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Parashat Ki Tasa

Updated on March 3, 2018

Shemot (Exodus) 30:11-34:35

There are some instructions concerning the Altar of Incense, atonement money, the basin for washing, atoning oil, incense, and some sanction regarding the Sabbath. Two specific men are mentioned, Betsal’el [son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Yehuda] and Oholiav [son of Ahisamak, of the tribe of Dan], who are Spirit-filled men and are appointed for very specific tasks.

The people keep expecting Mosheh to return from atop of Mt. Sinai, and when he is too long in returning, the people then gather around Aharon and persuade Aharon to forge an idol in the shape of a calf, which Aharon then overlaid with the gold from the collected jewelry of the Yisra’el-ites. Aharon also built an altar before the calf on which the people placed their sacrifices, indulging in their adultery and idolatry.

יהוה (YeHoVaH) knows that His people have now committed adultery with this false god on the night of their marriage covenant, and יהוה tells Mosheh He is going to destroy such a people. Though יהוה never needs reminding of His greatness and power, Mosheh petitions יהוה to turn from His great anger; “Why should the Mistrites speak, and say, ‘For evil He brought them out to kill them in the mountains and to consume them from the face of the earth? Turn from the heat of Your wrath, and relent from this evil to Your people.’” (Shemot (Exodus) 32:12). Again, יהוה needs no reminding of His promises that He makes to His people; but Mosheh reminds יהוה of the promises made to Avraham, Yitshaq, and to Ya’aqov (Yisra’el). This “reminding” is more for the people than it is for יהוה. יהוה is a great Elohim who is faithful to all His promises; but, people seem to walk in impatience, even when they know something good is about to happen.

יהוה forgives the people of their act of adultery and idolatry on the very night they are to covenant in marriage with יהוה; but, their sin will have an effect on the people for generations to come.

There are thirteen “attributes” of mercy that Mosheh is given sight to in a vision; this vision was so blinding that Mosheh’s face was alight with such brilliance and a covering, or vale, was prepared that Mosheh would wear when in the presence of the people, only removing it when he is face to face with יהוה or when teaching the people the laws of their Elohim.

What does this mean to the Believe and Follower of Yeshua today?

There are 13 complete “loves” that encompass and envelope the mercy of both יהוה and יהושﬠ (Yeshua).

1.) The love that YeHoVaH has for Yisra’el.

2.) The love that Yisra’el has for YeHoVaH.

3.) The love that a master has for his disciple.

4.) The love that a disciple has for his master.

5.) The love between each of the master’s disciples.

6.) The love that a husband has for his wife.

7.) The love that a wife has for her husband.

8.) The love between friends.

9.) The love that a parent has for his or her child.

10.) The love that a child has for his or her parent.

11.) The love that is known among siblings.

12.) The love of a king for his subjects.

13.) The love of subjects for their king.

Be sure to read the haftarah text for Parashat Ki Tasa.

Melakim Aleph (1 Kings) 18:1-39


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