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Paranormal Adventures, Something Comes For Us When We Die.

Updated on March 7, 2014

The Angel Of Death

Do you think the Angel of Death comes for people when they die? What do you believe? Post your thoughts in the comment section below.
Do you think the Angel of Death comes for people when they die? What do you believe? Post your thoughts in the comment section below. | Source

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Deceased Relatives Return For The Dead

People Who Die Are Said To Encounter A Room Full Of Dead Relatives. Hospice Workers Have Told This For Years.
People Who Die Are Said To Encounter A Room Full Of Dead Relatives. Hospice Workers Have Told This For Years. | Source

People Who Die Encounter A Room Full Of Dead Relatives.

Hospice Workers who have been around now in some parts of the world for 50 plus years say that people who are in hospice care often tell of a room full of deceased relatives waiting on them when they either die or are very close to death.

Hospice Nurse Katherine Willis has been keeping a journal for 20 plus years now and she has written down all of her and her friends experiences with patients who told of seeing deceased relatives waiting on them or there in the room with them when their time to die comes near.

Willis says that when a lot of people go to die they are scared but quite often they will start talking to someone the Hospice nurses or family can not see. She tells of one lady who just starting smiling and held out her hand to someone no one else could see. She told Willis who had worked with her for weeks that her 13 year old daughter who drowned when she was 27 was standing there in the room. At the time the patient was 87.

The woman went on to tell Willis that not only her daughter but also her grandmother and her sister were there in the room with them. She told Willis that her relatives were there to take her to the other side.

Willis said it is not at all strange for dying patients to tell of seeing dead relatives there in the room with them. She said it has happened to her again and again and it often happens to her coworkers as well. Willis has been keeping a journal now for almost twenty years and she has documented 287 cases where dying patients have told of deceased relatives coming for them when they go to die.

Willis tells of being in a room with a patient and the patients daughter when the 77 year old woman started looking around and talking to people all around the room. Willis said the daughter asked her, Mama who are you talking to? Her mother answered and told her honey I'm talking to all our relatives I haven't seen in years but they are all here in the room with us now. They're here to see me now.

Willis said that she has also seen many strange things in her twenty plus years as an RN Hospice nurse. She says she has seen shadow people, ghosts, shadows move across rooms, items move on their own, doors open and close on their own and she says she once saw a seven foot tall angel with wings standing at the head of a lady close to death. She said the angel was only like a shadow but that you could clearly see it was a man and that she could see huge wings on its back.

Willis says she knows there is life after death and after working 20 years as a Hospice nurse that she is more convinced than ever.

All About Death In This Photo

Check Out the things in this photo for a lot of things about death.
Check Out the things in this photo for a lot of things about death.
Does the Angel Of Death come for some people or all people when they die. What do you think about this? Post below and share with us all.
Does the Angel Of Death come for some people or all people when they die. What do you think about this? Post below and share with us all. | Source

In the photo is a real Death Watch Beetle

If you listen carefully and a death watch beetle is around you can hear the tapping sound they make on wood.
If you listen carefully and a death watch beetle is around you can hear the tapping sound they make on wood. | Source

Death Watch

This unhappy turn of a phrase refers to a species of beetle known as the deathwatch beetle, whose favorite pastime is tapping on wood. It is believed that if you hear that tap, there will be a death in your family.

Another explanation for the expression comes from the centuries old tradition of waiting and watching for the ghost of a dead person to come back and cause trouble shortly after the funeral. People would stay up all night to keep watch and to keep the evil spirits away.

Sitting up with the dead was an ancient custom. It was also a time when heavy drinking was deinitely encouraged. Time hasn't changed things much.

The ancients consumed vast amounts of wine because they believed that the spirits in the wine helped the soul of the deceased on its way to the spiritual world. They also believed that the wine helped to cleanse the sins of the deceased.

Watching over the corpse, one of the main reasons for a wake, comes from the notion that evil spirits from the underworld might sneak in and snatch the body before the soul has a chance to try its luck at Heaven's gates. Those who gather at a wake often sing, toast each other loudly, tell jokes, and laugh in keeping with the old beliefs that these boisterous ways will keep the evil spirits away.

