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Padre Pio: Stigmata Of God - Part 3

Updated on January 31, 2009


BEPPA is preparing a meal of legumes and greens in a big iron pot for her family in their dilapidated house while at the same time bathing 6 YEAR-OLD FELICITA in a tub in the middle of the kitchen. Beppa turns to stir the pot and 8 year-old Francesco sneaks up behind the tub dunks 6 year-old Felicita's head under the water. Beppa turns around a beat too late to catch 8 year-old Francesco in the act. She pulls her daughter upright out of the water.


What happened?


Franci'. He never stops playing!

Beppa starts after 8 year-old Francesco but 13 YEAR-OLD MICHELE intervenes by changing the subject.


Mammella, can we have some sausage?


Miche', you know better than that. Today is Saturday.


But all the other kids say that they don't eat meat only on Fridays.


Fridays is for Jesus and Wednesdays and Saturdays are for the Madonna of Mount Carmel.


Why do Jesus and the Madonna want me to starve three days a week?


Don't blaspheme!

(patting Michele's tummy)

And you are not going to starve any time soon!


(enters singing Io Te Voglio Bene Assaje in a strong amateur tenor voice)

Tu, n'ommo comm'a chisto,

addó' lo trovarraje?

Io te voglio bene asssaje...

e tu non pienze a me!

(A man like me,

where else would you ever find?

I love you very much...

But you don't think of me!)


I think of you all the time. That is why I put an extra bulb of garlic in the lentils, just the way you like it!

(yelling towards the bedroom)

Mamma' it's ready!

NONNA, carrying 6 MONTH OLD GRAZIELLA with 3 YEAR-OLD PELLEGRINA in tow enters, places the older child in a high chair and then sits at the table next to her with the baby in her lap.


The lentils smell great tonight. I'm sure you can smell the garlic all the way to Benevento!

Beppa gathers the children and they all take their places around the table. Zi 'Razio sits at the head of the table, bows his head, crosses himself and leads the family into a long, elaborate Grace as the food gets cold. Even little 3 year-old Pellegrina sits with her head bowed and hands in prayer.


Beppa is packing a basket filled with breads and cheeses in the back of a little wagon. Zi 'Razio is bridling up the donkey and 8 year-old Francesco is already sitting in the wagon, praying to Saint Christopher to watch over them on their trip.


Now make sure that you save some bread and cheese for your return. Don't eat it all on the way up!


It's four hours each way to Altavilla Irpina! There will be lots of sellers at the Feast of San Pellegrino. I'll buy some bread for the way home.


If you have so much money to waste, give it to me as Michele is walking around with holes in his shoes!


Alright. We'll ration it out if it makes you happy.


Now be careful and take care of Francesco.


Don't worry. He has more than enough people taking care of him. From this world and the next.


(crosses herself)

Blessed be the sacred heart of Jesus!

Zi 'Razio kisses Beppa on the cheek and Beppa kisses 8 year-old Francesco. Zi 'Razio hops onto the wagon, grabs the reins and gives them a shake to get the donkey moving. The wagon wobbles down the dusty street as Beppa waves.

Continued In Part 4

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