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Paradox of Divine Clones

Updated on May 8, 2010
"Paradox of divine clones" - Rishy Rich (April, 2010)
"Paradox of divine clones" - Rishy Rich (April, 2010)

The 'Paradox of Divine Clones' consists two interrelating questions. The first question leads to the main problem while the second one helps us to understand the answers to the first question.

The problem can be presented with these two questions:

Q 1. If we clone Jesus, will we be able to create multiple Gods or Sons of Gods?

Q 2. What happens to the soul when we clone someone? Are we creating new souls?

Before firing the debate, we need to decide on the nature & functions of souls. Since there are no absolute definitions of soul which can be granted universally, we have to look for the common traits of souls. 

Then, there is a minor problem. This paradox is applicable only when we assume that Jesus Christ is the God himself or he is the son of God & thus he possess a divine spirit or soul which differentiates him from us. However, if we conclude that Jesus was just a great teacher/ messiah in a rational way but never possessed anything divine within him, then the Paradox will lose its ground. 


Therefore, to present this Paradox in a more solid ground, we need to hold two assumptions:

A 1: Looking at the life of Jesus, we can assume that soul is completely above the influence of material world & has nothing to do with nurture. For instance, since Jesus was the Son of God & predestined to be the messiah, his soul had nothing to do with life experience, memory & developed personality. Being a Son of God, no matter in which context he will born into, he will always possess the divine spirit & godly soul inside him.

A 2: Soul possess the fundamental characteristics that are common in most major religions I.e. divine, eternal, immaterial, single source of origin etc.

Holding these two assumptions, now we can move into the support question (Q2) that leads to the main problem (Q1) :

Q 2. What happens to the soul when we clone someone? Are we creating new souls?

If your answer is YES, then I would say we have reached the level of GOD because we are capable of creating divine everlasting souls.


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What happens to the soul when we clone someone? Are we creating new souls?

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If your answer is NO, then we have to assume it's the existing souls that gets split or multiplied in a divine way each time we clone a person.

In such scenario I would present Q 1, the case of Jesus Christ's Cloning. Which indicates the cloning of Christ would create multiple divine beings (since his divine soul is getting split or multiplied). Such cloning would create multiple Sons of God or to be precise multiple clone Gods.

We can see that both answers create an objectionable outcome. Either we are reaching the status of God by creating brand new souls or we are creating Sons of God/Clone Gods and achieving a higher status than God. Thus the ‘Paradox of Divine Clones' is projecting intense doubt in the divine nature of Jesus Christ & in the existence of a divine, eternal soul.


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    • profile image

      Chicka-D 7 years ago

      Have we cloned humans yet? Do we know for sure that they are, in fact humans, with the same emotion and capacity for love? Interesting hub. I would almost want to meet a clone in real life before trying to come up with a philosophy of my own.

    • Rishy Rich profile image

      Rishad I Habib 7 years ago from Bangladesh

      Thanks for following me too. Looking forward for ur feedback...

    • killrats profile image

      killrats 7 years ago from Cape town South Africa

      Hi Rishy,

      Firstly thanks for following. Like the hub and will give it some thought before answering, it gives one a lot to think about.

      Have a great day