This behavior, which some might consider unseemly, is believed by the Irish to make a proper and fitting send off for the deceased person.

You don't usually see wakes like these today but I remember many of them from when I was a child in rural North Carolina. I even remember a Sin Eater from my very early childhood and tales of many other sin eaters from much earlier times.

In this photo are living death watch beetles decorated as jewerly for sale in old Mexico. Usually sold near the Day of the Dead Ceromonies.
In this photo are living death watch beetles decorated as jewerly for sale in old Mexico. Usually sold near the Day of the Dead Ceromonies. | Source

Something Comes For Us When We Die.

If you've wondered, as I have, why people are buried so quickly, the reason is that ghosts shouldn't be encouraged to hang around too long.

A classic superstition about death and dead bodies is the notion of putting coins, or coppers, on the eyes of the deceased. People still do that today, for numerous reasons. Centuries ago, people thought that the soul left the body through the hollow eye sockets and since the Devil could enter that way, the coins were to close the holes. In classical Greece and Rome, the coins were payment to the god of the underworld for his chore of ferrying the soul to the land of the dead.

History says that a doctor laid silver dollar halves on Lincoln's eyelids after he died, but then he was President. Before someone dies:

A Dog Will Howl.

An Owl Will Sceech.

A Picture May Drop.

There Will Be A Rapping Sound At The Window.

The Sound Of Church Bells Will Ring In Your Ears.

You'll See A Falling Star.

You'll Dream Of Muddy Water.

Or any other of a thousand such signs of death will occur. But there will always be a sign.

In early times it was believed that evil spirits lived inside dead bodies and they had to be burned. The Greeks, however, thought that by cremating the body the soul was liberated, and that the souls of buried bodies were outcasts and would probably never get to paradise.

We know that in ancient Egypt mummification was the prefered burial procedure. The Egyptians believed that the dead spirit would return to the body, and it was prepared for future use.

The Romans didn't believe in an afterlife and didn't bother with mummification.

Today's tombstones are used to mark the site of a grave and to say the person has been in this world. Yesterday's tombstones were designed to keep in the ground evil spirits that inhabited the dead body.

That was also the reason for the extremely heavy coffins we see today in museums. Remember in ancient times people firmly believed that death was contagious. Most of the death rituals of that time were to keep the dead from getting at the living and taking them away with them.

My Grandmother was a midwife and country doctor and was often called out when people would be very sick or would be close to death. I remember her telling us all kinds of tales of shadows on the walls and that she would catch a glimpse of a dark shadow being at about the time of a person's death. She thought she was seeing the angel of death. My Grandmother was an educated woman but she believed very much in spirits, ghosts and an afterlife. She told of seeing ghosts all her life and my mom did also. I also have seen ghosts all my life. I recently turned 62 and I've seen ghosts and paranormal activity since I was four years of age.

I know for a fact that all is not over when we die. No not at all. And no ghosts are not demons or from the devil. Not everyone moves on when they die. Some people's spirits for what ever reason stick around after death. An for what ever reason some people have the ability to see ghosts and other paranormal activity while other people can not.

Mexico: Day of the Dead

Why do we all have the fear that something is waiting there under the bed. You know back in that dark corner.
Why do we all have the fear that something is waiting there under the bed. You know back in that dark corner. | Source

Fear Of The Dark

Having a fear of dark places isn't considered instintive, it's a response to conditioning. Great grandmother used to say that night air was unhealthy because it would fill the house with poison. She was always repeating an idea that her grandma had taught her that air after sundown was harmful.

Long ago people thought that at night evil air rose from the ground and floated around, poisoning the atmosphere. Many sun worshippers hid until the sun came out because when it went away they felt they no longer had its protection.

Primitive man had every right to be afraid of the dark, since he lived in forests and caves where darkness often concealed wild animals that could attack them. Once man learned to build and use fire they kept a fire going at night to keep away dangerous animals and other things that go bump in the night.

