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Parentrology, Part 1

Updated on February 13, 2015
All of us are influenced by our astrological sun sign.   Parents are not different from the rest of us.  Here are the twelve different parental approaches according to sun signs.
All of us are influenced by our astrological sun sign. Parents are not different from the rest of us. Here are the twelve different parental approaches according to sun signs. | Source

The TWELVE Types of Parents-Which ONE Are You?

Astrology has existed since ancient Egyptian times. Astrology is the art of determining and assessing a person's personality based upon his/her individual sun sign. However, a more accurate astrological assessment consists more than analyzing a person's sun sign. There is also a person's ascendant, moon sign, and other planetary influences which are included in his/her birth chart. However, for the purpose of this hub, I will only discuss sun sign characteristics.

In astrology, there are twelve astrological signs which are divided into 4 elements which are fire, earth, air, and water. Besides that, the signs are subdivided into 3 modalities which are cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Fire signs include Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Fire people are adventurous risk takers who believe that life should be lived to the ultimate maximum effect. They further assert that mistakes and failures are an inevitable part of the learning process.

For fire sign people, the very worst thing a person can do is to never try to take risks in life. To them, there is no success and satisfaction in life in a person elects to be passive and not to be proactive in life. Their motto is there is no gain without any risk. They definitely are the true participators in life.

Fire sign people believe that life is a joy and there is never any dream "too big" and "too unrealistic" to achieve. These people believe in conceiving and thinking big. They are of the opinion that what one can conceive, one can achieve.

Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Earth sign people are the conservators of the zodiac. These are the people who are considered to be unsung heroes and heroines behind the throne. They can be described as stable and no-nonsense. They are considered to be the stable and reliable ones whom others can always depend upon.

Earth sign people also believe in strategizing and setting goals that are obtainable and realistic. These people do not believe in setting about to achieving goals that they believe to be unobtainable and otherwise unrealistic. They are no "pie in the sky" people. They are cautious people who believe in taking calculated risks-they do not believe in taking risks just for its own sake. Everything must have a practical purpose for earth sign people.

Earth sign people can be classified as very down to earth people. They do not believe in being pretentious. What a person sees is what they get with earth people. They are also not frivolous people as they view frivolity to be an utter waste of time and energy.

They believe in being frugal in every aspect of life. Many earth sign people can be classified as minimalists. They believe in having only what they need and no more. Extravagance is waste of time and monies for the average earth sign person. Of course, earth sign people are considered to be the money makers and conservators of the zodiac.

Air signs include Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Air sign people are quite intellectual people. They are fond of both the spoken and written word. They love knowledge which they avidly love to share with anyone who is interested. They are quite adept in the art of communication. They are masters of the art of conversation. For the average air sign person, conversation is not just about talking, it is the art of intellectual discourse and a learning experience.

Air sign people love abstract concepts and live cerebrally. They love abstract concepts and prefer to live cerebrally. They believe that no idea is too outlandish or too preposterous to turn into reality. They do not believe in the words "improbable" nor "impossible". To them, these words were invented by small, narrow minded people who are deathly afraid to try new things.

Air sign people are quick and adept thinkers with a sharp wit who do not suffer fools and so-called dullards gladly! With the quick and adept minds, they are quite comfortable multitasking. To them, doing only ONE thing at a time is quite boring.

Air sign people love to be always being constantly engaged. They love attending and participating in all types of intellectual events. They love sampling life. Telling them to slow down is like telling them to die! They are of the belief that they will slow down when they are about to die and not even then!

Air sign people love VARIETY. The statement variety is the spice of life was probably invented by an air sign person. They believe that life has so much variety that they must experience it in all its facets. To them, like is indeed a Cabaret.

Last but not least, here are the water signs- Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Water sign people are the creative, inspirational, and passionate types. They are also instinctual, oftentimes operating from the subconscious. They often go beyond logic in assessing people and situations.

Water sign people believe in doing things because they are sincere and passionate about it. If they are not sincere and/or passionate about something, chances are that they will not do it. They are of the belief that one must do what they love if they want to be completely happy and fulfilled in life.

Water sign people are definitely NOT lukewarm people. They are extremist people-either they LOVE something or they HATE it! There is nothing in between with them. To them, it is ALL or NOTHING at all.

Water sign people often live in the world of feelings. They are often attuned to the feelings of other people. In other words, There are some of them who can be classified as highly sensitive. These are the people who can be quite wounded by a casual insult. Words and gestures used the wrong way can emotionally affect water sign people.

To reiterate, water sign people often go beyond normal logic in assessing situations. Many water sign people can be somewhat clairvoyant and even psychic in assessing people and situations. They are quite open to things which are considered so-called paranormal and metaphysical. To the water sign, these things are just part of normal everyday life.

Then there are the three modalities of cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs. Cardinal sign people such as Arians, Cancerians, Librans, and Capricorns are the initiators and the self-starters. They love to start new tasks. Since they are self-starters, they love to be in charge of others. They love challenges and nothing suits them more than to be constantly doing and trying the next new and exciting thing.

