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Padre Pio: Stigmata Of God - Part 8

Updated on January 31, 2009


The Archpriest stands behind the altar, conducting a private service. Only 15 year-old Francesco is present.


Blessed Virgin we pray for your intercession in saving the souls of Eugenio Miscio and Rosa Bovio, two of your children who have strayed into mortal sin. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.


(crossing himself)



Francesco, my boy, you have every right to be angered.


No, Pati. I pray for them and will continue to pray for them. Although I do have to confess that once I did mention to God 'My Lord, if it is necessary to give them a whipping or two to convert them, please do it, as long as their souls are saved in the end!'


Then I owe you an apology.


No, Pati. What happened was the will of God.


I commend you for your patience and inner tranquillity, Francesco. I will recommend to the Capuchin novitiate at Morcone that they assume you at once.



Thank you, Pati. Thank you, Jesus.


31 YEAR-OLD PADRE PIO is sitting on a wooden chair in the solitude of the choir loft. He reaches for a letter from his sack and opens it tenderly. ANGLE on the letter as he reads.



Dearest brother Francesco, or should I say Padre Pio. I send you my love from across the sea. I wish I had better news for you from Long Island, but just as the Great War is abating, the Spanish influenza has ravaged our family. My dear son who I named after you has been stricken and I do not know how much longer he has to live. Our sister Pellegrina has lost her only child Alfredo at the tender age of fourteen months. But the greatest tragedy has befallen our sister Felicita's family. Her eldest daughter Giuseppina has been stricken with both influenza and tuberculosis. Her youngest child Ettoruccio has suffered brain damage and now has daily grand mal seizures. Her middle child Pellegrino went up to his father complaining of a headache. He was dead by sundown. Her husband kept the boy's death from Felicita who was bedridden from influenza. Three days later she shouted that her husband had deceived her, and Pellegrino was not outside playing. She said she saw Pellegrino coming with all the child angels and behind them she saw your face. Those were the last words she uttered as she died.

31 year-old Padre Pio drops the letter and falls onto the floor crying.


Lord Jesus, take me now and save the world from this scourge. I pray you. I beg you. Take me now!


The Ecstasy begins. A flurry of discordant hallucinatory CGI scenes, fantasic panoramas, terrifying nightmares and glorious visions.

A RESPLENDENT FIGURE takes 31 year-old Padre Pio by the hand and lifts him from the floor. He wipes his tears away.


Come with me. You must fight a mighty warrior.

Resplendent Figure leads him to a huge plain with opposing warring tribes at either end. One side is handsome men, wearing white garments. The other side is hideous men-monsters, dressed in black. Between the two tribes he sees a huge giant with his darkened face touching the clouds. It is the Ugly Man.


I beg you! Save me from his fury. The strength of all men combined cannot stop him! I am sick and weak, what can I do?


Take heart. Enter the combat with confidence. Go forth courageously. I shall be with you.

The giant Ugly Man attacks 31 year-old Padre Pio, smashing into him with blows, fire and lightning bolts which bring him to his knees. With an overwhelming effort, 31 year-old Padre Pio struggles back against the giant, manages to throw him to the ground and forces him to flee, changing form into a serpent with an enormous head. Resplendent Figure reappears by his side.


He will renew the assault to regain his lost honor. Fight valiantly and do not doubt my aid. Keep your eyes wide open as he will try to take you by surprise.

31 year-old Padre Pio is now suddenly in his friar's cell with Archpriest Pannullo, who is looking at him with disapproval.


Francesco, Francesco. You must give up your charade. You are sinning against God and the Mother Church. Give up your robes and leave this place.

31 year-old Padre Pio stands in fury and exclaims:


Blessed be Jesus!

The image of Archpriest Pannullo disappears in a sulphourous fog. The cell is now filled with a whirring noise like a giant machine. The very walls shake and through the cracks issue crimson clouds that coagulate into human bodies. The walls of the cell are surrounded by stunningly beautiful, completely naked women. They gyrate and prance in erotic dance, touching, kissing and licking each other, beckoning him to join in. 31 year-old Padre Pio refuses their advances and finally screams NO!

The naked women hurl themselves on him, punch and kick him violently, smash chairs over his back, and curse him with filthy words. They pull off his nightshirt and throw him stark naked through the wall into a desolate snowy freezing plain. 31 year-old Padre Pio shivers so violently that he cannot stand and he falls to the snow.

Above him in the sky he sees a sight of heavenly Jerusalem descending towards him. He reaches out his hand to touch it but an invisible force immerses him in waves of fire. As 31 year-old Padre Pio screams in agony, the fire closes around him, crushing him as if in a fiery vise. The naked women return, but this time as scarlet devils. They pummel him with rocks, bricks and shards of metal. Under the incessant blows, 31 year-old Padre Pio recites.


In this endless desert of darkness and despondency, a land of death, a night of abandonment, a cavern of desolation... I shall not abandon my faith.

The diabolic attack abates and the Resplendent Figure returns, holding a long, sharp-pointed blade whose tip spews fire. Suddenly he raises the weapon and plunges it into 31 year-old Padre Pio's left side. 31 year-old Padre Pio falls to the ground writhing in pain. From the Resplendent Figure issue beams of light with shafts of flame that strike 31 year-old Padre Pio in the hands and feet, perforating them.

Continued In Part 9

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