Black For Mourning

In ancient times, it was thought that death was contagious. It was also believed that some deaths were caused by neglect in some way, and so evil spirits could easily get into the dead body. Mourners wanting to be as inconspicuous as possible wore black, in the belief that it was less likely to attract the spirit of death.

The belief was fairly widespread. People were afraid of ghosts and tried to hide light skin under the black cloth of mourning. In some primitive societies people even painted themselves black.

In the American south clocks were stopped as soon as possible after their had been a death in the family and mirrors were covered with pieces of black cloth until after the deceased person had been buried.

It was taught not to let a baby look into a mirror for a year after its birth or it will die. At the instant that a family member died all the mirrors in the house were covered with black cloth. I remember my grandmother doing this after my grandfather died. It was also believed that if a mirror fell off the wall that there would be a death in the family with in a year. And if the mirror broke that the person who dropped it or caused it to fall would have seven years of bad luck. And we have all heard the legend of Bloody Mary who is said to hide behind the mirror in the bathroom. If you go into a darkened bathroom with a lighted black candle and stare into the mirror and say her name 13 times she will appear there in the mirror. But use care for its said she has the ability to drag you into the mirror where you will be trapped forever.

Angel Caught on Camera in Hospital

Nurses And Doctors See Strange Things In Hospitals All The Time.
Nurses And Doctors See Strange Things In Hospitals All The Time. | Source

Strange Paranormal Things Happen All The Time In Hospitals

A friend of mine who is a R.N. at a large southeastern U.S. Hospital tells us often of the strange things that she sees and hears all the time in the hospital where she works. In the hospital where she works there is a certain patients room that the hospital stopped using for a patients room altogether because there was so much paranormal activity in that room. The room was turned into a storage room but the ghost in the room kept pushing the nurse button for assistance from a nurse. The wires were removed but it continued. And still happens to this day.

My friend said that one night when just her and another nurse were working on the hall where the haunted room is she sat at the nurses station with her coworker and they watched as a hospital bed rolled its self down the hall and stopped at the door of the haunted room. They left the bed there and didn't mention what they had seen to anyone. My friend said Francis was probably trying to put a bed back into the room she had stayed in while alive and still considered to be hers after she had died.

Supposedly the haunted room is haunted by a ghost named Francis who was in the hospital many times while alive and every time she came to the hospital she insisted on staying in that particular room. They said while alive that Francis was very hard to get along with and that she always complained about everything. Francis actually died in the room that was said to be haunted. After she died patients who tried to stay in that particular room would be scared out of their minds by an old lady with purple socks ordering them out of her room. Some told that she would come out of the bathroom and become angry at finding them in what she considered to be her room. After a few times of this happening the hospital just closed the room down and later changed it into a storage room. But Francis is still sticking around and isn't going anywhere. And yes while she was alive she always wore long purple socks to keep her legs warm.

My friend the R.N. tells that quite often when a person dies in the hospital that a nurse will often see a large shadow like person in or around the room when the person dies. She says that nurses and doctors are careful about who they talk around but that most hospital staff do see strange and unusual things in hospitals all the time but they just stay quite and don't tell anyone about what they are seeing.

She says that other nurses have told her of seeing the ghosts of dead people walking around in the halls and that quite often that patients that are close to death will talk to people who you can't see but that they seem to be carrying on a conversation. She says a lot of nurses and doctors think it is a deceased relative of the person who has come for them.

She said that children in the hospital often tell of seeing people who are not there. She said that children often tell of seeing the funny old lady with the purple socks on her hall in the hospital and she says the children have to be seeing the ghost of Francis wandering around the hospital halls.

She said the children have to be seeing Francis because the nurses never talk about ghosts in front of patients and that there is no way that any child could have ever come up with the story of seeing a little old lady in a red bathrobe and purple knee socks unless they had seen Francis. Francis died in the hospital room sixteen years ago. She died wearing a red bathrobe and purple knee socks.

My Strange Ghost Story

In 1999 I was working as a paramedic for Charleston County , South Carolina. We always started telling ghost stories and other tall tales when we would be setting at the station waiting for a call to come in. Over the last couple of years I had heard some spooky stories from some of the other paramedics and on the night of December 5th 1999 we received a call for a multiple car accident. That was to be the night of my strange ghost story.

