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Face within the Fire-Paranormal Story of Dad's Ghostly Visit

Updated on January 16, 2017

Dad Appears on Christmas Eve


Dad Visits us on Christmas Eve

Dad's Appearance on Christmas Eve
Dad's Appearance on Christmas Eve | Source
A Comparison Picture of Dad when he was Living
A Comparison Picture of Dad when he was Living | Source

Prelude to the Paranormal Event

The Pact

The sacred day will be forever etched in my heart and soul. It's a memory that gets me through the grief and sadness of losing dad.The three of us had a special connection we never took for granted. Dad, Laura and I nicknamed ourselves, 'the three musketeers'. Though it was a father and his two daughters; we were kindred spirits. We could get in conversations that felt like minutes, yet lasted for hours. We were seated at the corner table, next to the fireplace at one of our favorite restaurant's. Lord Fletcher's was a place we all enjoyed; especially when there was something to celebrate.

We'd just come from Methodist Hospital where dad met with a radiologist for tongue cancer. We went over the pro's and cons of whether he should get radiation following surgery. It didn't take us long to unanimously vote against it. Dad was about seventy years old at the time and very thin. He couldn't afford losing any weight and there were several other bad side effects. The surgeon assured us a week before, that surgery to remove the tumor would be a piece of cake. It was possible the cancer could return, but none of us worried. With a strong faith in God and knowing it was he that was in charge, we held hands in a prayer of thanks.

We were so immersed in conversation and celebration, we almost forgot we were out at a restaurant. The server gently broke into the conversation. "Sorry, I don't mean to interrupt but I've never seen a family bond like this before. You all seem to be floating off the ground with your passionate conversation." She was right, it was quite a love fest we had that day. We all made a pact that whoever left this earth first, would visit the last of the three musketeer's.

The Christmas Eve Miracle

It was an especially meaningful holiday season for my family this year. The true meaning of Christmas re-kindled in our hearts and souls. It was a year of financial struggles and life transitions. The difficulties reminded us what was really important in life. We were more present with each other and humbly grateful for all our blessings. Having less, poignantly illustrated how much we truly had.

My sister and I hosted the annual family Christmas Eve party. For the first time in many years, we huddled everyone together for a family photo. It wasn't an easy task, but knew the effort would be worth the reward. We took several shots so we'd be sure to get a couple of great photo's.

When everyone cleared out, we cleaned up a little and it was time to sit down and relax. My sister started going through the family photo's. First, she looked at pictures taken from her Canon Digital Camera. She saw something intriguing in the photo's and called me over. I looked at the photo and gasped. There was a white orb, about the size of a grape, next to my right cheek. I looked at Laura and said, "it's probably dad kissing my cheek." I sat back down and didn't think much more about it. A few minutes later, my sister let out a shriek. I looked up from my computer and asked her what was going on. Through her tears, she told me to check out the photo she took from her I-Phone. It was a picture she'd taken of the 'Yule Log Fire' on television that evening. I couldn't believe my eyes. There, in the middle of the fire was my father. His sweet, cheerful face so recognizable. He was wearing his worn out white tee shirt and looking at us from his familiar eyeglasses. There was no doubt this was dad's ethereal image in the burning embers.

Laura and I are grateful dad was able to fulfill the promise of the pact. We believe he came to let us know everything would be alright.

Paranormal Experience

Have you ever had a paranormal experience

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Definition of Apparition

According to, an Apparition is a supernormal appearance of a dead person (or animal) too distant to be within the range of the normal perception of the spectator. An apparition can also be a supernormal appearance of a living person/animal as well.

© 2013 Linda Rogers


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  • Minnetonka Twin profile imageAUTHOR

    Linda Rogers 

    4 years ago from Minnesota

    Dear Faith-thank you my friend for your heart-felt comment. I am so touched that Maria has sent people over to read my story about dad visiting us last Christmas. It was so amazing-You can't get a better Christmas present than your loved one making a visit and reminding you that love never dies. I am so sorry you lost your mother but I know your a woman of faith and know mom is with our Lord. God Bless my dear friend.

  • Faith Reaper profile image

    Faith Reaper 

    4 years ago from southern USA

    Dear Linda,

    What a phenomenal story you have shared and what a blessing for you and your sister!!! Yes, Maria lead me here too. I see this was publish 9 months ago, which would have been around the time my mother went on to her true home last Christmas, so I know I missed a lot of great writing during that time.

