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Pagan Origins of Christianity

Updated on July 30, 2014

Vesica Pisces- the Fish

In the Book of Revelation 4:7 it reads, "And the first animal was like a lion ( Leo), and the second animal was like a bull ( Taurus), and the third animal had a face of a man (Aquarius, the water bearer), and the eagle( Scorpio)
In the Book of Revelation 4:7 it reads, "And the first animal was like a lion ( Leo), and the second animal was like a bull ( Taurus), and the third animal had a face of a man (Aquarius, the water bearer), and the eagle( Scorpio) | Source

Jesus the Son or SUN of God

There shall be signs in the sun, moon, and the stars"- Luke 21:25

I know from first hand knowledge that the topic- did a historical Jesus really exists?- is a very heated subject. Growing up as a devout christian and even attending seminary, it was difficult for me to admit or deny the stunning revelations that I often found when studying the bible. From the Yeshua interpretation, to the banned heretical books, eventually, I overcame my fears and began to research topics that raised questions for me. I was left with indisputable evidence that; there are several ways to interpret the bible depending on the state of consciousness of the reader. History, of course has played a pivotal role in the control of the definition of sacred scripture with the creation of the cannon texts during the council of Nicaea 325 a.d. For the sake of this subject, let's focus on the signs and wonders hidden within the most read book ever- The Bible. Is it possible that the bible is in fact a disguise for the age old tradition of sun worship? Are some of the text in fact allegory about the procession of the sun through the signs of the zodiac? Lets take a closer look before you through the various details that may shed some light on this matter.

The birth of Jesus, like many other divine saviors of religion is celebrated during the winter solstice on December 25th. Although the bible does not state that this was the actual date of the savior's birth it was the clergymen who formed the christian religion that made this decision. Pope Julius I decreed that the nativity would be celebrated on the same day as all the rest of the sun gods. Who are the other sun gods? Which deities are also celebrated at the winter solstice? Well, to name a few there are Mithra, Saturn, Dionysus, Isis, Apollo, Bacchus, Pan, Spiderwoman, Holly King, Demeter, Huitzilopochli, Alcyone, Baldur, Amaterasu, Marduk, and Sol to name a few.The winter solstice festivities such as Saturnalia, Sol Invicti, Zagmuk, Yule, St. Lucy's day, and Lenaea are all dedicated to these sun gods.It is during this time of year that the sun is "born". At or around December 22 ( depending on the calendar), the Sun makes its final descent into the lowest part of the horizon in the Northern hemisphere. During this phase we experience the shortest span of daylight. The reemergence of the sun back into the sky marks the beginning of the coldest part of winter and the processional ascension of the Sun. Could it be that the nativity heralding the birth of the coming saviour is that of the rising of the sun into the northern sky? Or is this just a coincidence? There are many correlations to texts and stories in the good book that somehow can correlate to the placement and procession of the stars in the sky with a central focus on the movement of the sun.

The start of spring season is marked by the spring equinox. The time when the days and nights become equal as our sun "crosses" over the equator establishing the first day of spring. Spring is a season of fertility and abundance.In ancient Babylon this time of year was celebrated by the rites of Ishtar (pronounced Easter). According to biblical record, it was Queen Semiramis that became the pagan moon Goddess Ishtar. Ishtar a Goddess of fertility,sex and war was said to give birth to Tammuz, the son of Baal- a Sun God. It is the God Tammuz who was fond of rabbits and killed by a pig. After his death, his mother Ishtar dedicated a forty day memorial to him. Among many things to be practiced were the reverence of rabbits and eggs, making the sign of a "t/cross" across the chest in prayer, and fasting from eating meats until a pig was eaten on that final Sunday- Ishtar Day. Sounds familiar? Again it was the clergy who formed the Christian religion at the council of Nicea who decided that the resurrection of Jesus would take place on the first Sunday after the full moon following spring equinox (during the rites of Ishtar). From this, Ishtar became the Queen/Bull of heaven (Taurus) and the mother of God (Sun).

Similarly Jesus is also referred to animals in allegory that are aligned with symbols of the sun in astrological constellations. Like Mithra, Jesus is called the lion and the lamb,and the bright and morning star. It was at the birth of Jesus that the sun began making its procession in the sky from the constellation of Aries ( the ram/ lamb) to Pisces (the fish). Could it be that when the bible speaks of Jesus teaching his disciples to become fishers of me that he was actually referring to the coming of the sun into the age of reign in the pisces constellation?

The Sun & the Stars


The Zodiac and The Bible.

Throughout the old and new testament there are themes that change in context of the story details by remain the same in context of meaning. One such theme is the meaning of numbers. We find that the number twelve is used in tribes of Israel, the sons of Jacob, and the twelve disciples. What may not be as obvious between the three are the common personality traits that are common among the groups. Ironically these same characteristics are also the same among the astrological signs of the zodiac. Could it be that these groups of twelve were in facts always a metaphor for the twelve signs of the zodiac. Did the tale of the last supper actually display a story about the sun making it final exit from the age of Aries (the sacrifical lamb), to come into Pisces( the fish) ? Lets take a look at the disciples from an astrological perspective. Peter, the sign of Aries, initiator and inspiration to all. Simon Zealotes, the Taurus, defying the tradition to defend the people he stated "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's".The lesser James, Gemini sign, the evangelist, very intellectual. Andrew, Cancer, very sympathetic, he ran to get his brother. John, Leo, the most loved out of all of the disciples of Jesus. Phillip, Virgo, the practical one.Bartholomew, the Libra, very persuasive.Thomas, Scorpio, the doubter. James, Sagittarius, jovial. Jude, Aquarius, questioned how Jesus would reveal himself to his followers. Judas, the Pisces, suffered greatly for his weakness to succumb to temptation. Wow! The Irony. Could it be that these men, the twelve tribes, and sons of Jacob were representations of the zodiac? Was the savior a Sun God?

Other Verses with Symbolic Revelance

Malachi 4 :2
2"But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings;
Revelation 22:16
...I am the root and the descendant of David, the bright and morning star.
Sample text from the Bible with reference to heavenly bodies.


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