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Pagan/Wiccan Gods & Goddesses: Aglaia

Updated on April 3, 2013
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Danielle Lopez is a published fantasy author, freelance health and medical writer, finance author, and certified birth & bereavement doula.

The Three Graces
The Three Graces

Who is Aglaia?

Aglaia (pronounced ah-GLAY-ah) was a Greek goddess of beauty, gracefulness, charm, splendor, and glory. She, along with her two sisters, was one of the Three Graces (or Kharites) in Greek mythology. Aglaia was the daughter of Zeus and the goddess Eurynome. She was married to Hephaestus and had four children with him; Eucleia, Eupheme, Euthenia, and Philophrosyne.

The Three Graces consisted of Aglaia and her sisters Thalia and Euphrosyne. Aglaia was the youngest of the three. Together they represented charm, beauty, fertility, creativity, and nature. She, along with her sisters, is seen as a young, vibrant maiden.

Sadly, there is very little information on the Three Graces or Aglaia. Most of the information was either lost or forgotten. Despite this, Aglaia can still be revered by anyone seeking her as their patron goddess.

Symbols Associated with Aglaia

Little is known about the goddess and what represents her, but here are a few things that are believed to be associated with her.

  • Gardening
  • The Harvest
  • Roses
  • Nature
  • Sisterly Love

Pagan Worship of Agalia

Aglaia can be revered as a Triple Goddess, along with her sisters. She is an excellent goddess for pregnant women, someone seeking grace and charm, or someone who is trying to find their inner beauty.

The goddess is believed to have a strong connection with nature and the beauty of nature. One way you can honor her is to go for a walk and observe the beauty of the outdoors. Another way is to plant a rose garden. The goddess is associated with roses and gardening. If you wish to include her in your altar, place a rose on the altar as a symbol of her.

Try to connect with the goddess is some way; meditation, spirit walks, etc. She will guide you and express to you what it is that she represents and how you can revere her.

A Mosaic of the Three Graces



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    • Daniella Lopez profile image

      Danielle Lopez 6 years ago from Arkansas

      @Lily: I agree, Lily!

      @Hawthorn: I think it is a good thing that there is such little info on the Graces. It provides you with more opportunity to connect to them. Thanks for the comment!

      @Vianasya: Thanks vianasya! Have a lovely day. :)

    • vianasya profile image

      vianasya 6 years ago from Indonesia

      Interesting reading. I've never heard about this before. Very nice info, Daniella Lopez. :)

    • Hawthorn profile image

      Hawthorn 6 years ago from Albion

      A fantastic hub on these little known deities. The Graces are an amazing bunch and it's a shame so little is left of what was written about them by the Greeks. But I guess that's also a good thing as it will encourage people to contact the Graces and ask them themselves =D.

      Hawthorn x

    • lilyfly profile image

      Lillian K. Staats 6 years ago from Wasilla, Alaska

      It is a shame there is so little on Aglaia, but I wish there were more gods of her kind around... lily

    • Daniella Lopez profile image

      Danielle Lopez 6 years ago from Arkansas

      @Keith: It's always nice to have a goddess of gardening, especially if you're not much of a green thumb like myself. =P

      @Cresent: Thank you for the vote! I've always been drawn to Aglaia, but hate how little information there is on her. I suppose that makes her a great Pagan goddess, because you can do your own thing basically.

      @Seeker: Thank you for the vote as well! I'm glad you found the hub delightful. :)

      Blessed be!

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      A beautiful hub about this little known Goddess - she is knew to me and an absolute delight to read about her!

      Voted up + interesting

    • Cresentmoon2007 profile image

      Cresentmoon2007 6 years ago from Caledonia, MI

      Well there is a deity that I have never heard of and that is why I must vote up. Also because it was a great read.

    • KeithTax profile image

      Keith Schroeder 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      Ah, a god of gardening. Now I am in love. What is most striking is your first image (The Three Graces.) It seems the Greeks had a similar view of beauty way back then.