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Parents are responsible for good behavior of their children!

Updated on July 16, 2017

Controlling children?

Wealthy parents spoil their children in many cases!

Recreation, rest and relaxation seem to be the slogan of youth in most of the wealthy families. They were brought up in luxurious and comfortable surroundings; they refuse to exert themselves in any task. The parents are to be blamed. They never bothered about their children either in studies or behavior. Since both parents left them in the care of governess, the children too imbibed only the habits of caretakers. The mother should give maximum care in the upbringing of children. But many mothers in rich families feel that their duty ends in giving birth to the children and further care is taken only by the governess. They are not even aware how the governess treats their babies in their absence. Hence some of the caretakers take it as their advantage and treat the babies in the manner they feel. When the children grow, they lack the affinity to their parents but imitate the behavior of governess. Most of the faults in their behavior develop only during this crucial stage! When the mother chides the child for some misbehavior, the child never cares. This is the dilemma faced by rich parents.

Children learn everything very quickly. They mimic or copy the behavior and talk of the elders around. Hence it is seen that some children talk irresponsibly and behave in an odd way. They quarrel with everyone and become adamant. They won’t tolerate criticisms easily. Hence the parents are said to be the initial teachers to the babies. Only when they grow, teachers come into the pictures. Hence it is very much essential that the parents behave carefully in front of their children. They should never shout or quarrel when the children are around. Children easily pick up such traits. In later years, it is difficult to correct the children. In Indian villages, some people maintain garden around their homes. They get most of their vegetables and green leaves from the garden itself. It has two purposes. It eases the financial burden of procuring vegetables from the market. It is a wholesome hobby to maintain a garden and care for the plants by watering, and applying organic manures etc. It is a useful exercise since we go around the garden many times tilling, removing the weeds and watering each group of plants. We pluck the vegetables and tomatoes as per the need. We can sell the excess vegetables to the street vendors. Young children may be introduced to gardening. They get confidence when the plants they grow give colorful flowers, vegetables and fruits. Thus their attention could be diverted from harmful pastimes like watching a TV and handling a Smartphone

If children are not taught cores?

Good behavior of parents ensure the same in children!

When I was a little boy, there was not even electricity in the towns. For many years, we relied on chimney lights or hurricane lantern. Everyday dutifully, I used the clean the chimney glass and lantern glass and set it ready for evening. Kerosene oil will be poured into the bottom container; the wick will be cleaned of burnt edges. When it is lit and shed light around, there is a joy welling up within me. Yes, even during my collage days, I relied upon chimney lights only! This is how most of the elders spent their young days. But look at the facilities available to the children and youth of today. They need not toil or exert for any of their needs. But due to the behavior of parents, the children get spoiled from their younger days. Lack of moral education in the school is the primal reason for ignorance of human values in later years. A snake gourd when it is young should be tied with a small stone at the end so that it won’t become coiled when it grows. When the snake gourd lengthens a little, a bigger stone is attached. Thus we get a straight gourd on harvest. This must be the philosophy behind the rearing of children. When they are young, impart them lessons on good behavior, respects to elders and parents, helping the others in times of need; Uttering truth in all conditions. When any mistake is pointed out, they must learn to correct themselves. Thus the discipline is introduced in young days to make them straight. If left unattended as delineated in the beginning of the post, there is every chance that the children will get spoiled and behaves in an erratic manner. We find today many criminals, fraudsters and terrorists in society. They were not so from the beginning. But the circumstances in the family, misbehavior of either of their parents, or frequent divorces made them felt uncared during the crucial stage of life. This reflects on their character and most of them run away from their houses in young days, join bad company and lead their life as per their whims and wishes. There is every chance that those boys may turn bad and become addicts to drugs and liquor. When they marry and bring up children, what will be the fate of their offspring? The fault line could be traced to unhappy childhood.

Gandhi and Hitler-two different destinies!

Gandhi's mother taught him good virtues even when he was a boy!

Even in the case of Hitler, he had a unhappy childhood. Of course, he became a great leader but his rule is not appreciated even within his own country because there was a fundamental problem of utter hatred to Jews which resulted in torture and killing of millions of Jews. This is the negative trait in his character. Ultimately he committed suicide by shooting himself. The reason is there is utter selfishness and ego in him. Had he cared for human lives, he would not have embarked on mass extinction of human lives. He is a great dictator but he lacked any of the human virtues like Truth and non-violence! While Mahatma Gandhi is venerated by most of the people in the world for his compassion, love and justice, he relied on the strength of God and Truth; single handedly fought the colony rule of British Empire. After many years of silent struggle he could achieve Independence to India. He had no weapons except Love and compassion. He treated both Hindus and Muslims as one and equal citizens of India. But the divide and rule policy of Britain bifurcated India and Pakistan. Gandhi was never happy with this development! See the contrast between Gandhi and Hitler. Whereas Hitler had the best army, tanks and weapons, he could not win the war and ultimately he was surrounded by the opposite forces. Gandhi had no weapon or army but relied on Truth and Love! This is how right triumph over the might! Gandhi was brought up by his mother in a strict orthodox ways and extracted a promise from him that he will never utter any lie. He was inspired by the devotion of his mother to values and worship of Divine. He was inspired by the Ramayana and he literally chanted the name Ram throughout his life and when the bullets hit him, his last words were Ram, Ram Ram.. He forgave the man who shot him. This is his compassion! Character is the mightiest weapon in the world and not the atomic bombs! Love alone can conquer your enemy as Jesus taught to humanity!

Parents teach...

Parents groom their children from young days!

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