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Pantheism Is Our Best Hope For World Peace

Updated on November 11, 2014

Pantheism and a Resource based economy will serve us best

Pantheism, the idea that ALL IS GOD, coupled with a resource based economy, gives us our best chance for world peace.

Dr. John Hagelin, perhaps the most enlightened 21st century quantum physicist, a brilliant man with an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth and a PhD from Harvard, has proven, scientifically, that ALL is GOD which just happens to be the very definition of Pantheism. This scientific view of God, Nature, or The Universe,( call IT by whatever name you prefer), is possibly the most important scientific discovery we can use for the eventual establishment of world peace.

There are literally hundreds of different religions being practiced around the world today and each one of them believes something different about both the definition of God and the best ways for people to think, feel, and act in order to be the best they can be. Clearly, while most of these religions have similar intentions to be loving and virtuous, their scriptures require human interpretation which are frequently erroneous thereby creating false beliefs. False belief, which is believing something to be true which is actually false, always produces negative or destructive behavior.

Recent discoveries about the sophistication and complexity of DNA, using state-of-the art microbiology or nano-technology, has produced a consensus opinion among the top scientists that only a God-like form of intelligence could have possibly produced DNA. All honest scientists now agree that DNA could not have been produced randomly and through natural selection as Darwin suggested. Therefore Darwin was wrong.

Also, based on the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, we now know, absolutely for certain, that this God energy of which everything consists, prefers LOVE, TRUTH, JOY, KINDNESS, and PEACE to all other emotions or feelings. This fact, alone, proves that Satanism is not of God or Love. Satanism is purely a fear based religion which can only produce lust, greed, hatred, vanity, jealousy, and the abuse of power.

Perhaps the most destructive religion on earth today is the form of Luciferianism or Satanism being practiced by the world's wealthiest and most powerful people. These people believe that Satan is the highest God and that the greatest gift they can give to Satan is the "innocence" of a small child. They believe that having sex with young children is the most effective way to take the "innocence" away from a child and give it to their Lord and Master Satan.

These Satanists also believe that drinking the blood of a freshly sacrificed child, immediately after the child has been raped and terrified, gives them both great strength and immortality. The hormones and various chemicals released into the bloodstream when we are experiencing absolute terror produces the most desirable form of blood for these Satanists to drink. Also, during the Satanists' child sacrifice rituals, after they have consumed the blood of the murdered child, they then cut the child up into smaller parts and eat the dead child's flesh.

The wealthiest and most powerful people on earth are Satanists and regularly practice these ritualistic Satanic Child sacrifice ceremonies. On July 19, 2014 The International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels, Belgium found guilty three of the most powerful men on earth for such horrific crimes.

The three men were charged and found guilty of aiding and abetting crimes against humanity, including murder and human trafficking, and of personal involvement in those crimes. The three men found guilty are Jorge Bergoglio, more commonly known as Pope Francis; Adolfo Pachon, more commonly known as the Jesuit General or Black Pope; and Justin Welby, The Archbishop of Canterbury.

Eyewitnesses placed these three men at the scene of one of these Satanic child sacrifice ceremonies, participating in the rape, murder, mutilation, and consumption of the child. Reportedly, the Queen of England and many other members of the Royal Family also regularly participate in these Satanic child sacrifice rituals.

At this trial of the White Pope, the Black Pope, and The Archbishop of Canterbury, eye witnesses also testified to witnessing a Human Hunting Party where 10 young boys, primarily young teens, were forced to strip and were released naked into the forest and instructed to run for their lives. They were then hunted down and shot to death. The hunters then cut off the penises of the dead boys and waived them over their heads like trophies as they laughed and cheered.

There were quite a few wealthy men involved in the hunt, perhaps a dozen or so, but the eyewitness recognized and named four of these men. They were Prince Frisco of Holland, George Soros the billionaire, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and Prince Albert of Belgium. Reportedly, these human hunting events are very popular among the earth's wealthiest and most powerful people, most of whom also secretly practice Satanism.

While Satanism is simply one extreme example of a religion that teaches and practices beliefs that are both false and incredibly destructive, it is important to know that such things are actually happening so we can figure out a way to stop this madness. It is particularly important in the world today because the same people involved in Satanism, the child sacrifice rituals, and the human hunting parties, are also the same people responsible for starting every war we have had over the past 200 years, as well as many other major crimes against humanity.

False ideas about Nature, the universe, or God, particularly a false definition of God, leads to other false ideas or beliefs. For example, the false belief that the Universe is not unified or interconnected, that God is not All or One, leads to the false beliefs of Separation and Superiority. These are the two primary false beliefs that lead to such events as these Satanic Child sacrifice rituals, the human hunting parties, and war.

These false beliefs in separation and superiority also lead to the population control agenda of the super wealthy and powerful. These false beliefs in separation and superiority make it much easier for the super wealthy to justify murdering millions of innocent people in wars, with fraudulent vaccine campaigns, with suppressed medical cures, by poisoning the water, air, and food supplies, etc.

After all, these Satanists and Ruling Elites justify in their own minds with their false beliefs that because they are separate from these poor people, not connected to them or related to them in any way, it's OK to kill them. Plus, because they know they have far more money and property, and are far more educated and sophisticated, they honestly feel they are superior to other people, especially poor people. This also helps them justify their murderous agenda.

