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Palm Readings: Are They Accurate?

Updated on November 17, 2021

I’ve had my first psychic experience today. I cried

Magic, spirits, and oracles have always interested me but I’ve always been scared of going on my own. Today, my girlfriend and I decided it would be fun to get our palms read at a psychic in Dupont Circle, D.C.

We climbed three-floors as fast as we could, excited to the core. We rang and a woman in her mid-thirties opened the door.

‘Please come on in,’ she said, smiling. Her little apartment/office had posters and all sorts of ingenious rocks everywhere: granite, basalt, obsidian, and gabbros. Two little comfy chairs and a table in the middle.

‘What type of reading would you like? I can do one hand to only show you the present or I can read two hands to show you the future and what is happening now in your work and love life.’

‘The two palms would be great!’ I responded, sitting opposite her. My girlfriend, excited, sat and watch me being told my future, waiting for her turn.

The psychic began: "I see a long and creative life. You are very stubborn, Anastassia. You need to stop being stubborn. You are stubborn in all the wrong places.’ I nodded, in amazement. She kept on going on the fact that I was meant to have a creative career but I would have to be very patient. She said that I would have a job that would pay the bills, but that it will not interest me in the long run.

‘I see a change of address in your life,’ she continued, ‘I see it will happen this April or May. Are you planning on moving?’ I said yes, with amazement. How did she know I was going to go back to Paris?

‘You will not stay long, just five years and then you will come back to the United States,’ she went on. I smiled because it was what I had planned on doing.

‘Now, moving to your love life, I see that you’ve been hurt a lot, by men, in your past relationships, am I right? ‘ I nodded. I knew she had seen my self-harm scars and it was obvious that I was unhappy but I was still surprised. ‘ You haven’t found the right person yet, but you will. You will have a best friend soulmate, they will make you feel safe and they understand you. I looked at my girlfriend, but she was looking away. "And because of the distance", the psychic continued, "this romantic relationship will end, but the friendship will continue. That’s what best friends soulmates are.’"

‘You will find your love soulmate in your early twenties. How old are you?’ she asked. I answered I was nineteen and she said I was young. ‘I see that you are interested in both men and women, but you’ve given up on men right now.’ I smiled, in agreement.

‘You will get married once, engaged once and you will be the mother of two.’

It was my girlfriend’s turn. With the approval of my girlfriend, I will talk about her palm reading and how it ended making me cry.

When my girlfriend sat down, the psychic said: ‘Wow, you- I can see you have a very powerful ora." They both giggled. I knew she was special. ‘There is no change of address in the near future. You will stay here, for the next four years. I can see a creative job where you will work with people, maybe in the environment? What do you plan on doing?’ She asked.

‘I plan on being an environmental lawyer,’ my girlfriend responded, and I could see that she was surprised that the psychic could see that.

This next reading is what made me tear up: ‘You have a best friend soulmate, ‘- at this point, she knew that we were dating-, ‘distance will tear the relationship apart but you will always have each other as friends. You will find your love soulmate at age twenty-six and will be the mother of three.’

As a very sensitive person, I’ve taken this reading very personally and I had not planned on hearing the psychic say that me and my girlfriend were not going to last. My girlfriend said, trying to calm me down, ‘Don’t take it too seriously. Let’s just enjoy what we have now.’

But like Marcus Aurelius once said: “Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.”

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Anastassia de Bailliencourt


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