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Paramahamsa Yogananda!

Updated on September 28, 2014

Yogananda and his Gurus!

Yogananda, the Divine child!

Only these five human values can save the earth now from utter chaos. They are Truth, Right conduct, Peace, Selfless love and non-violence. There is no other way to save the earth other than these ways. But this can be done by people who practice all the five in their life. But, the world is quite short of such holy souls. I don’t say they are not on the earth but they cannot be traced out, since they work silently without showing themselves and without attracting the attention of one and all. We might have heard about “Maha Avatar Babaji” who works incognito. Only rare souls can perceive him. He was the Guru of Lahiri Mahasaya. Shri Yukteswar Giri is his disciple. Paramahamsa Yogananda was groomed by Shri Yukteswar! All the three had seen Mahaavatar Babaji in flesh and blood. But Babaji will make him visible only when he chooses so. Likewise many souls are working for the welfare of the world invisibly.

When pure souls meditate even in some remote corners of the globe, the vibrations will reach everywhere invisibly. Hence one need not perform such practices openly. For the ordinary people, congregational worship, temple visit and group meditations will help a lot. But the silent meditations from the above saints from wherever they chose to be are lot more beneficial to the world. Many readers might have gone through “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahamsa Yogananda! For those who have not yet heard about him, I will tell a few episodes connected to the great Yoga teacher and practitioner. His past merits were huge that he could contact none other than Swami Yukteswar Giri of Serampore as his master. From younger days, Yogananda was not interested in mundane life. Yet, for the satisfaction of his parents and family members, he had to pursue education until a A.B degree, bachelor degree which was called as A.B degree on those days. This too he passed after much effort and coaxing from his Divine Teacher Yukteshwar! He could just pass the examination threadbare; he just got the pass marks in all subjects. None could believe that Yogananda would come out of the examination unscathed. But his faith in his Master got him through the tedious exam. Why it was difficult for him? Every day, after completion of the classes, he would rush to Serampore to meet his Master and learn many a thing from him. Those Eternal teachings belong to sublime souls, the path which was followed by many saints and sages of ancient India. At one stage, Yogananda had to undertake ‘sanyas’ or recluse life. Of course, his parents were not so happy at the prospect of their son becoming a monk! But destiny has many things in store for him. Those who read his beautiful autobiography would vouch his beautiful records of his life in a very interesting way. Sometimes it evokes our feelings, sometimes, it was very witty and at other times, it is a profound treasure house of spirituality, which can be understood by even an ordinary man.

From younger days, Yogananda was interested in the Himalayas. He wanted to visit the holy mountain place, where he heard many recluses and yogis are undertaking penance of many years! But, his attempts failed several times until one day when he could embark on the holy voyage so to say! Afterwards, he learned the Truth from many saints who were living there, that it is not essential to remain in Himalayas to continue his spiritual quest. He can do so very well in his place itself. His Master too cautioned him, there is no use in such outings”. But Yogananda has to personally experience the reality behind it personally. After much strain, wasting much of his time, Yogananda returned to his Master acknowledging the wisdom of his teacher! But he had a great destiny. He has to travel to the West as an ambassador of spirituality propagating “Kriya Yoga”, the secret science of ancient India. He had succeeded in convincing many Americans and British people, the profound effect of Kriya yoga in one’s life when he is initiated in the science of yoga. He established many such Yoga centers around the globe in beautiful environment. After twenty years of travelling in the West, teaching many people, conducting seminars and participating in the conference of world religions, Yogananda earned a niche in the heart of Westerners. He has written many beautiful books on this ancient spiritual practice. He first started one center in Ranchi in India and put one of his trusted colleagues as in charge. Yogananda has seen his master in flesh and blood when his master has departed from the world. He could not be present there at that time. But after his guru’s funeral, a long time after, Yogananda saw his Master materializing in a hotel room where Yogananda was staying at that time. He embraced his master tightly and enquired the reasons for sending him away at that time. Shri Yukteswar lovingly replied, “You won’t bear my departure and hence I have sent you away but informed you in an ethereal stage. The same body which has been buried beneath the sands in Serampore, you are beholding. I have materialized myself in the same form to give you solace and peace! Likewise, during one Kumbamela festival, Yogananda had a chance to see Mahaavatar Babaji also who blessed him profusely. I will continue these episodes whenever I feel so!


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