Dr. John Hagelin, possibly the most enlightened quantum physicist in the world today, not only proved that Einstein's Theory of the Unified Field is correct but he also proved that this Unified Field is extremely intelligent. This means that ALL THAT IS, EVERYTHING, is unified, interconnected, or ONE. Everything consists of some incredibly sophisticated form of consciousness or intelligent energy.

This means that our entire Universe, and everything in it, including YOU and ME, is made totally and entirely out of some super-sophisticated and highly intelligent form of energy that, as far as we can tell, is also infinite in nature. Whew! Because it is so awesome in so many ways, mere words simply can't describe it adequately, can't do it justices so to speak. Such amazing things, considered too awesome to describe adequately, are said to be indescribable or ineffable.

Therefore, when the truth about this gets out, the ideas or beliefs in human separation and superiority will be recognized as false ideas and beliefs. In fact, people will realize that human separation and superiority are literally impossible. Because everyone is made totally and entirely of the same ineffable form of energy, we are all awesome, children of God, divine, and ineffable.

In reality, being made totally and entirely of God means that it is literally impossible to be innately superior to anyone else, regardless of their physical location on the planet or their educational or economic status. We are all children of God, literally brothers and sisters. As more people begin to realize the truth of Pantheism, the fact that ALL IS GOD, then it won't be so easy to kill someone else.

Also, this increasing awareness of the unity of all things, and the idea that we literally are all awesome children of God, and literally brothers and sisters will eventually help people understand that both LACK and LIMITATION are not natural but rather the product of Greed. The fact that we are all members of the same living Oneness, that everything in the Universe is part of our body, so to speak, means that we are all members of the same Living Whole, as is everything else. Therefore, everything in the universe honestly belongs to all of us.

It's much like living in a house with your family and all the food in the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator belongs to all of you. Anyone in the family who wants a bowl of cereal, a ham and cheese sandwich, an apple, or a cookie can have it without causing problems. In families, sharing the natural resources is both natural and expected. In reality, this is the way our universal family or God's family could and should be too.

In reality, the earth has more than enough natural resources to provide incredible abundance for each and every person on earth. There is far more than enough for each and every one of us to live like billionaires. However, due to the false beliefs in separation and superiority, more false beliefs like those of LACK and LIMITATION have been produced. These are the false beliefs that lead to Greed, the destructive need to take what others have for fear that there won't be enough or that others might get more than them and become more powerful.

Today, we have people like Queen Elizabeth, a member of the incredibly wealthy Windsor family, who owns 6.6 billion acres of land, one-sixth of the Earth's land surface, which is valued at about 17.6 trillion pounds or about $28 trillion dollars. This is just the value of the land only. The Rothschild Family is reportedly worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 trillion dollars. These are just two families, among many super wealthy families, that hoard enormous wealth, which they will never use, while millions of children starve.

The Roman Catholic Church is reportedly the wealthiest organization on the planet, far wealthier than any of the families previously mentioned. They have been building a financial empire since 325 A.D. They could be worth anywhere from a quadrillion dollars to many quadrillion. We don't know for sure because nobody is allowed to audit the Vatican Treasury.

This false belief in LACK also leads the ruling elites to the greedy suppression of great ideas for fear of losing something they now possess. For example, about 100 years ago, Nikola Tesla invented a way to provide everyone in the world with all of the FREE ENERGY they could ever use. However, J.P. Morgan, his financial backer suppressed this idea when he discovered he could not meter this energy and get paid for it.

This same form of destructive suppression is occurring right now in the medical business, the oil business, and many other businesses. For example, The Cannabis Plant, alone, is the best medicine ever found on earth. It can cure cancer better than anything else ever found. It is the best source of Food, Fuel, Fiber, Plastics, Paper, and Medicine. It has been calculated that we can replace our total need for fossil fuel with a more environmentally friendly form of fuel we can produce from the cannabis plant and use only 6% of America's farmland to produce it. It is literally a multi-trillion dollar industry being suppressed by the greedy few. Again, I repeat, this situation we are experiencing has been created by a false belief in LACK or Scarcity.

Jacque Fresco, a genius, created the Venus Project where he explains, in detail, how a Resource based economy, instead of a debt-based or monetary based economy, could and would dramatically enhance the quality of life for everyone on the planet. The only roadblock is the lust, greed, hatred, jealousy, vanity, and abuse of power that comes primarily from the Ruling elites' false beliefs in separation, superiority, lack, and limitation which all originate from their false ideas about God.

As more and more people awaken to the truth about the nature of the Universe or God, and begin perceiving of and treating everyone else as their very own brother and sister, as members of their own family, then we can begin to make the transition to a resource based economy. This is the only way we can escape from the corruption and slavery associated with a monetary or debt based economy. This is our best chance at world peace and prosperity for all.

The truth is that it would only take a small portion of the wealth of The Catholic Church or one family with the wealth of a Windsor, Rothschild, or Rockefeller family to finance the transition from a monetary based or debt based economy to a resource based economy.

We need to continue telling the truth about the nature of God and the Universe, along with the truth about a Resource based economy replacing the monetary based economy. In time, hopefully, we can convince the Catholic Church or one of these greedy trillionaires to finance this transition to a resource based economy.

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