    I am sorry for your loss. You are an amazing writer and person! Love knows no boundaries for sure.

    Up and more and sharing

    Blessings to you and yours,

    Faith Reaper

  • Minnetonka Twin profile imageAUTHOR

    Linda Rogers 

    4 years ago from Minnesota

    Hi Gail~How sweet of Maria to lead you here-Thanks Maria :-) I will definitely love to submit this story in book three. I miss my dad sooo much but the visits have helped ease the pain. I'm getting really excited for book II to come out. What a beautiful Christmas it will be to be in this spiritual and mysterious book. I was so glad Laura put in one of her stories so we can be in it together. It will be so special for us and we plan on buying copies for Christmas presents. How perfect a gift :-) Woo Hoo! I can't wait! Thanks for coming over Gail-it means a lot to me. Hope your having a good week.

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 

    4 years ago from South Carolina

    Dear Linda and Laura,

    Don't know how I missed this when Linda first published it, but I'm glad that a tip from Maria led me here today.

    The psychic connections in your family are amazing and are a testament to the love you have for each other and your parents. I'm so excited that you each have a story included in Mysterious & Miraculous Book II. Both of those stories are powerful and really tugged at my heartstrings and I think readers will truly enjoy them.

    I agree with Maria that this story would be perfect for next year's volume of M & M.

    Am so glad that you and Laura were both blessed by your dad's presence last Christmas. May Christmas 2013 be just as joyous.

    Hugs & Love,


  • Minnetonka Twin profile imageAUTHOR

    Linda Rogers 

    4 years ago from Minnesota

    That compliment means so much to me coming from you. As I just re-read this story, I thought the same thing. "This one needs to go in book 3." I know you had a special connection with your dad too. There is something so tender about the relationship between a father and daughter. Thanks for suggesting this story for the book-and for that fabulous comment about my writing. What an honor coming from a writer I look up to :-) Blessings Maria

  • marcoujor profile image

    Maria Jordan 

    4 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

    Oh Linda,

    I was led to this for a couple obvious reasons...the bond of you, your sister and Daddy can be felt in each and every beautiful line.

    Promise to consider this story for next year's volume of Mysterious and is an amazing blend of love, spirituality and the paranormal.

    Your writing is 'out of this world' and I mean that in the best of ways.

  • Minnetonka Twin profile imageAUTHOR

    Linda Rogers 

    5 years ago from Minnesota

    Hi Alastar-I am so thrilled you came by to hear my latest spiritual story of my dad. I know right? is love amazing. It can cross any boundaries because it is so full of power and energy. My dad is so funny that he came in the fire. He knows sis and I love fires and he always had a great sense of humor. What a better way to let us know he was at the Christmas Eve Celebration than showing up in the pictures. I am still in awe and gratitude for the visit. It means a lot that you came by my friend. Love that you totally saw his t-shirt :-) Woo Hoo!

  • Alastar Packer profile image

    Alastar Packer 

    5 years ago from North Carolina

    There is absolutely no doubt in every fiber of what I feel and have learned in life so far that we humans have a spiritual core of existence that is eternal. This is a remarkable and delightfully happy read Linda. I see your father in the fire wearing his fave white T-shirt. I can also tell from what you've written and your father's face what a special man and relationship he had, and still has with his beloved daughters. Love can cross the pseudo-boundary between this material world and the spiritual one and did so beautifully on this occasion..

  • Minnetonka Twin profile imageAUTHOR

    Linda Rogers 

    5 years ago from Minnesota

    Aww, thank you so much Seeker for your lovely comment. It is so great that dad came during the Christmas Eve Party. Little did the family know until sis and I started looking at the pictures from the evening. Dad and I were the ones that use to throw the party at his house back in the day. Of course he wanted to be there with all of us, why wouldn't he? I miss my dad so much but this really gave sis and I comfort knowing he's still around. Thank you for all the votes-I really appreciate it.

  • Seeker7 profile image

    Helen Murphy Howell 

    5 years ago from Fife, Scotland

    MT this is awesome!!! Not only a fabulous paranormal experience, but for a refreshing change, a very beautiful one as well and at Christmas time - wonderful!!

    What an absolute sweetheart your Dad must have been in his physical life and he obviously hasn't changed now that he is in spirit! This wonderful man had every intention of being there on Christmas Eve with the rest of the family and boy he showed it in remarkable style!

