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Paranormal Experience, God, Ghosts, Demons and Ouija Boards!!

Updated on September 8, 2014

My Life Changing Experiences

What you are about to read is going to make your jaw drop! In this article below I have shared some of my personal experiences. They are 100% true situations that I have experienced. If you have had experiences similar to the ones below I'm inviting you to share them with me please.

Paranormal experiences are very common. Paranormal experiences have dated way back to the Indians era! With some research you can find a lot of people who claim to have experiences with the paranormal just Google paranormal experiences and see how many hits you get!! I am totally fascinated with the paranormal, it doesn't matter if they involve real ghost stories, out of body experiences, UFO'S, faeries, goblins or Ouija board experiences and even places that are said to be haunted. I'm a very optimistic person, I believe anything can exist in because the truth is nobody really knows how many things are in the world! There are still several unknown species running abroad, this I'm absolutely certain of.

I would like to note that it is a very bad idea to play with a Ouija board. When using a Ouija board you are taking a huge risk, you can unknowingly open up portals and/or doorways to the dead, rather it be evil or good spirits and even possibly demons. Just about every psychic or physical medium will back that statement up. Demons can possess people and completely take over their mind, and body. The only way to overcome a demonic possession is by having an exorcism. An exorcism has to be performed by a priest, and what they do is the try to pull the demon or demons out of the possessed person's body by reciting some commands in the bible, this can be very intense and scary, but it is a necessity to be free from the demon who resides in your body.

At the beginning of this article I stated that I was going to share some of my "LIFE CHANGING" personal experiences so here it goes! When I say "life changing" I really do mean it and you will understand why and how these changed my life forever after reading them. At the end of each of these experiences I will have a question for you and I would like for you to answer it and tell me what you thought. My first experience I am sharing with you is my Ouija board experience.

When I was a teenager I had this friend named Delilah, now Delilah was big into wiccan and things of that nature. She comes over to my house one afternoon after school and says "Hey, lets play with a Ouija board!" I never had used a Ouija board before but she piqued my interest, and since she knew how to make one I agreed. So we grabbed a piece of cardboard and a black magic marker, and she made the board. We began playing with this homemade Ouija board and we soon came in contact with what we believed to be a good spirit. After a few hours Delilah went home and I went to bed and I fell asleep within no time at all. I began having a very violent and terrifying dream. I was sucked down to hell and started getting viciously attacked by a number of demons, I was pinned to the ground and they were tearing at my flesh faster than a speed of light. I just started screaming "GOD please help me! please help me!!" and then all of a sudden I got shot up to heaven, and found complete peace. I woke up at that point, I was so terrified. It was at that time, even though; I heard no sounds my message was very clear. I don't believe that this was just a coincidence because I had never experience that type of dream in my life. That was the first and last time I used a Ouija board and have no future plans on using one again. So please heed my warning, Ouija boards be it homemade or an actual Ouija board you buy at a store, the dangers are the same. So, how do you explain this experience? What are your thoughts on this subject? Please comment below.

The next story I would like to share with you is a my experience with an unknown force. I was 17 years old and I was driving down a very busy boulevard heading to work. This was my very first car it had dark grey upholstery inside of it and it had one of those gear shifts that is set in the middle of the console of the car. I didn't wear seatbelts and still don't to this day, because they make me feel trapped ad very uncomfortable. All of a sudden this huge suburban pulls out in front of me, now this wasn't a newer model this was one of those bulky old school ones that is huge! My front fender hits this things back fender and flips my car on impact. My car slid on it's hood 15 feet, violently spinning around in circles on this busy boulevard, I was even more terrified that another car was going to slam into me, with me inside of it. I was being thrown around in all parts of this car since I hadn't been wearing my seatbelt. All I saw was me like I was outside of my body, and I was floating around on all I can describe as flowing white sheet. I say "flowing sheet" I'm trying to get you to visualize exactly what I saw inside that car. You know how a sheet looks when it's hanging out to dry on a clothesline when the wind is steadily blowing? That is exactly what it reminded me of. It completely engulfed every inch of my car, I didn't see any dark grey upholstery, I never hit or even seen my gear shift. When my car finally stopped and the paramedics got me out of the car they were in total amazement of my condition. The only thing I had was a little bit of glass in my hair and a few scratches. The driver's side of the car had been completely smashed into the floor board. They told me had I been wearing my seatbelt I would have been dead, and they had absolutely no doubt about that, that's how bad this was. I don't believe this was luck at all, I believe this was undoubtedly either an angel or god himself who provided me with that flowing white sheet that ultimately saved my life and kept me safe where I only came out with minor scrapes.Thankfully the people that pulled out in front of me were put under arrest and taken off the streets that day. It turns out they were intoxicated. So, what do you think happened that day? How do you explain what I experienced?

Have you had any similar experiences? Please share your story right here with me by commenting below. Thanks for reading.


Just for the record, the dream that I experienced I do believe had everything to do with my ouija board experience, I was very young and very dumb to do that. I also would like to state that I got a comment from someone about my car wreck incident, IT WAS NOT AN AIRBAG BECAUSE THAT CAR DID NOT HAVE AN AIRBAG. Thank you all for reading, I just wanted to clear up a few things.