Fixed sign people such as Taureans, Leos, Scorpios, and Aquarians are often steadfast and quite strong willed in their opinions and beliefs. In essence, once they believe and/or have a conception of an idea, situation, and/or people, they are loathe to change their opinions and assessments. They can be described as stubborn and resolute for they are not easily swayed by others and/or outside circumstances. They also the type to perseverance and never up give up especially if difficulties arise. They are there from start to finish.

Mutable sign people such as Geminis, Virgos, Sagittarians, and Pisceans are open to change and can be flexible. They can adapt to any circumstances. They believe that every circumstance presents an opportunity. They contend that nothing is ever etched in stone and that everything is solely dependent upon the circumstances and variable present. They are of the opinion that change is a constant part of life and one either must grow or die. .

There are as many types of parents as there are people. Some parents are liberal and permissive while others are more strict and authoritative. There is no one set nor correct way to parent a child. The art of childrearing is as varied as the planets and galaxies in the universe.

Now I will discuss the twelve types of parents. The Aries parent embodies the definition of fearlessness. To this parent, life should be an adventure. He/she teaches his/her child that risks are a part of life and that life is not full and exciting without risks. This is the parent who encourages his/her child to savor all the delights that life has to offer.

The Aries parent does not mind coming to his/her child's level in order to communicate with him/her and know what he/she is really thinking. This parent furthermore is quite comfortable with being a pal and friend to his/her child, especially when the child becomes a teenager and young adult. He/she believes that one does not always have to be in the parental role in order to relate to his/her child.

However, at times, the Aries parent can be quite overbearing and bombastic, especially to a more sensitive, quiet, and/or introverted child. Such a child can be quite an enigma to this parent who is more comfortable with a child who is gregarious, extroverted, and generally exuberant by nature. This parent loves to try new and exciting things, exploring, and savoring life. Lessons that an Aries parent teach his/her child is that life is an adventure and never be afraid to take risks as life rewards the fearless, not the timid.

The Taurus parent is very steadfast and rock solid. As a parent, he/she is very traditional with a dichotomized idea of the parent-child role. This parent believes that the parent is the authoritative one while the child exists to listen to him/her. In other words, the child's role with the Taurus parent is a more submissive one. This is the parent who maintains that a child should been seen and not heard.

The Taurus parent does not believe in being a pal to his/her pal because this would disrupt his/her idea of the traditional parent-child role where the parent is in authority. This parent believes that the parenting role is forever. No matter how old his/her child is- he/she is the parent and his/her child will be thus even if the child is grown. Oftentimes, the Taurus parents can experience friction with his/her child, especially as he/she approaches adolescence and young adulthood because he/she insists on continuing with the old parent-child role instead of evolving in the relationship.

The Taurus parent often or not is not open to newer and more modern ideas. He/she usually has the beliefs and follow the traditions of his/her family and expect his/her child to do the same. If his/her child experiments and adopt new ideas and/or lifestyles, this parent considers such an affront on the family tradition. Oftentimes there is a great rift between the Taurus parent and his/her child because of the wide differences of ideas, opinions, and lifestyles.

The Taurus parent is usually comfortable when he/she and his/her children have ideas and opinions which are aligned to each other. A child who is more unconventional is often the bane of existence to this parent. He/she values all the traditional accoutrement's and often wonder why his/her child does not do the same.

The Taurus parent values a job/career which provides monetary and work security. He/she believe that monetary security is the most important thing in life. He/she believe that everything and everyone is happier when there is some type of security. The Taurus parent believes in never giving up and in persevering until a specific goal is reach- and that is lesson he/she departs to his/her child.

The Gemini parent is usually the jack of all trades. He/she believes in trying and sampling as much as possible. To the Gemini parent, life is(or should be) an utter blast! The Gemini parent believes that if one is bored then one is boring, period. This parent believes in engaging intellectually with his/her child. According to this parent, this is the only way his/her child will learn and interact with society.

In the home of the Gemini parent, there will be plenty of intellectual paraphernalia for nothing is of more paramount importance than intellectual prowess. In addition to that, there will be plenty of intellectual discussions and conversations in the home of the Gemini parent. This parent believes that without intellectual discourses and discussions, his/her child might as well be an illiterate.

There is a generation gap regarding a child's relationship with his/her Gemini parent-in reverse. Oftentimes, the Gemini parent is the youthful one while the child is the so-called settled one. The Gemini parent also believes that his/her child is a little adult who is capable of individuation and some type of intellectual interaction, not a mere child. In fact, this parent actually detests the traditional parent-child role is being detrimental to his/her intellectual and psychological development.

The Gemini parent is open to new ideas and ways of doing things. To him/her, doing and/or believing in things because of tradition and/or the status quo is totally inane and ridiculous to say the least. The exhortation of the Gemini parent to his/her child is to always learn and do something new each day or one's life is a total waste. To paraphrase the mission statement for the U.S, Navy commercial, a child does more with a Gemini parent in a day than he/she can do with an average parent in a month!