We went on the call and there were multiple injuries and one of the young victims had long blond hair and we were told by the doctor who just happened to be on the scene that she needed to be transported immediately. We rolled with her and her brother insisted on riding to the hospital with us. I remember she was about fourteen with long blond hair and she had broken her arm and had a facial injury from glass from the cars window that she had been riding in. When we loaded her up she was barely conscious. And like I said her brother rode in with us.

She was in fair condition and stable on the way into the hospital which was about 18 minutes from where the multiple car accident had happened out on Highway 17 which is also the Savanah Highway. I will never forget her brother setting there on the way in holding her hand. We arrived at the hospital ambulance entrance and I told the brother that he would have to go wait in the emergency room lobby while they got his sister set up in a treatment room. The doctor out at the accident scene feared the girl might have severe internal injuries and I thought she might be on her way up to the operating room. So I told her brother he would have to wait in the lobby.

I remember the boy didn't ever speak or argue about being separated from his sister. I remember he walked over towards the public entrance to the hospital emergency room and we were busy and I didn't think anything about it until I saw another ambulance backing up to the doors there. I saw the driver get out and he walked towards us slowly and I knew he was transporting deceased persons. He told us he had two for the morgue. Then he said something to me that brought chills to the back of my neck. He said that he had the brother of the girl we had brought in and he was deceased. I thought at the time that surely she must have two brothers but I was wrong. Me and my friend looked in the back of our friends ambulance and the young man who had ridden with us to the hospital with us was laying there dead on a stretcher. He had on the same tan pants and blue shirt that he had worn on the way into the hospital with us and he was dead. He had blood on his shirt and on the front of his pants. When he had rode into the hospital with us he was perfectly clean. My friend and me both heard him when he told us he was riding with his sister.

I remember he rode into the hospital with us and never spoke. He held his sister's hand all the way in and he kissed her on the forehead just before he got out of the ambulance. I still get the chills when I think about it because the young mans ghost had ridden the 18 miles to the hospital with us while his body was dead back at the accident scene. He had appeared perfectly solid and I remember the girl whispered something to him twice on the way in. I don't know what she said. The young girl had several operations over the next two days and she later recovered completely. I never spoke to her or her family and sometimes I wish I had told them the story but I never did.

Other times while working as a paramedic I saw some strange things but I never had another ghost ride with us in the ambulance. If it ever happened again I didn't know about it. But that night back in December of 1999 it did happen. So yes I know for a fact that there is life after death. I was there for that ambulance ride and yes a real ghost rode with us in that ambulance.

Sin Eaters Were Once A Real Part Of The Death Process In The North Carolina Mountains And Other Places Also.

Sin Eaters Took The Sins Of The Deceased Or Soon To Die Person Up On Themselves.
Sin Eaters Took The Sins Of The Deceased Or Soon To Die Person Up On Themselves.

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Real Ghost Stories - Haunted Hospital Ghost Girl

Hospitals Are Where A Lot Of Strange Paranormal Things Go On

Hospitals Are Where A Lot Of Strange Paranormal Things Go On
Hospitals Are Where A Lot Of Strange Paranormal Things Go On

My Mom's Story Of The Angel Of Death

My Mom, Virginia Walker often told us of the time she met the Angel Of Death. My Uncle Ed was my Dad's brother and he was killed in an automobile wreck before I was born. My Mom said that on the night that my Uncle Ed was killed that she had been out walking along the dirt road where she lived.

She said as she was walking back up the dirt road that she happened to look over just beside her and she saw a seven to eight foot tall man with wings standing over there on the side of the dirt road. She said just as she passed the strange looking man that the man reached out and touched her right on the top of the head and that she felt cold pass down through her and that in that same moment that she heard a loud screaming sound like a woman screaming and that the death angel or what ever it was vanished instantly.

