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Paranormal Visions and Reports Real or Environmental

Updated on October 5, 2013

Dr. Michael Persinger

Are Paranormal Experiences Real?

Reports of paranormal events and experiences have been with man since the onset of mankind, these shared experiences that permeate all levels of society have perplexed and baffled the human intellect since the dawn of cognitive thought. What are paranormal experiences and what in common do they share? Why do so many people report to have them and yet still this phenomenon sits on the shelf of mainstream science at the fringe of the impossible?

Perhaps the experience itself is not what we should be examining, but the human factor that shares these different yet similar accounts to what seem to be implausible experiences in and of themselves. Since the 1960s many scientists have taken the plunge to explain away the different facets of the paranormal experience. They have attacked the people who have had these experiences saying they are sensationalists, frauds, and charlatans. But there are those few that have done the experimentation and have even been able to reproduce such phenomena in the laboratory under strict scientific protocols and evaluations.

Experiments carried out in High G producing centrifuges from the space industry have been shown to reproduce near death experiences at the moment of G-Loc (the point where an individual loses consciousness from loss of blood flow to the brain do to high gravitational forces caused by inertia). Many times a person will see themselves from above or have a feeling of being outside their own body. They may see a bright light and tunnel like those described in near death experiences. Other types of experiences are seeing deceased loved ones and a sense of separation from reality to paralysis. Pilots in fighter type aircraft experiencing these types of gravitational forces must wear pressure suites designed to contract around the body with bladders that inflate to keep blood to the brain. Pilots also practice squeezing muscles from their lower extremities and abdomen to keep their blood pumping to the upper areas of their torso so they can minimize the effects of G-loc.

Dr. Michael Persinger carried out experiments using what is dubbed the GOD helmet (Koren helmet) at the Laurentian University in Canada in a converted sound booth in the basement of the university he created a electromagnetically shielded laboratory. With his God helmet device (a modified motorcycle helmet) with electromagnetic stimulators and brainwave recording devices he carried out experiments on subjects to see if he could reproduce paranormal experiences like those reported by the public. His experiment was to monitor a subject while the stimulators activated by a computer produced complex electromagnetic patterns near the brain and the brainwave recorders would monitor the brainwave activity of the subject while the experiment was underway. These experiments were able to reproduce feelings of detachment, out of body experiences, feelings of motion, visions or hallucinations of dead loved ones and past experiences, spiritual visions and religious visions of God and Satan almost the entire range of paranormal phenomenon including alien abductions were reported. Dr. Persingers goal was to see if environmental factors such as using electromagnetic fields like those produced from earth quakes or groundwater tables which produce geomagnetic energy along with man made electrical devices that produce electromagnetic fields could be responsible for paranormal experiences. He was also very interested in the effect on the body from solar storms as well. He discovered using lower levels of electromagnetic influence on the brain that he could trigger such events.

Experiments done by Havard Medical School's Franz Halberg in 1948 were conducted to see if by removing the adrenal glands of mice and injecting the mice with adrenalin would help fight or even cure all diseases (later it was discovered this had no effect). What Halberg discovered though was that all life on earth from the smallest one celled organism to the very complex human body was effected by time cycles. Though he had removed the adrenal glands from his mice they still experienced a rise in blood pressure and became more tasking when it was day time. What he discovered was at the cellular level our bodies have a natural rhythm with time. All life it seems works within it's environment and has a cellular clock that tells the organism it is time to work and it is time to rest. What Halberg also discovered was that microorganisms and complex living organisms (including human beings) were extremely sensitive to electrical and solar activity. Russian scientists even used one celled organisms to detect if solar activity was occurring on the sun. During lower solar activity it seemed that microorganisms thrived and were healthy but when solar activity increased the microorganisms would become hyper-sensitive and agitated and some would even die. This agitation at the cellular level also carried over into human beings. Case studies showed that heart attack rates grew by fifteen percent when solar activity was high. These naturally occurring events seemed to have an effect on the human brain as well. Cases of mental instability rose during solar activity peaks.

So what is happening here? Is this the main root of all paranormal experience? is the paranormal nothing more than a neurological event all happening within a person's brain? The evidence presented here states that yes, these events common among people from different walks of life and different areas of the world from the past till now all share the experiences because of the brain's sensitivity to naturally produced electrical activity. It is no mystery that the human mind is influenced by electrical fields. Medical science has known this for many years. But we must go deeper down the rabbit hole to find out why these experiences share so much in common.


The Quantum Principle

So we have determined that paranormal experiences can be reproduced in the lab. That many different types of force be it gravity, electromagnetic, geo-magnetic, electrical fields, and even solar activity can cause changes in the very structures of our cells and induce these experiences. But what is actually happening? Is it that these forces are causing hallucinations? Perhaps what is happening is a change in consciousness. A shift from our perceptions as to what we see as real to the actual potential reality that exists outside of our conscious mind in what scientists call the uncertainty principle of matter.

Imagine now if you will looking down onto a two dimensional flat land. In this flat universe the flat landers (the inhabitants of the flat universe) can only move from side to side, but there is no perception of up and down because in a two dimensional universe up and down do not exist. From a flat lander's perspective you do not exist. But they can observe forces from the third dimensional universe in their own reality. Once in a while they might notice strange phenomenon that to them is unexplainable and their flat land scientists. They may call these things anomalies of the flat land universe or even para-flat land experiences. But they can only observe the forces at work and not the actual cause of this force. Now imagine that even though a flat lander exists in their two dimensional universe; because they are on a plane connected to our third dimensional universe in the right frame of perspective they may be able to experience our third dimensional reality. Yes if you were able to talk to or even stimulate the flat lander's mind they could be shown the actual flat land / third dimensional universe as it exists to us. How would a flat lander's mind comprehend what they had seen? How could they relate it to their fellow flat land contemporaries? They'd be labled as sensationalists, quacks, charlatans by those of the flat land science community.

In the world of quantum physics it has been shown that matter exists in two forms. The form of waves and the form of actual realized particles. This is a phased existence in which when observed or measured particles cease to be waves of potential and actualized as bits of matter. They call this the uncertainty principle of quantum physics, when trying to measure or show the velocity of a particle you can never tell where it is because it is the form of a wave potential. You can only guess as to it's position or speed. All matter in the universe is connected by non-local forces not understood but their effects are seen in pairings between particles where no matter the distance or position of the particle it's twin will react instantaneously to what ever force is acted upon it's twin.

So what these paranormal experiences could be are the phased ultra reality that exists outside our perception of the universe as we experience it. We can see the effects and we can observe them and call them paranormal but they may just be this quantum uncertainty acting upon our own reality. The phased ultra reality that exists just beyond our own like we would exist beyond the reality of the flat landers. These forces whether created in the lab or produced by natural phenomenon could just be the force that is needed to alter our perceptions just enough to give us a glimpse of the true reality of the universe. Think I'm crazy? Well you are not the first. Thanks for reading.


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    • profile image

      Otto van Gulik 

      7 years ago


    • breakfastpop profile image


      9 years ago

      Fascinating read. ..

    • E. Nicolson profile image

      E. Nicolson 

      9 years ago

      No -- not crazy :) Makes sense to me. As Hamlet said "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."


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