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Ghost Hunters

This clip is from the syfy's own Ghost Hunters. There is a lot of great evidence in this video! Please watch!

Paranormal Experiences

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Have you had a paranormal experience?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      The ouija board caused the nightmare you had. Ouija boards are dangerous and are a doorway to either evil spirits of evil dead people or evil non-human entities or demons from other dimensions. Not every person using a ouija board will have a paranormal experience whether bad or good. Sometimes nothing at all happens. But why take the risk of inviting someone or something dangerous? Remember the possessed girl in The Exorcist became possessed as a result of dabbling with an ouija board and both the novel and movie The Exorcist was loosely based on a real life occurrence in 1949 in Maryland and Washington D.C. when a boy began levitating and cursing and spitting after he messed around with an ouija board. The car accident you had could have been a miracle. Like you I am also fascinated with paranormal phenomena and unexplained phenomena. Ghosts, hauntings, near death experiences, out of body experiences, fairies, poltergeists, cryptids or unknown animals such as Nessie, the dinosaur-like Mokele-mbembe of the African Congo and the Mono-grande a bipedal unknown ape like creature living in South American jungles. Teleportation, time doorways, time travel, other worlds, other universes, the fourth dimension, ESP, the afterlife, God, the Devil, demons, demonic possession, spirit possession, psychic surgery, anomalous cloud formations in the sky showing words and faces, telekinesis, dreams, lucid dreaming, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and homing abilities in animals like Pigeons, dogs, cats, and horses interest me. Readers Digest and authors like Brad Steiger, Karl Shuker, Rosemary Ellen Guilley, David Icke, Jerome Clark, Loren Coleman, John Keel, and magazines such as Fate and Fortean Times all concern themselves with unexplained phenomena. David Icke writes about conspiracy theories and satanic cults and reptilians and shapeshifter aliens. Author Jeffrey Burton Russell has produced several books about the Devil. In one of Karl Shuker's books he writes about an unexplained phenomena which resemble fog and which vaey in size, shape, and color found in the British Isles, China, and Australia. They are called It, Boneless, and Devil Tiger and they are fog like entities which seem to have consciousness and intelligence and are known to attack and chase people and have an unknown ability to cause injury and death to their victims. These fog like entities exude pure evil and they could be either atmospheric life forms or elemental life forms, or entities from another dimension or demons disguised as fog or who use fog as a vehicle to cause suffering and death. There are some unexplained phenomena which are unpleasant and sinister such as these evil fog like entities, cattle mutilation, alien abductions, goat man, lizard man, and spontaneous human comibustion and demonic possession. I will try to focus on the positive types of unexplained phenomena. I myself have had paeanormal experiences both good and bad. I have had several out of body experiences and possible poltergeist activity. The poltergeist pulled my shirt while I was lying in bed and on another occasion while in bed my blanket was pulled off me by something invisible and waved tauntingly in front of me. I have also had several clairaudient experiences as I slept. I would hear voices. The voices would be either single or more than one person speaking in unison, and either male or both male and female speaking in unison. On one occasion, a group of male and female voices interrupted an out of body experience and said, "You are no longer in control." I asked who are you? They replied, "Spirit." They would not specify what kind of spirit. On another occasion a group of male and female voices said to me while I was sleeping, "You belong to Satan." On another occasion while sleeping a single male voice spoke and said it was a fan or friend of Anton Lavey the 20th century California Satanist who started his Satanic church in 1966 and who published his Satanic Bible in 1969. The voice gave the year 1960. These experiences were horrific and scary. Google or look on the Internet Satanic cloud formation and the Statue of Liberty. It's a photograph taken in December 1990 by an unknown person and it shows a cloud formation resembling a Satanic face gazing down on the Statue of Liberty. Some say the Statue of Liberty has Satanic or occultic connections. The left side of the face is show with an eye, eyebrow, a nose, a mouth, a beard, and a pair of upcurved horns on top of its head and it has a cruel, sinister expression. Christian Fundamentalists say that unexplained phenomena such as this are all demonic manifestations. Ghosts are said to be demons in disguise and near death experiences, out of body experiences, telekinesis, levitation, channeling, seances, ouija boards, spiritualism, theosophy, poltergeists, fairies, aliens, UFOs, aliens, alien abductions, ESP, hearing voices, are all demonic deception or Satanic deception and manipulation to confuse people. Theres no doubt that some of these phenomena may be Satanic but not all of them. I don't believe that out of body experiences are inherently Satanic nor inherently demonic but they can be one way where Satan and demons can contact and harass people. I would just ignore and avoid negative evil entities and I would tell them to go away. Lucid dreaming is of interest to me. I can enjoy flying and traveling to my favorite places such as the Hawaiian islands. Spiritualism and Theosophy in the Astral planes of existence appeals to me. I would be happiest in the 6th Astral plane in the afterlife with my beloved pets and with my family. Summerland is the type of heaven I would like to have for the afterlife. Readers Digest has two ooutstanding books about unexplained phenomena.

    • freefall3012 profile imageAUTHOR

      Breanna Lowery 

      5 years ago from missouri

      I was not there at the time my parents had their investigation going, but I did have uneasy feelings in the house when I lived there. I stayed in the basement, which was super creepy.


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