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Pandora Spocks - Interview With The Controversial TV Producer (And Time Traveller)

Updated on January 12, 2015

Pandora Spocks was the Station Manager for Edge Media Television/Controversial TV shown on Sky channel 200 for seven years. Find her on Facebook @misspandoraspocks.


Questions And Answers

RICHARD THOMAS: How did you first become interested in alternative subjects like UFOs and conspiracy theories involving secret societies like the Illuminati?

PANDORA SPOCKS: I had an interest in the weird since I was a little kid. I was obsessed with shows like The X Files and I have always been interested in the paranormal and the idea of humans having latent super powers.

Around eight years ago I watched the movie Zeitguist and it really flung me down the rabbit hole, from there I began to investigate every conspiracy that was out there from 9/11 being an inside job to the moon being alien base. In the end I concluded that I too may be a conspiracy and possibly a member of the Illuminati.

RICHARD THOMAS: What were some of the books/documentaries that influenced your thinking the most and how have your beliefs evolved over time?

PANDORA SPOCKS: Jeffrey Kripal's book Mutant and Mystics, Robert Anoton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger, Grant Morrison's The Invisibles and Alice in Wonderland.

The Matrix...yes it's a documentary.

My ideas about the world evolve all the time as new information comes to light and I experience new things...

RICHARD THOMAS: You used to be the station manager/producer for Edge Media TV/Controversial TV on Sky channel 200, how did that come about?

PANDORA SPOCKS: A good friend of mine Keith Goodyer happened to have a blank TV station and asked me if I would like to help turn it into a Conspiracy TV station.

RICHARD THOMAS: Have you always wanted to work in television?

PANDORA SPOCKS: Yes, I wanted to work in television from a very young age, It was my fantasy to see my name roll on the credits!

RICHARD THOMAS: What do you think was the best show you produced was?

PANDORA SPOCKS: The weekly flagship show I produced first with Franky Ma then Theo Chalmers 'ON THE EDGE', nothing better than LIVE TV, we produced over one hundred shows and had so many colourful guests.

RICHARD THOMAS: What happened to Controversial TV?

PANDORA SPOCKS: After running for almost seven years it was never going to earn money to sustain itself. It really was a labour of love for everybody. Someone else bought the channel and turned it into LOADED TELEVISION. A sad day for weirdos everywhere.

RICHARD THOMAS: On your Facebook page you like to post a lot about time travellers, what is it about time travel in particular that fascinates you? Do you have a favourite alleged Time Traveller?

PANDORA SPOCKS: John Titor is my favourite Time Traveller.

Time Travel has still not been proven to be an impossibility, and is reported to be the secret pet subject of Stephen hawking.

I believe I am from the future and am keen to get back there. This timeline is primitive.

RICHARD THOMAS: Magic is another subject that seems to interest you, what do you say to people who think even reading about “the Occult” is dangerous?

PANDORA SPOCKS: I am really interested in 'Magick' and tend to have my own ideas about how it works and actively cultivate for myself a magical world view.

People say that walking the path of a wizard can you send you mad. I am time traveller and a hybrid alien so I don't really know what they mean by that...

RICHARD THOMAS: You were involved in the Alternative section for Neon Nettle and helped recruit some writers like myself for the website. What did you enjoy most about Neon Nettle?

PANDORA SPOCKS: My favourite part of that job as with the TV station was helping to give a platform to all the wonderfully interesting and talented people I know.

RICHARD THOMAS: You have done a lot and met some really interesting people, do you have any goals you still want to achieve?

PANDORA SPOCKS: Yes, so many!

I want to write a number one hit song, become an author and artist and live in a creepy castle. Also I want to get back home to the future. The ice cream on this timeline sucks.

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