She said she hurried up the walk way and up to her house and that the police arrived to tell her and my Dad that his brother had been killed in an automobile crash. She had told my Dad and her mother before the police had arrived that something bad was about to happen. My Grandma was always afraid of my Mom knowing that bad things were about to happen before they would happen.

Many times I questioned my Mom about the Angel of Death that she saw before they learned of my Uncle Ed's death and she said that the man was dark and appeared to be wearing dark clothing. She said he definitely had wings and that the wings had long black feathers on them. She said that when he had touched her on the top of the head with one finger that she had felt cold go throughout her entire body and that she knew that something bad had happened but she didn't know what.

My Mom said that after my Uncle Ed's death that he would visit her and talk with her in her dreams. She thought that quite possibly he was her guardian angel but she said she became scared of his repeated visits to her when she was asleep and that he stopped appearing to her in her dreams. If you've never heard my mom, Virginia Walker tell her ghost story you should click that link and listen as she tells her story. She died on January 6th, 2010 but I was able to shoot those videos of her telling her story before she passed away.

It is truly one of if not the best ghost stories that I have ever heard.

My Story For You

I've seen ghosts and other paranormal activity for may years now. I remember seeing a ghost for the first time when I was 4. I was 62 back in May of 2013. I've seen ghosts and paranormal activity all my life. As have many of the other members of my family and a few other people that I know. I think that there are some people who can see ghosts and other people who can not. I don't know why this is. But I do know that it's a fact. If you ever see a ghost you'll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they do exist. I can't tell you why. It just happens that way.

© 2013 Thomas Byers

Do you believe in Ghosts And Paranormal Activity? Please Share Your Thoughts With Us.

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Hi, I believe our souls turn into energy after leaving our vessel. There's a spirit box that lets you speak to spirits, only speak to good spirits & ask them questions.. Be nice & respectful..

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      6 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Thanks to both of you. I treasure both of you and consider both of you to be close friends. John your a piece of work. A great old newspaper editor, an old boss, and a great friend. Thank you my friend. I appreciate every word you write.

    • JohnM profile image


      6 years ago from Miami Florida

      Tanner he is a great writer. People don't even have any ideal. I can't ever get over his mind. But I'm glad I don't live in the brain of CHG. This page here is a great piece of writing. I keep trying to get CHG to go out on his own. But he loves sharing. He has done an amazing piece of work here. How could this piece not be one of their Editor Choice things. Has to be politics. CHG thanks for some wonderful writing. You do have a dark mind. And I know your favorite holiday Halloween is swiftly approaching.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      6 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Thanks to all of you. I appreciate all of your kind words. Tanner I know you and your aunt and I really appreciate both of you fine ladies. Your aunt is an astounding lady who has done much for social justice. Young ladies like you give me hope for our future.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I really enjoy your pages. You do really great work with these. Shared it with all my friends. You should write a book.

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 

      6 years ago from Massachusetts

      Interesting and something to think about !

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      6 years ago from USA

      This is really interesting, especially your personal experience with the boy in the ambulance. I very much enjoyed it. Voted up and more. Sharing.

    • karthikkash profile image

      Karthik Kashyap 

      6 years ago from India

      Interesting article indeed. I have a couple of inputs though. Not sure about burning the body because evil spirits will enter it. But certain cultures like the Hindu religion in India believe in burning a dead body because of the belief that the body is made of 4 elements: earth, fire, wind and water. Burning the dead body will make sure that the body will go back to those elements. Any culture that burns the dead body had borrowed it from the Vedic people in India. Some other cultures believe in burying the dead body because of the belief that the human body was created from earth and it should go back to earth after death.

      The other thing is about placing two coins on the eyes. If I am right, this must have come from Egyptians and spread across different cultures. Egyptians believed that the lord of the underworld, Anubis would hold the soul and guide the soul to heaven by showing the proper direction after death. It could be possible that two coins were placed either as a gratitude or for the journey (my belief).

      Regarding the angel of death, I have a different theory. I believe that it again comes from the ancient world (espeically from Sumerian mythology) of guiding a soul to heaven. I believe that it is a form of one of the ancient Sumerian gods (I don't remember the name, but he is depicted as being tall, dark and having black wings).


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