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Understanding and painting yantras -an introduction

Updated on April 5, 2010
Painting of a Jupiter yantra
Painting of a Jupiter yantra

Life has problems and despair is part and parcel of the game but our ancient culture and realized sages have left us potent solutions to despair. Life on earth is precious.  To live it meaningfully whilst combating all the gigantic problems is surely a challenge. When all solutions go for a toss our rich tradition of culture offer us sure cure answers in the form of yantras. All ancient cultures have sacred geometric designs which depict God energy. In the Vedic culture, this God energy is held within sacred walls of geometric symbols known as yantras. Yantras are not "luck charms" to be gaudily displayed in public but are to be revered to evoke their powers. To evoke the powers of a yantra, its preparation and worship requires dedication and worship to achieve the desired effects. The yantra must be infused with the specific energy of a mantra for it to yield the desired effects or else it is just an interesting picture.

A Yantra is essential in every field of your life, to attain success in your profession, to acquire wealth, to win in court cases, to ward off disease and to progress in meditation. By having a Yantra and keeping it in a sacred place in your house, gazing it everyday you can fulfill your desires and attain your goals. Different types of Yantras are for different purposes. They help  attain success in business, bring wealth and prosperity. Yantras have to be purified and energized before use. Yantras energized during the nights of Maha Shivratri, Holi and Diwali are most effective and powerful. It is auspicious to see the Yantra daily in the morning and one should light incense or a lamp with ghee before the Yantra every morning. s the native is blessed with success and wealth.  According to our ancient texts, Yantra science uses the five elements-earth, water, fire, sky and air and by recitation of mantras it helps modulate nature in one's own interest. 

In the words of Mother Theresa
"I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much." ~Mother Teresa. Yes ! at one time or another to achieve success we all need spiritual upliftment and this higher pull can be drawn from the effects of yantras. A planetary yantra is a special geometric design, which is the visible form, the energy body, of the mantra, and the planet to which it corresponds. Yantras supplement the power of mantras. With a yantra we are crystallizing the power of God energy in close proximity to ourselves and making it correct the negative energies that thwart our success in life. A Yantra is a geometric pattern of regularized energy used to gain power and wealth, ward off evil and illnesses, nullify the ill effects of material existence, bring you to the path of virtue and fortune, enhance your capabilities - and bless you with almost any material comfort or spiritual benefit you desire.

With the worship of Yantras, one can remove the malefic effects of planets, and increase the flow of positive influences.

Yantra which literally means "instrument" is this geometric design which acts as a highly efficient tool for contemplation, concentration and meditation. Yantras carry spiritual significance, and point the user to higher levels of consciousness. The Yantra provides a focal point that is a window into the Absolute. When the mind is concentrated on a single, simple object, a yantra, the unnecessary mental chatter stops. The Yantra is like a microcosmic map of the macrocosm. It is a focus point that charts out the outer and inner doorway of God energy. The Yantras are created for specific deities or planets. Thus by tuning into the different Yantras you can tap into the creative force centers in the universe.

Yantra painting is a traditional art since the Vedic times. Constructing, drawing and painting a yantra brings about concentration, worship and silences the mind.

It begins the process of tuning your energy with the internal energy of your own life, thus removing distress. Yantra painting increases focus and patience developing the right hemisphere of the brain. Imagination and faith in higher forces deplete when the right hemisphere is not balanced with the left hemisphere. Egotistical belief of ‘Man is the creator of his own destiny and science alone is the ultimate which can prove all’ are some of the dormant effects of the right hemisphere.

Yantra construction and painting both planetary as well as ‘Shakti’ or divine yantras is difficult but if indulged is the path towards spiritual evolution of mind, body and spirit. So when in despair- reach out for a yantra. Experience for yourself as you watch the blockages in life sublimate into the universe.


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