    It's so fascinating with the new technology we have that new spiritual experiences are available to many people. When mobile phones first came out I don't think anyone could have imagined the awesome photographs that have been captured and not just about the paranormal. Also with the new models of camera, who would ever have thought all those years ago that orbs would also be captured for us all to see!!

    Wonderful and beautiful hub + voted up!!

  • Minnetonka Twin profile imageAUTHOR

    Linda Rogers 

    5 years ago from Minnesota

    Aww, thanks drbj-it is so comforting to know that my dad is around. We both knew right away it was him. If you saw the bigger picture, you would easily see it. For some reason the photo got smaller when I uploaded it. I don't need to prove it though because like you said, we know it and that's what matters. Have a great day my friend. Always great to see you.

  • drbj profile image

    drbj and sherry 

    5 years ago from south Florida

    What an amazing and lovely story, Linda. I'm so happy for you and your sister that Laura took that photo. It's comforting to believe that your Dad was there. And when you believe it, then it is so!

  • Minnetonka Twin profile imageAUTHOR

    Linda Rogers 

    5 years ago from Minnesota

    OHH, you are so welcome. I know, can you believe it. My dad is so cute and I love he came on Christmas Eve when we were all together as a family. Dad use to host the Christmas Eve party and loved doing it. He had that knack at not only cooking great but being a great host. I lived with him and we would have a blast putting it all together. Now here we are all these years later, his two youngest daughters doing the party now. I think he's very proud that we got his knack for throwing a good party. It was sure a Christmas to remember. God Bless for coming by Jamie. It means so much that you read my sacred story.

  • Jamie Brock profile image

    Jamie Brock 

    5 years ago from Texas

    Thank you for sharing this amazing experience...I have goosebumps right now. I absolutely believe that our loved ones that pass away live on in another dimension that we can't see. He wanted you all to know he was still with you. Thank you again for sharing this.

  • Minnetonka Twin profile imageAUTHOR

    Linda Rogers 

    5 years ago from Minnesota

    Thanks Rosemay-it was such an incredible miracle for us and especially at the holidays. Thanks for reading my story.

  • Rosemay50 profile image

    Rosemary Sadler 

    5 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

    What a wonderful experience, to know that he came back to let you know he was still with you is so heartwarming.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely story.

  • Minnetonka Twin profile imageAUTHOR

    Linda Rogers 

    5 years ago from Minnesota

    Hi twinner. I know, what a sacred Christmas we had. Dad picked the perfect time to come by and let us know he's around watching over us. He sure kept his sense of humor. He knows how much we love putting the Yule Log Fire and Music on t.v. at Christmas. What a perfect way to come through and make a visit. I miss him sooo much too but this visit definitely helps.

  • Healing Touch profile image

    Laura Arne 

    5 years ago from Minnetonka, MN

    Hi sis-I still can't believe what a gift we were given. I mean, how can you top having your father show up on Christmas Eve. We are so blessed dad was able to come visit us. I know it was his way of saying all these earthly problems will resolve and not to worry about it. I miss him sooo much! I will try to get the picture from my i-phone uploaded on the computer so you can add it to your great story. I'm still trying to figure it out. If anyone knows how to upload a photo from a cell phone to laptop, please let us know.

  • Minnetonka Twin profile imageAUTHOR

    Linda Rogers 

    5 years ago from Minnesota

    Hi Colin my sweet Canadian Prince from Lake Eerie. You and I sure have had some heavenly visits between the two of us and our late parents. It's such a blessing and a comfort to know our loved ones are still around us. Give Little Miss Tiffy and Mister Gabriel some love from me. Scratch lightly behind their ears, I think they'll like that. It just snowed about two inches here in Minnesota today and there's a layer of us just under it. Not a night to get in the car. God Bless you friend and I hope you have a relaxing evening with your sweet cats.

  • epigramman profile image


    5 years ago

    Hello Linda and good afternoon from lake erie time ontario canada 2:46pm. It always lifts my spirits to hear from you, my American beauty princess and of world class writing. This is quite a story and if you may recall I too have received at least 6 visits from my mum in this cottage where I live alone with my two cats. She passed away back in 2004 and the only other person who lived here when it was a summer cottage was my dad who died back in 1992 from lung cancer (he didn't smoke; it was work related)

    The weather here has been on and off in terms of temperatures and accumulated snow but last week we had the coldest chill since 2009.

