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Parashat Va'eira

Updated on January 13, 2018

Parashat Va'eira

YeHoVaH reveals Himself to Mosheh and proceeds to tell of the “four expressions of redemption”; YeHoVaH promises to take the children of Yisra’EL out of Mitzrayim, He promises to free the Yisra’EL-ites from their bondage in slavery, YeHoVaH promises to redeem the Hebrew children, and He promises to take them for His very own (Shemot 2:6-7).

Mosheh, with Aharon as his spokesman, approaches the Pharaoh time and again to request that the Pharaoh release his hold on the Yisra’EL-ites, which the Pharaoh vehemently denies time and again. Aharon’s staff, at one point in time, turns into a snake; but the magicians to the Pharaoh staffs do the same thing. YeHoVaH next sends a multitude of plagues upon the people of Mitzrayim.

The River flows with blood instead of water. Swarms of frogs start to overrun all the land. An infestation of parasitical gnats, or lice, came upon men and their animals. Pestilent flies ruined everything. There came a terrible plague specifically to the livestock of Mitzrayim; horses, donkeys, camels, cattle, sheep, and goats. Next comes festering boils that afflict all the people of Mitzrayim; nasty oozing blisters. The seventh plague is called The Plague of Hail; a great storm of fire and ice combined that descended from the skies.

What does this mean for those who follow Yeshua ha-Meshiach today?

I am reminded of a story that took place during a severe flood in Anytown, USA.

There was a woman who owned a two-story home, and she watched as the flood waters approached her front door. She felt safe in her home and knew that YeHoVaH had promised her safety, so, she wasn’t scared. After some time, the water started coming into the house, and the woman had to move up to the second floor of her home. She still felt safe because she knew that YeHoVaH had promised her safety, so, she wasn’t scared. After some more time, the waters rose up to the second floor of her home and she climbed out one of her upstairs window to the roof. She still felt safe because she knew that YeHoVaH had promised her safety, so, she wasn’t scared.

After several hours, and the woman watching the flood waters starting to reach her roof, a canoe with a lone man paddling through the flood waters steered his canoe next to the woman’s house, and called to the woman, “Jump down into the canoe, I can paddle you to safety.” The woman replied, “No, that’s okay, you go on. YeHoVaH has promised me safety, so, I’m not scared. He will fulfill His promise.”

Still more hours passed and the water started to lap around the edges of the uppermost dormer windows. A rowboat approached her home. In the rowboat, the woman saw that there was a man steering the rowboat with a small trolling motor, and there were several other people with him. “Hop into the rowboat!” the man called to the woman. “We’re headed toward safety now and there’s plenty of room for you.” The woman replied, “No, that's okay, you go on. YeHoVaH has promised me safety, so, I’m not scared. He will fulfill His promise.”

Still, sometime later, the woman watched as the flood waters were now lapping at the edge of the roof, and she watched as a huge pontoon boat started her way. The pontoon boat was huge, and there were plenty of people on the boat, yet there was still plenty of room for more people. One of the men hollered up to the woman, “Jump onto the pontoon as we pass by you. There’s plenty of room for you, and we can all get to safety together.” The woman replied, “No, that’s okay, you go on. YeHoVaH has promised me safety, so, I’m not scared. He will fulfill His promise.”

A couple of more hours passed, and try as the woman might, she could no handle hold on to any dry part of the roof of her home, as her whole house was now under water. Sadly, the woman drowned and was next seen approaching the throne of grace for her judgment. She was confused as to why YeHoVaH would promise her safety yet did not fulfill His promise. “YeHoVaH,” she pleaded as she approached the throne, “what happened?” YeHoVaH replied, “I sent you a canoe. When you refused it, I sent you a rowboat. When you still refused my help, I sent you a pontoon boat.” The woman was judged according to having no faith or trust in YeHoVaH.

We read in Shemot 9:18-19, “See, tomorrow about this time I am causing very heavy hail to rain down, such as has not been in Mitzrayim, from the day of its founding until now. And now send, bring your livestock to safety, and all that you have in the field, for the hail shall come down on every man and every beast which is found in the field and is not brought home, and they shall die.”

YeHoVaH has given the Pharaoh a “way out”. In fact, YeHoVaH had given the Pharaoh a “way out” several times; yet, Pharaoh, holding to the traditions of his father and of his people could not see past his arrogance and pride. He missed the boat.

Have you missed the boat?

YeHoVaH has given us the Way and the Truth and the Life. Yochanan (John) 14:6 says, “Yeshua said to him, ‘I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to Avva except through Me.’” [Ani ha-derekh ve ha-emet ve ha-chaim.]

Read the Haftarah text

Yehezqel (Ezekiel) 28:25-29:21


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    • Tim Truzy info4u profile image

      Tim Truzy 

      7 months ago from U.S.A.

      Shirley, thank you for sharing. Keep spreading the education of love, my friend.

    • ShirleyJCJohnson profile imageAUTHOR

      Shirley Johnson 

      7 months ago from Sallisaw, OK

      Thank you. One thing to always keep in mind is that YeHoVaH works in His way and in His time. Years ago, my husband and son were in a car accident, and our vehicle was totaled. We prayed for a vehicle that we could afford. My husband's aunt sold us a vehicle for $500 but it came with myriad issues. We thought our prayers had been answered; but, we couldn't figure out why our answered prayer came with problems. It was about two months later that my son bought a new truck and gave us his car. And, we are still driving it! HalelYAH! When Mark and I thought for sure we would have to come up with thousands of dollars to get a car, and we live on a month by month budget, we only needed to realize YeHoVaH would provide a way, and He did, when we quit trying to take care of the problem on our own. Be blessed, achot!

    • Tim Truzy info4u profile image

      Tim Truzy 

      7 months ago from U.S.A.

      I like that story you told. When I first heard it from a fellow Christian, God sent a boat, helicopter, and eventually, a submarine. He does offer us a way out of many situations, as you correctly point out. Most people don't understand that it doesn't have to be a platoon of angels. He's so powerful and loving, he helps us in subtle ways that we may not even notice.

      As always, your writing is a blessing and a joy to read and brings a smile to my face.


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