I must say you are a pure you can cried for him,got tremendous pain to get HIS blessing. I am not like you. I want to be like you....but it is true I am very happy after reading your hub

    • aravindb1982 profile image

      Aravind Balasubramanya 5 years ago from Puttaparthi, India

      @ Anil Kumar and Shobha - Thank you. Your love for HIM has poured on me too!

      @ Venkatesh Ellore - I totally share your convictions and feelings. May Sai Ganesha bless us...

      @ Aarthi and Arpita - Well, you know who the AUTHOR is! Happy to be a pen...

    • aravindb1982 profile image

      Aravind Balasubramanya 5 years ago from Puttaparthi, India

      @ Kareshna -

      Oh! The 'thought' I mentioned was not the thought for the day at Prashanti. I am on a person's mailing list and he sends a thought for the day on a daily basis. It was that I was referring to.

    • profile image

      kareshna 5 years ago

      Sai Ram

      many thanks for sharing this uplifting experience with LORD.. hope you continue sharing these stories with Sai Family.. just one question remained in my mind, as the thought of the day in prasanthi on 4th April 2012 was different from this wonderful thought that you mentioned here.. so wanted to know whence you received the message? Loving Sai Rams

    • profile image

      ANIL KUMAR 5 years ago


      SAIRAM. Everytime, I read your narration, I feel our dear Lord's presence. This is Bhagavatam & you are our SUKA Mahamuni.

    • profile image

      shobha 5 years ago

      You have narrated the entire experience heartificially ,that as we read it , we just become one with it, we feel the pain, the yearning, the love, the bliss and the exhilaration of the moment as well. What to speak of these moments! they are priceless indeed. Tears swell and flow as we experience the joy of these moments that you had with Swami. An indication that we are all one, there is no feeling of individuality and bliss floods our being. Blessed indeed are you , that you made the right prayer, and the Lord fulfilled for eternity. God Bless you always, Sairam

    • profile image

      Venkatesh Ellore 5 years ago

      Your narrations of your experiences with our Dear Lord strengthens my resolve that wanting HIM alone is enough satisfaction to end the cycle of birth and death and you really do not need anything as HE is everything !!!


      God Bless you.

    • profile image

      Rajesh M 5 years ago

      So nice!

      I coincidentally made my second visit to Parthi for this Onam (Hope you saw my comment of first part). I do remember Sri Sailam children coming and the program. Dont remember any details though :)

    • profile image

      Arpita Mallajosyula 5 years ago

      Awesome anna.....!!! very true...we make 10 plans about even the smallest things in our lives but we tend to forget in our ignorance that HE has already made a plan for us and things will go on according to are a truly lucky soul on earth......wonderful reading experience..especially that part where you asked HIM to let you be with HIM lifelong...!!! thanks a ton for this lovely post...!!!

    • profile image

      Aarthi 5 years ago

      Simply superb! Thank you for the 'thought for the day' at the end of the article, which is really the way forward for all of us. I loved 'Do not waste your life in making arrangements, for they have already been made.' :) Thanks for this beautiful 2-part blog post.

    • aravindb1982 profile image

      Aravind Balasubramanya 5 years ago from Puttaparthi, India

      Thank you everyone for such loving appreciation. It is all love for God that gets expressed in this manner.

      @ Deepak Bharwani - Thank you for that insight...

      @ Rama, Srinidhi and Krishnaprasad - I also had tears of joy as I recollected and wrote this.

      @ Naresh - Usually each part is spaced by 24 hours thats all! :) If that is unbearable, please wait for both the parts and then start reading. :)

    • profile image

      Balajee Venna 5 years ago

      Sairam Brother,

      Please plan to make all these articles into a single document


    • profile image

      Maria 5 years ago

      I am so moved by this lesson still tearing up- you are graced with true powers of speech plus fabulous writing amongst many. I am 83 now looking for a competent ghostwriter-for a biography.I hope I might be a Baba devotee, there are very few in my area of Northern CA USA- You have friends in N.CA who are not yetexecutives? Thanks for what you do

      Loving Sai Rams- Maria

    • profile image

      Deepak Bharwani 5 years ago

      Really touching.....He made you say the right thing....when you ask the Lord to keep you with Him throughout your life.... it is not for this birth but for eternity....remember the real you is the eternal self

    • profile image

      Rama 5 years ago


      you have made me cry with happiness. Swami is the way. You are blessed so are we for we all belong to SAI.

    • profile image

      Sreenidhi 5 years ago

      This is what keeps you at His feet still,you knew what to ask! I lived through the whole thing. Thank you and sairam anna :-)

    • profile image

      krishnaprasad 5 years ago

      iam really blessed

    • profile image

      Naresh 5 years ago

      Aravind Sairam,

      As fun as this was, I request you to club your 2 part system together as it is often difficult to recollect what your first part was since it is so long apart.

      Thanks n Sairam

    • vaishnavi rao profile image

      vaishnavi rao 5 years ago

      anna super!!! the best thing u had asked HIM yo be with HIM forever!

    • poornimasrinath profile image

      poornimasrinath 5 years ago from Midrand, Johannesburg, RSA

      Wow! In Swami's words you were absolute "Good boy" for that age..;) Great recollection of thoughts!Now even if you decide to move away you know for sure you cannot! I expected that you would post the second part by today..Thank you!

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