The Cancer parent is the PARENT of all parents. This parent actually embodies the definition of the word parent-watchful, nurturing guiding, and forever omnipresent. Parenting is an extremely serious vocation and calling for the Cancer parent. To this parent, parenting should be approached and undertaken with the utmost reverence.

The Cancer parent can be quite-well, let us say overprotective. In fact, this parent relishes the role of parenting so much that it will be extremely difficult for him/her to let go of his/her late adolescent and young adult child. This is the parent who views his/her child as almost a helpless child to be protected even after he/she is very capable of taking care of himself/herself and looking after his/her own affairs.

The Cancer parent, even more than the Taurus parent, is a staunch adherent of family tradition and the old way of doing things. This is the parent who maintains that if tradition is going enough for him/her then why should his/her child find such tradition to be problematic. This parent often becomes quite dismayed if his/her child decides to break with tradition and to establish his/her own unique lifestyles and/or traditions.

The Cancer parent furthermore maintains that security is the most comforting and important thing in life. He/she contends that security and tradition are bulwarks against a world gone awry. He/she staunchly maintain that if his/her child follows tradition and believes in security, he/she would be better off. According to this parent, why attempt and try anything new and unknown where there is little or no guarantee of this coming into fruition.

It is often difficult to convince a Cancer parent to experiment and do something new. He/she believes that he/she has a psychological protective blanket by staying with the tried and true. This parent often considers anything new a total waste of time and energy. The Cancer parent imparts to his/her child the importance of having and adhering to tradition and security as a bulwark and psychological and emotional protection against the turbulent world.

The Leo parent is the ULTIMATE parent. He/she has such an aura and a presence about him/her. He/she is the star and will often let everyone know it. Nothing is too good for him/her and his/her child. He/she emphasizes deserving only the best and finest that life has to offer. This belief, of course, also applies to his/her child. Well, why not? There is ONLY one life to live and nothing at all should be forbidden and/ or denied.

The Leo parent thinks nothing of providing his/her child with the best schools, clothes, and other accouterments that life has to offer. He/she furthermore inculcate his/her child to strive for the best and to live as good as possible. He/she believes that his/her child should never settle for less than the best whether it is a job/career or a relationship. The child of Leo parent is told that to be less than what he/she could actually be is an affront to life and his/her life purpose.

The Leo parent naturally expects his/her child to be winners in any area he/she undertake as the child is the reflection of the parent. Of course, the Leo parent wants his/her child to reflect positively on him/her as a parent. There is nothing better for the Leo parent for his/her child to shine- and shine boldly and brightly!

The Virgo parent is often the prototype of the critical and perfectionist parent. This parent wants his/her child to be exactly that-PERFECT! This parent often have stringent and exact standards for his/her child to follow. To this parent, rules exist for the good's good and seldom are there ANY exceptions to the rules enforced.

Rules also serve another purpose for the Virgo parent-which is to civilize and acculturate his/her child and to make him/her presentable and useful to society. Nothing displeases a Virgo parent more than to have an unruly child who is intent in doing what he/she wants and when he/she wants to do it! This parent delights in teaching his/her child the rudiments of good behavior, manners, and other types of proper presentation.

Parenting is an extremely arduous and serious undertaking to a Virgo parent. To this parent, there is no place for levity regarding parenthood. To the Virgo parent, his/her child is not a child in the ordinary definition of the world but a well-behaved little adult. The little adult knows how to conduct himself/herself without much fanfare and to behave properly and correctly.

The two favorite words of a Virgo parent are properly and correctly. This parent feels that life is much smoother and less hassled when things are done properly and correctly. The favorite mantra of a Virgo parent is there is a place for everything and everything in its place. The exactness and punctiliousness of a Virgo parent would make a Prussian so proud!

The Virgo parent inundates his/her child that any task worth doing is worth doing well or not at all. To this parent, the pursuit of excellence and perfection is next to godliness. This parent also believes that his/her child should develop a work ethic and have a sense of responsibility from an early age. Nothing is worse for a Virgo parent than to have a child who is not into hobbies, activities, and/or related responsibilities. This parent seriously believes that a child being idle leads him/her into more deleterious and detrimental activities.

The Virgo parent is of the thought that no job or occupation is beneath one as long as it is an honest living. He/she believes that hard work always equals success and his/her child should not expect something for nothing. This parent teaches his/her child to be smart and economical in life because what is here today is not necessarily here tomorrow. From the Virgo parent, a child learns the importance of excellence and a strong work ethic which helps him/her go a long way to success in life.


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    • gmwilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      4 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Thank you, I am resting right now. I will write Part 2, don't know when but I definitely intend to write Part 2. Thank you stopping by; it is greatly appreciated in kind.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Love this article. Please write part 2!


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