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Pandora's Box, the curse of mankind.

Updated on June 19, 2019
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Welcome to Spirit's blog. The place where we find the beauty in the hidden, occult, mythologies of our world. Blessed be.

Hi all and welcome to Spirit's blog. Today I would like to shine some light on the myth of Pandora's Box. I personally have always wondered what is in it, what was the purpose, the meaning of the asteroid Pandora in Astrology, and how it pertains to me. So I set forth to look for answers and you my faithful readers get to follow along and explore with me.

Pandora in "Theogony"

The myth of Pandora was first written in Hesiod's epic poem, "Theogony". In this epic, Prometheus steals fire to give to humans. Zeus is so angered by this, that he instructs Hephaestus (the god of crafting) to create Pandora, as a punishment to humankind. Hephaestus creates Pandora out of earth, she is made extremely beautiful but very curious as well. Her descendants were supposed to torment the human race.In this poem she is dressed in white and silver by the goddess Athena.

Pandora in "Works and Days" her creation

In the poem "Works and Days" by Hesiod, there elaboration to the Pandora myth. In this tale she is created by Hephaestus as well, only this time other gods assisted in her creation. Athena taught her needle work and weaving. Aphrodite made her graceful but longing for something better. Hermes gave her shame, deceit and the ability to craft beautiful lies that could persuade anyone. Athena clothed her in beautiful gowns.

Pandora's gifts from the gods

Persuasion and Charites (minor goddess of charm, beauty, creativity and fertility) gave her enchanted necklaces. The Horae (minor goddesses of seasons and time) gave her a garland crown. Lastly Hermes named her Pandora, meaning "all-gifted". In this poem she brings with her a jar, which has been improperly misinterpreted for many years as a box. This jar contains exhau sting labor, sickness, disease, pain and death to men. Pandora and her jar was given to Epimetheus from Zeus. Epimetheus (Titan who represented humankind) was warned by his brother Prometheus (the one who stole fire) not to accept any gifts from Zeus.

Pandora opens the box

He accepted Pandora against his brother's advice. Pandora out of curiosity opens the jar, out flies evils the world had never seen. The only thing left in the jar is Hope. Pandora out of fear quickly closes the jar, sealing Hope inside. Epimetheus is captivated by her beauty so he marries Pandora. This completing the plan of Zeus to use Pandora's descendants as punishment as well.

Pandora as an asteroid

In Astronomy Pandora is the name given to a large and bright asteroid in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It was discovered on Sept. 10, 1858, by American astronomer George Mary Searle. The name of this asteroid came from the widow of the founder of the Dudley Observatory, where it was originally found. The widow Blandina Dudley, was in an argument with astronomer B.A. Gould, therefore inspiring the name Pandora.

Pandora in Astrology

In Astrology Pandora (the asteroid) is taken to represent, curiosity, not seeing things as they really are. This asteroid also stands for deceit, whistle blowing, telling secrets, and causing commotion. This asteroid is the one in charge when you are set up, or manipulated.

What about me?

Okay at this point I'm sure you are wondering "What about me?". Well here is the characteristics of Pandora in each zodiac sign.

Pandora in Aries

Pandora in Aries, you may have a tendency to think without acting. This is the place where you make rash, impulsive, out of character decisions.

Pandora in Taurus

Pandora in Taurus, your normal stable nature is at stake here. You may find that instead of being level headed you make foolish choices.

Pandora in Gemini

Pandora in Gemini, this asteroid plays off your natural curiosity. It makes you wonder about that which should be left alone. It may even cause you to lie about things for attention.

Pandora in Cancer

Pandora in Cancer will cause you to be overly emotional. You may find your feelings to be erratic and not fit properly to situations. You may over dramatize things.

Pandora in Leo

Pandora in Leo, this placement could enhance how arrogant or self-centered you can be. Pandora may make you inclined to cause a fuss, for attention.

Pandora in Virgo

Pandora in Virgo, this sign may have a difficult time handling Pandora. She plays on your critical nature and enhance your natural coercion to full out manipulation.

Pandora in Libra

Pandora in Libra, this asteroid really messes things up for you. It could cause you to hold unnecessary grudges. You may find that it makes things unfair, which will rub your diplomatic nature the wrong way.

Pandora in Scorpio

Pandora in Scorpio, in this placement you may become more secretive than normal. You may become more distrusting and it can rob of your trans-formative powers.

Pandora in Sagittarius

Pandora in Sagittarius, is difficult to say the least. She may make you completely unconcerned with those who don't share your interest. It may bring about an energy that is unforgiving and hostile.

Pandora in Capricorn

Pandora in Capricorn, may cause you to be very condescending. This may even come across as literally thinking you know everything. Believing you are right, and telling everyone so.

Pandora in Aquarius

Pandora in Aquarius, this asteroid may make you feel as if you could care less. This is an enhancement of the aloof qualities in your sign. You may feel that the opinions of others are not valid.

Pandora in Pisces

Pandora in Pisces, even that dream world of yours is not safe from Pandora. She will make you blend the fantasy realm and the real realm so much that you cannot tell the difference. Pandora may cause confusion and pain to your normally empathetic nature.

Well now that it is all out there in the open. I have Pandora in Taurus in my 7th house, the house of relationships. So my relationships may be chaotic, unstable, and peppered with poor choices. You may be wondering how do we stop such an astrological menace. Think back to the myth, all that was left in the jar is hope. Maybe this is where people got the idiom, "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.". Also think of "While there's life, there's hope.". Lastly "curiosity killed the cat". To ward off the ill effects of Pandora in your birth chart or transit chart, all we need is hope. Blessed be.

© 2019 Occult Spirits


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