    That's our winter as you know by the lake and always affected more so with the wind chill factor being this close.

    Please remember me to your dear twin sister and I am sending sincere warm wishes for you and your family in 2013 for your health, happiness and prosperity and creativity too and big hugs from Little Miss Tiffy and Mister Gabriel

  • Minnetonka Twin profile imageAUTHOR

    Linda Rogers 

    5 years ago from Minnesota

    I know-can you believe it??? My dad has obviously kept his sense of humor by popping up in a fire. He also knows that it's a tradition to have the Yule Log channel on t.v. for Christmas and what a better place to appear. LOL

    I was also touched knowing that orb was dad right next to me. Once we saw dad in the fire, we knew the orb was him.

  • Minnetonka Twin profile imageAUTHOR

    Linda Rogers 

    5 years ago from Minnesota

    Thanks catgypsy. It was such an incredible experience to have and on Christmas Eve, of all sacred of days. It just reminds us all that our loved ones are still around, just in a different way. My dad must have been hanging out at the Christmas Eve party with all of us the whole time. It is so comforting. Sis and I were so joyful after seeing those photo's.

  • MartieCoetser profile image

    Martie Coetser 

    5 years ago from South Africa

    WOW! This is incredible - your father's face in the middle of the fire. I am totally stunned with awe.

    Thanks for sharing, Twin :)

    PS: It's never an easy task to huddle everyone together for a family photo! And only God knows why?

  • catgypsy profile image


    5 years ago from the South

    What a touching experience. I have had experiences like this and they are so special you can't even put it into words, though you did an excellent job! I'm so glad he visited you.

  • Minnetonka Twin profile imageAUTHOR

    Linda Rogers 

    5 years ago from Minnesota

    I love your story Ruby. I am so glad your sister was able to get some comfort after her husband's passing. Isn't it wonderful that our loved ones remind us they are still around us when we need them. It was the best Christmas present I could have ever received. We were like two little girls after seeing my dad in the photo. Thanks for sharing your sister's story. It just confirms my belief that loved ones can come back to visit us.

  • always exploring profile image

    Ruby Jean Richert 

    5 years ago from Southern Illinois

    I do believe. My sister Eva, ( Who is paralized and spends most of her days lying in a bed at home with a light above the headboard. ) Her husband lyle was terminally ill and was in hospice care in the hospital, the light twinkled two times, ( which it had never done before. ) Immediately the telephone rang, it was the Doctor telling her he had just expired. She believes without a shadow of doubt that it was him telling her goodby on his flight to heaven. I loved your story. Thank you for sharing...

  • Minnetonka Twin profile imageAUTHOR

    Linda Rogers 

    5 years ago from Minnesota

    Oh Kathi-I am so glad this was a confirmation to you that it is possible to see your husband some day. I will pray that your dream comes true :-)

  • Fossillady profile image


    5 years ago from Saugatuck Michigan

    That's an amazing story and I'm so happy that your dad came to you and put your minds at peace and let you know he's alright! . . . It's funny how I came to this story because not even ten minutes ago, I was wishing for a moment like that with my husband who passed away three years ago. I don't believe in coincidence anymore. Maybe that's his way of telling me it will happen if it happens and you can't make it happen. Thanks so much for sharing, Kathi

  • Minnetonka Twin profile imageAUTHOR

    Linda Rogers 

    5 years ago from Minnesota

    Thanks Snurre-it was such a gift from God to see my dad in the picture of the fire. I appreciate you reading my story.

  • Minnetonka Twin profile imageAUTHOR

    Linda Rogers 

    5 years ago from Minnesota

    Hi Michael-it was the best Christmas gift we could have gotten. It was reassuring and joyous knowing dad was with us on Christmas Eve. Thanks for coming by my friend.

  • Snurre profile image


    5 years ago

    What an experience! I'm so glad your Dad came over to reassure you and you have a photo of the moment to remember and cherish.

  • cleaner3 profile image


    5 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

    wow, sometimes pictures taken at the most casual moments are when we don't realize that our loved ones are there with us enjoying the love a family has for each other showing that they are there. This happened to my motherin law and her brother who had passed . Some would call it a shadow or a light or reflection , but that's what energies are light, shadows,love is an energy. He is there with you ..making sure that you two know it . great write thanks for sharing the experience.



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