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Updated on July 22, 2012
A woman can predict lots of stuff by reading your palm that you email her, and doing a special crystal reading free for you. She has made many predictions and even read Micheal Jackson's palm on national TV, check her out.
A woman can predict lots of stuff by reading your palm that you email her, and doing a special crystal reading free for you. She has made many predictions and even read Micheal Jackson's palm on national TV, check her out. | Source


Psychic ability... Do we have it how to use it! What if you could predict the future? What if you could see the ecomomic breakdown, or the mortgage mess meltdown months before it ever happens? Pay close attention to this article, you may make some great predictions after reading it, things that may heal the world. Let's talk about it.

First of all, How is it done?

According to my research, it has to do with the psychology of the brain in the mind. You must have a firm understanding of that path. The mind has the ability to transcend time events, actually go to a linear time span in a flash, The biggest minds of all times started with a vision from people such as Newton, Alfred Hitchcock, Albert Einstein! They all talk about the connection of our minds with the Universe. All you have to center on is the ability of the brain to pull open the hatch or portal to a different angle, or outcome. To predict is to allow yourself to trust your inner workings of your mind.

Do you notice how all the predictions lately have been so negative? Everything coming to an end, the end of the earth, the world, the sky is falling, the sky is falling, you know that one! Take the year 2012, It's not a doomsday year, it's actually just another era of time that is going to be known for CHANGE! You know, like an ending of something in time, the end of a systematic way of doing things. I like to say it's like having a baby, having somehting born new and fresh and it would be so much better. Then you get a better prediction. Simple?

How do we know we have this ability?

It usually happens when you are really young. For example: You would not have ordinary thoughts like other children. You start to see things that actually would happen after a period time had passed. You probably wouldn't be aware you have any gift at all! But it won't hide for long. But if you find yourself with this gift, do not be scared. Learn not to be frightened if those visions appear, or if you are a parent and you notice your child is exhibiting these visions. Do not run from them. Turn the fear into a positive possibility! There's fear in everyone, no one can escape that. Everyone is talking about the economy failing, all negative. We need more positive.

If you have that gift, then you need to start facing that fear of the unknown. We should be taught how to face the fear and not be afraid. We have to repel the fear with something else, like opening a portal to replace it with something else if you find a snake in it.

But everyone wants to know, WHAT IS IT? Maybe a funnel to be molded. A new love or a new start to something nice. All you have to do is come together as one whole being, and maybe you can even recreate and change what's going on in this world.

What do we do with predictions, can they be brought into the open, can they be acted upon????

People have already predicted the stock crash, over 10 years ago. You have to read and research the books they wrote 10 years ago, and you will see they predicted everything. I'm sure those authors who wrote those predictions follow them to the letter. I'm sure many of them are totally in awe and surprised about what they wrote years ago, maybe even shocked at how their book is coming true. You just have to know the right book to read. One book stated how to predict, "... to predict, you need to use the mind, or what you think you project and begin to project into a reality!" We all have this ability. Just as there are good musicians and bad ones. It's in the mind.

You can predict Earthquakes and what's going on, just go to Google and google the key words. I saw a blog by one such person, and it said basically this, "2011 political earthquakes, 2011 they will start to march in the streets, with presidents disappearing overnight, we will vanish suddenly," and that is what is going on all over the world now. Even Obama is mentioned, some saying he will not run a second term. All this in blogs written years ago.

How it is done, and How you can do it

Okay, here's how to do it. Lie down in a dark cozy room, light a candle, close your eyes, or stare at that candle and let all your thoughts come at once. Write down what you feel and make a few light predictions about your own future, then the future of mankind, whatever you feel. Keep doing it, because you get better. Just keep all predictions together and the most important thing is to TELL SOMEONE!

Another way to make your prediction muscle stronger is to watch tv and try to say words that the characters on tv may say second after you. It works after awhile, you really can learn so much about predicting by watching television and writing down predictions as you talk out loud to yourself. Again, once you have at least ten predictions, do not keep it to yourself, TELL SOMEBODY!!!!

So research your predictions, and relax and let them come to your mind. Let us all know, leave a comment ... do you believe? I do. Leave a prediction. Then I will.


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