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Updated on September 10, 2017


Panpsychism is the idea that everything has consciousness. Some say all life has consciousness, other go so far as to say everything, all the way down to electrons and photons have consciousness.

I have believed in the past that everything has consciousness, but now I'm not so sure. I had associated consciousness with matter itself, but now I think the consciousness is located in a thing's morphic field.

A morphic field is a field organizing each thing's behavior and structure. You can read more about morphic fields in Rupert Sheldrake's "A New Science of Life". A morphic field is like a magnetic field. Morphic fields are Platonic forms in the Platonic realm. They are always there. A field is then "activated" in the material plane when conditions are right.

The morphic field is where consciousness is located. I still haven decided if ALL morphic fields hold consciousness, or only the fields of living beings. Either way, each "thing" has it's own field. A photon, a proton. a molecule, a cell, a human, a galaxy. It is a nested heirarchical structure, with morphic fields all the way up and down.

Each cell in your body has it's own consciousness. Of course, a cell's consciousness is at a much lower level than your consciousness. It is much weaker, and is able to utilize it's free will on a smaller basis. It is more affected by instinct than a higher organism is. A higher organism like a human is able to go against instinct more freely, as it is more aware. A dog is less aware than a human, and thus more tied to it's instincts.

Instincts are organized in the morphic field. A spider's instinct to build a web is located in it's morphic field, which is unique to it's species. Every species has it's own unique instincts.

This is my idea of Panpsychism.

Do All Living Things Have Consciousness?

I believe they do. All the way from humans down to bacteria.

I even believe each cell of our bodies have individual consciousness. They are part of a larger body, just like we are part of the larger body of the living organism called the Universe.

Yes, everything living has consciousness. Plants, animals, bacteria, fungus. There are large networks of fungus under the ground, sometimes spanning acres. What kind of consciousness must those organisms have? Maybe one greater than our own. They have proliferated for millions of years. Humans have only been around for 200,000 years.

But the Universe has been around much longer. Billions of years. Who knows how large this living organism spans? It can communicate with us through intuition, numbers, synchronicities and other means.

One Hubber pointed out that plants will act like animals when shown on high speed video. Moving and seeking out nutrients and water in the soil. I've seen this and I agree. They have a will. And thus must have a consciousness.

A brain is just for higher functioning, not consciousness. Consciousness is fundamental. There would be no life without consciousness.

The living Universe evolved according to Gods plan. We, humans, plants, animals, bacteria, fungus and other life are not separate beings. We are all part of the living Universe. It's goals have something to do with us humans. That is why it communicates with us. It gives us the numbers to build our cities and buildings.

As above, so below.

There is a plan, and it is a spiritual plan. I've figured out that much so far. My experiences with God have shown me that morals and spiritual growth are important in this plan. My experiences with the Universe have shown me that numbers, geometry, and astronomy are important. Especially the Precession of the Equinoxes. I will expand on that in further installments.


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